Insanity & Doom Update IX

This isn’t the one I saw (I don’t have a camera), but one I found searching.

Item University looks to add diversity rating to faculty evals

Ball State University’s Faculty Council plans to allow students to rate the inclusiveness of classroom environments on end-of-semester evaluations…

While some objected to the question because the school’s new bias incident reporting system already serves a similar function, Fuller responded by expressing concern that some students might not know such a resource is available.

“It is hard to learn in a space where you do not feel comfortable,” she asserted. “If my learning is affected by something [a professor] said or did in the classroom, it needs to be addressed and handled so it doesn’t happen to another student.”

Because education is all about making our little effeminantes comfortable. And because diversity diversity diversity diversity, diversity diversity. Diversity diversity diversity diversity: diversity. Diversity.

Item What happened at the Vatican’s bio-extinction conference

More recently, in February the academies welcomed Paul Ehrlich alongside other renowned population control theorists for a conference on biological extinction. Ehrlich predicted the starvation of millions people because of over-population and resource scarcity in his famous 1969 book The Population Bomb. Though his predictions were wrong, he became a celebrity and helped trigger a wave of population control policies around the world, including forced abortion, forced sterilization, and coercive family planning.

The scandal of a pontifical body giving a moral imprimatur of sorts to Ehrlich has been addressed amply. The quality of the science on which the Vatican academies are relying has also been questioned. Very little has been said about the views on the Church’s teaching on the transmission of life that surfaced from the conference…

In a recent New York Times interview [Ehrlich] said letting women have many children is like allowing them to dump “garbage” in their neighbor’s yard. A leaked draft of his paper for the Vatican conference on environmental websites, co-authored with Vatican academy member Partha Dasgupta, calls for environmental taxes and regulation to change not just behavior but social norms, because “responsible parenthood and consumption decisions at the individual level” result in a “collective failure” to protect the environment…

After the event Peter Raven, a member of the pontifical academies chosen as spokesperson, claimed papal support for population control during a press conference.

“We need at some point to have a limited number of people, which is why Pope Francis and his three most recent predecessors have always argued that you should not have more children than you can bring up properly,” he said.

You’ll notice these people-haters never say we need to limit, say, the number of spiders or mollusks or whatever. Even though spiders and mollusks also eat and therefore “consume resources”. Plus, there are already more spiders (in number or biomass) than humans. Their philosophy is that very non-human plant or animal is good and is doing good by living. Humans cannot do good, except for acts which are directed toward “saving the planet”.

I was in a hotel that had, like all hotels above a certain size now have, a “Help Us Save The Planet” placard on the bed. Place it, the instructions said, on the bed for a sheet change, or leave it off to help “Save the Planet”. And help save the hotel washing money.

This hotel also had, as also most hotels do, a placard in the bathroom. To “Help Save the Planet” reuse your towels, or whatever. And help save the hotel save washing money.

But in a unique twist, this hotel had a third placard—perhaps you’ve seen the same?—which adjured the guest to “Help Use Save the Planet” by using his own toiletries. They still had the wee bottles of shampoo and so forth, but they wanted you to “Save the Planet” by using your own. Of course, that it would have also saved the hotel from spending money did not figure into their calculations. It was only their love of the Planet that motivated them.

It cannot be too long now before the Hotel Lobbyist Association, or whatever their name might be, donates the proper amount to a Congressman to introduce the Innkeepers Save the Planet act which will forbid hotels from changing sheets and towels for stays under one week.

Look also for a mandatory Save the Planet toiletries fee, like they now have for plastic bags in many places.

Item ‘Christians are Nazis’: Australian churches vandalized as same-sex ‘marriage’ vote nears

“Crucify ‘No’ Voters,” “Bash Bigots,” “Christians are Nazis,” “Vote Yes.”

Messages of violence against Christians or anyone who votes “No” in a national referendum about homosexuality and marriage in Australia is sprayed all over churches and buildings as the country nears the vote tally.

Homosexuality brings out the worst in everybody.


  1. trigger warning

    Personally speaking, i always demand fresh sheets and towels. It’s part of the price of the room. And I usually take the toiletries for my guest bath at home.

    As far as I can tell, this ridiculously transparent money-grubbing strategy began with high-end B&Bs, then migrated to hotels (who recognized a double-edged sanctimony/pennypinching PT Barnum opportunity when they saw it).

  2. Kip Hansen

    It is perfectly valid to promote the idea, even as a social value, that “you should not have more children than you can bring up properly”. My grandparents, though far from wealthy, had 11 children in the early 1900s, and raised them all to be responsible, self-supporting productive and contributing citizens. My other set of grandparents has trouble raising their two kids, my mother included — living in a different part of the country in a slightly different time, grandfather having suffered what we now call PTSD from his experiences in WWI.

    Some people should not have children at all — being wholly incapable of being responsible parents. The evidence of this is everywhere apparent. Many of these people are fully aware of this themselves, but also incapable of changing their behaviors.

    What Erlich means, and has always meant, is that those non-white, non-American, non-Middle-Class people should not be allowed to have so many children. He and his white American elites are free to procreate as they wish.

  3. Ray

    Isn’t Paul Ehrlich the guy who is never right in any of his predictions? Despite that he is still respected by the apocalyptic doomsday cultists.

  4. Well, to PF1 and the Conference i would quote Genesis 1:28:
    “Be fruitful and multiply.”

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