Short History of the Left’s Tech Efforts To Shut Out the Right

At the Social Justice Warrior training camp

Stream: Short History of the Left’s Tech Efforts To Shut Out the Right

In the early days of our interconnected world, when people carped at each other over whether spam was legal on Usenet, there existed things called flame wars.

Flame wars generated a lot of heat, a great deal of abuse, but little resolution, and were fought over such scintillating questions as Which is better, MINX or Linux? (Obviously, it’s Linux.)

After the glory of Usenet faded, one species of soldiers from these battles migrated to web-logs, a.k.a. blogs, to carry on their search for e-blood: flamers, a.k.a. trolls.


A troll would show up at a pro-life blog on a post about legal restrictions on killing the lives inside would-be mothers and start hurling insults and irrelevancies and would do his best to make a nuisance of himself and distract regulars from the point at hand.

Some trolls were so effective they found paying work astroturfing, i.e. making it seem that identical counter-arguments showing up at blogs and mainline site comment boxes were spontaneous grassroots efforts.

Enter the Social Justice Warrior

There was always an organized Left, but it was about this time Social Justice Warriors recognized themselves as a force. SJWs were younger and more militant than old-guard leftists. Doxxing, i.e. revealing the personal information of a heretofore anonymous online entity, began to be used as an official tactic.

Yet as a strategy to silence the Right, trolling and doxxing was recognized to be limited and slow. Luckily, this recognition happened at the time when social media sites exploded in growth.

There were, and still are, SJW trolls on sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and even YouTube, but hardcore SJWs took a new tack and concentrated their energies on the leadership and infrastructure of these companies.

Outright and shadow-banning

False and nonsensical complaints of “abuse”, “offensiveness”, and “hate” were lodged. This caused some members of the Right to lose or be locked out of their accounts. It also led to shadow-banning, i.e. where a person is allowed to keep their account, but their activities are not visible to the community at large. Large mainline (i.e. Left) sites began to close their comment boxes, finding them too difficult to police.

Searches began to be censored. This expensive solution requires live staff working at internal Ministries of Truth. This is because no person or algorithm can predict what new hashtag or phrase will become popular on the Right.

The fix is in

Searches were also modified to promote SJW fancies, such as their obsession with race. For example, contrast the Google image search “white couples” versus “black couples“. Or try “American inventors“.

It is, of course, impossible to show results for results which have been purged, but all the best sites censor.

The next escalation was clever. It’s fine to get right-wing users kicked off of Facebook, but what do you do when these right wingers have their own website? Complaining to the site owners is useless, and trolling is passé.

Why not go after the website’s hosting and domain name services?

Kill the host


If you can still see the site, click here to read the rest.

I already went long, so many details and many more examples had to be omitted. No Gamer Gate, nothing on Github, no DDoS attacks, and so on, nor are there many technical specifications. But, those who know these things already know them, and those who do not are not likely to care much.


  1. Sigh, so the world is divided…there is no intellectual discourse or exchange of ideas. At Thanksgiving dinners, I don’t confront my daughter whose law career is funded by a Soros foundation nor my daughter who subscribes to the New York Times. There is no attempt to argue with courtesy and perhaps be persuaded by contrary opinions. The civil war is on, with a division not by geography but by ideology.

  2. Anon

    It may not console, but the current state was predicted. Luke 12:51-3: “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

  3. Joy

    So a social justice warrior isn’t just s little girl at college who joins the rabble?

    I noticed the SJW appearing on a Twitter feed on this site and heard a Youtube discussion, which I linked, was interesting but contained many alphabet soup abbreviations for different factions or imagined but unintelligible social groups of individuals. With which I identified with none!

    Some spoken of, intended pejoratively and some held as a badge of office.
    Since the discussion seemed so much centred around issues to do with sex I had thought this SJW was yet another form of debauchery!

    I then learn that it is a name given to anyone who disagrees but who is further left than you! Being slightly left of axilla the Hun, as I am, I found myself being an Sjw!

    Then, I learn that it is reserved for whoever just wants to say ‘sjw’.

    If a REAL sSJW is an online criminal, they must be arrested and put in jail for no less than double the time that they have harassed and stalked some innocent. So mine gets five years! And he will be caught, they will do time.

    It appears that there is an indiscriminate shots across the bough style war of attrition which is going on and whoever is in the firing line is ‘fair game’, to use a scientology phrase.

    Whether Mr Magoo or little Miss muffet, makes no odds.

    I have no Twitter, since it’s obviously a bad idea for anyone really outside of Mr Trump.
    have had to temporarily remove my website, although it was dormant anyway, have had to re-establish a Facebook account which was not used but no identity on line can be as vulnerable as too much. Criminals fill in the void and put their own page/s up.

