Insanity & Doom Update IV

Item ELLE Magazine Video Celebrates 8 Year Old Drag Queen, Lactatia’

ELLE Magazine put out this horrible video of an eight-year-old boy who has has been taught it’s ok to be a drag queen at his age.

The video is quite disturbing.

They interview little Nemis and his mother.



His mother says when he watched ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and realized drag could be an ‘art form’ he decided that it would be his life.

Who knew that television propaganda would work? I’ll tell you: everybody. Everybody knew and knows. Solution? If you’re in desperation for entertainment, read an old book, or put on a musicale.

Item Professor will flunk students who refer to students as ‘male’ or ‘female’

The syllabus for Selena Lester Breikss’ “Women & Popular Culture” class says:

Gross generalizations, stereotypes, and derogatory/oppressive language are not acceptable. Use of racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, classist, or generally offensive language in class or submission of such material will not be tolerated. (This includes “The Man,” “Colored People,” “Illegals/Illegal Aliens,” “Tranny” and so on – or referring to women/men as females or males.)

Students in Breikss’ class could be kicked out or flunked if do not comply with her edict on “oppressive” language.

Who saw the gross generalization and stereotype of these proscriptions on Reality coming in a women’s studies class? One wonders what dying one’s hair blue would do in the way of earning extra credit.

Item Speak No Evil: Witchcraft’s popularity on the rise in Hudson Valley

Watch “Speak No Evil,” only on News 12, starting Tuesday to learn about the modern-day magic and ancient rituals at the center of their faith. Tune in to meet some of the most powerful witches in New York and see what happens when they come together to perform a white magic ritual and summon sacred spirits.

There is a video at the link. A lot blue hair, as somebody relying on generalizations and stereotypes might expect. It isn’t only the Hudson Valley which is seeing this increase, but everywhere. It’s mostly LARPing at this point. But these things have a way of solidifying. Note the emphasis on “white magic.” Which implies the existence of, I take pains to mention, it’s opposite (in the minds of these people; whereas to us, it’s all one).

Item “Ole Miss Goes Bananas”: Dear Parents, How’s This For A $40K A Year Education?

This weekend, leaders from Ole Miss Greek life convened upon Camp Hopewell in Lafayette County for a three-day retreat designed to build leaders and bring campus closer together. The retreat was cut short Saturday night, however, after three black students found a banana peel in a tree in front of one of the camp’s cabins.

The students shared what they found with National Pan-Hellenic Council leaders, sparking a day’s worth of camp-wide conversation surrounding symbolism, intended or not. In the midst of the open and sometimes heated discussion, senior accounting major Ryan Swanson said he put the banana peel in the tree when he could not find a trashcan nearby…

That’s right, a random discarded fruit peel ultimately led to the cancellation of an entire weekend event “designed to build leaders” which instead ended in “tears and frustration” as organizers “didn’t feel safe”. And then of course came the inevitable university action plans, flurry of letters exchanged, and sensitivity meetings. Bleary-eyed and shaken students had to text friends and family to come pick them up early (sounds like Kindergarten carpool pick-up time).

If I could draw, I would draw a diapered Ole Miss slipping on a banana peel and then bawling.

If a mere banana peel—will bananas soon be banned at universities?—could spark this much splenticism, imagine what a kumquat rind or, Lord help us, grape seeds would have done.


  1. Sheri

    Blame parents. If they hadn’t abdicted their role as child raiser and opted for friend and abuser of the child, we would not be here. Americans love their insanity, pay big bucks for it, demand their $100,000 a year colleges that require third mortgages their homes to pay for teach this garbage and entertainment of any type all be “Bread and Circuses”. It only gets worse and worse as the acts and the bread get boring at one level and we move to the next. Live sacrifices and blood-letting are on the agenda soon. (I’d mention who will provide this, but that’s not PC so I can’t.)


    Have a nice day, gender-neutral, Satan-worshipping, illiterate broke people.

  2. Ray

    “Who knew that television propaganda would work? I’ll tell you: everybody. ”
    Yes, I remember how well it worked for New Coke. Coke spent millions advertising New Coke and all that advertising compelled people to buy New Coke. People would buy New Coke, decide it tasted like crap, and then buy more because they couldn’t help themselves.

  3. Oldavid

    Rejoice, kiddies, it’s “Evolution” in action!

  4. c matt

    Tune in to meet some of the most powerful witches in New York

    What, another Hillary documentary?!?

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