    My scrapbook, as I call it, on google, is followed by someone calling himself ‘null’ and who is there one minute gone the next without my permission. Skulls and black cloaks are dull, cheesy and not frightening unless you’re in the mood to be frightened. Just the level of effort and diligence it takes to persist with this sort of thing is a wonder to behold. The fox is guarding the chicken coop as well.

    However it does not explain how , ‘visitors to the library’
    As I believe they are called, come into knowledge which they have no right to know let alone publish, however trivial.

    I remain unconvinced, therefore.
    The jury is still out.

  4. Often, people who are outraged at the behavior of Google and Twitter just don’t understand very well how these services work, and how to use them properly. Try Googling “American inventors”, with the quotes. Of course, I know that Google is up to all kinds of shenanigans with their results. But there is a mundane, mechanical explanation for this particular case. I’ll leave the explanation as an exercise for the reader.

  5. Sander van der Wal

    The Revolution always eats its own young. So what happens next is that the current crop of SJW’s will find more and more abusive behaviour among their own. Case in point, Dawkins not being allowed to talk at some Berkely radio station because he’s mean to muslims.

    Clearly, one path of action for the Right is to help the Left to achieve these goals, without being too bloody obvious about it.

  6. Joy

    The Empires of the future are the Empires of the mind.”
    Some people just understand that it is possible to hold complex views on many different topics. That their thoughts do not have to be bound into some mould prescribed by some intellectual with a name badge for a ‘type’ of thought.
    That if you’re going to be a nazi, you’d better be a pure one! or “if you’re going to be a Liberal, get your ideas straight!” “conservatives all think…” and so on. It’s always fun to be corrected on a point of logic but it’s no fun to be accused of crimes or thoughts which aren’t remotely accurate.
    You do think it’s okay to put Helen Keller into the same group as primitive man? Would you do this to your daughter if she was blind and deaf? Would she be less than human and be in the same group as an ape?
    Answer? depends if it’s thanksgiving.
    It is not the content of the statement or it’s clear fallacy. it is the intent behind the action which conveys the essence of the message.

    Like I’ve said before and am adding to a quote from a famous gay man who is right wing and doing a sterling job right now in fighting, openly, the nonsense seen from the liberal left:
    “The only world worth living in is one in which your deepest feelings can be hurt or trampled upon.” Bravo!
    but it does not mandate feeling trammelling just for the sake of fun or to entertain a baying crowd when there is a known and present target.

    That is not the Christian way.

    Logic is not brutal but those who ignore where the power of logic starts and ends believe that it is so.

    Logic is a vehicle, it is the crux of the chain of association of any phrase in English or computer code which maintains a truthful statement and which conveys information by doing so. The blame lies with the person using it, for some occult purpose.

    People are brutal, logic is immaterial, evidently.
    That’s a brute fact.

  7. Ken

    From the Link: “….The Right is in turn using technology to thwart SJW efforts, by removing themselves to less timid hosting companies and by using crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, which do not require third-party payment processors.


    What do you think will happen next?”

    –> Alinsky’s methods adapted to cyberspace are a form of bullying. At some point, someone, or someones, will push back. That’s the cycle that happens — move, counter-move, and so on … to a point. Sooner or later some will use sophisticated software to identify and hunt “offenders” … and push back so hard the cycle, with that/those participant/s, will end for good.

    When it comes to ideologically-based disagreement, a recurring common theme is that one or both sides believes in their “cause” and the evilness of the opposition – a pseudo-religious fervor. And different viewpoints, from different understanding, are increasingly being perceived as evil opposition to be overtly resisted (not like the ‘good ole days’ when different views might be addressed by discussion and from that learning).

    We have seen how some will resort to vandalism & rioting, with some rioters being somewhat organized and targeting, randomly, members of ‘opposition’ groups. It’s a small further step or two to the point where some will be much more focused in who they target and how much more forcefully.

    Why isn’t anybody addressing the various contributing factors leading to youth who are so emotionally weak they cannot tolerate a different perspective, to such a point they riot–an adult-size temper tantrum–when something doesn’t go their way?

    Why are so many of our youth leaving colleges as emotionally stunted immature hyper-sensitive children? The problems leading to that are not confined to liberal educators.

  8. L Ron Hubbard alias John B()


    Having already invoked scientology (fair game)

    Re: your comment to bob pointing out ignoring elephants in the room for peaceful thanksgivings
    In Scientology that’s good roads, fair weather. The reason is not just to keep peace, it is necessary to keep out of trouble with Scientology itself. See PTS/SP. I believe their is cult like practices that pervade societies that start to close their minds.

  9. Joy

    John B
    How odd. I didn’t hear anything about Briggs in that clip but it was telling of the sorts of things that Coyne gets up to. I’d never heard of the man until a few months ago when an edge article was posted here. It seems one must be up on the online sagas before stepping in where angels fear to tread.

    I would be interested to hear how Briggs was involved in an incident with coyne.
    It seems as if one’s not supposed to ask.
    Must have been awful!

    Give me reality, every time.

  10. John B()


    Coyne has frequently been the subject of Briggs post and
    I don’t believe Jerry likes Briggs at all

    Should We Be Allowed To Euthanize Jerry Coyne?

    Jerry Coyne Doesn’t Have Free Will

  11. Joy, I don’t really understand your comment–please explain. The daughter to whom you presumably refer is not blind nor deaf, except to logical arguments. Her motives are of the highest (as are those of many Alinskyites), but she refuses to see that police, even though they have human faults, are necessary in our society. So to avoid hard feeling, where no rational discourse is possible–we don’t. And, by the way, how do you know what really is going on? I am offended!!!

  12. John B()


    I agree – Joy’s comment was a touch non sequitur and slightly offensive. I noticed awhile back a strange allusion by Joy to a comment Sheri had made.

    I didn’t follow her logic then, either – I just took her comment to you to point out how differences between people can have far reaching consequences beyond a spoiled appetite depending on the people involved. Here’s hoping your relationship with your daughter can stand the strain. But I am afraid the SJW response wouldn’t be far from the “disconnection policy” enforced by Scientology.

  13. Thank you JohnB(). My response to Joy’s comment was over-heated and I apologize to her. My only purpose in mentioning this Thanksgiving bar on political talk is that we may love people, but not be able to communicate meaningfully with them about certain issues. I think I could discuss rationally injustices police have visited on racial minorities (and in fact, all you have to do is to read of couple of Joseph Wambaugh novels to see that), but I don’t think she can discuss rationally the injustice of shooting a policeman in an ambush. So there’s no universe of common discourse.

  14. “Why isn’t anybody addressing the various contributing factors leading to youth who are so emotionally weak they cannot tolerate a different perspective, to such a point they riot–an adult-size temper tantrum–when something doesn’t go their way?

    “Why are so many of our youth leaving colleges as emotionally stunted immature hyper-sensitive children? The problems leading to that are not confined to liberal educators.”

    There’s a more thorough exploration than just the “contributing factors.” I wrote a book describing and analyzing this issue. The who/why/where/what/when/how of the hateful belief system that is Politically Correct Progressivism. The 6 points of their beliefs, and the action corollary are laid out clearly.

    In summary, today’s American PC-Progressives are NOT “snowflakes.” They are indoctrinated front-line warriors in a crusade to destroy Normal-America. Don’t confuse their confused beliefs and the actions their beliefs require them to take with “emotional weakness.”


  15. Joy

    The more I read comments here the more I realise how strange people are.
    John B
    Which allusion? Can I have a clue?
    If it’s okay I won’t cut and paste the link into the browser!!!!!!
    I read the two or three articles you mentioned.

    I did actually misread your comment which was ridiculous folly of me but still think it’s a bit odd.
    This Jerry Coyne business. I’m sure it’s sensible to somebody. I don’t know or care about the man and am intrigued as to why ‘this incident happened…” is some kind of link from the post but am happy to be mystified and it’s not a criticism!

    What people think people know and understand on points of argument, logic, satire, on line saga, is so far out of true it just looks like some continual sick joke at times. Just some weird on line game! If so, count me out. I don’t play games except board games or those with my dog or some other real thing.

    Your remark about politeness was well understood. Isn’t it strange how when such a thing is pointed out the other way, the SJW fallacy is pulled out of the hat. I don’t expect you to be able to read my mind! I don’t think you know what I’m talking about so least said soonest mended.
    You obviously meant no harm.

    When people cant’ talk straight and need to talk in riddles there is something very wrong.
    When you feed a riddle back it causes chaos. When you ask a straight question though, an answer is not forthcoming.

    John B
    Why do you refer to fair game and scientology?
    I always thought you were` joking. Now I’m not so sure.

  16. L Ron Hubbard alias John B()

    To anyone who cares:

    I am not now nor have I ever been a Scientologist
    (But I play one on the Internet – at least here at Briggs)

    I first got interested in cults during my college days, bombarded by cultists and their tracts like the Moonies, Hari Krishnas, Maharashi Ji, Eckenkar (Minnesota cult accused by L Ron Hubbard as starting an illegal offshoot of Scientology), and others.

    Scientism, Social Justicism … Scientology has nothing on those cults. As dangerous as Scientology is, it’s usually just dangerous to itself, its proponents and their families (although their infiltration of government agencies like the FBI was scary as hell).

    Unfortunately, Scidolators are handed the keys to agencies and SJWers are given the keys when they demand it.

  17. Plantagenet

    Hari Krishna(s) are not a cult but a quite legitimate and respected part of Hinduism. Go listen to some George Harrison albums. I recommend “Living in the Material World”.

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