Insanity & Doom Update XI

Race does not exist, so this group is just as diverse as any other group.

Item First, They Came for the Biologists: The postmodernist left on campus is intolerant not only of opposing views, but of science itself.

Postmodernism, and specifically its offspring, critical race theory, have abandoned rigor and replaced it with “lived experience” as the primary source of knowledge. Little credence is given to the idea of objective reality. Science has long understood that observation can never be perfectly objective, but it also provides the ultimate tool kit with which to distinguish signal from noise—and from bias. Scientists generate complete lists of alternative hypotheses, with testable predictions, and we try to falsify our own cherished ideas…

In a meeting with administrators at Evergreen last May, protesters called, on camera, for college president George Bridges to target STEM faculty in particular for “antibias” training, on the theory that scientists are particularly prone to racism. That’s obvious to them because scientists persist in using terms like “genetic” and “phenotype” when discussing humans. Mr. Bridges offers: “[What] we are working towards is, bring ’em in, train ’em, and if they don’t get it, sanction them.”

If they refuse to love Big Brother, sanction them. Race, of course, doesn’t exist, which is why students at Evergreen want to track it so assiduously and can think of little else.

The article notes “Ms. Heying is a former biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash.” She is wife to Bret Weinstein.

Item Hotep FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Hotep?

Hotep is a word that means “peace” and many other things. Hotep Nation is a group of people looking to restore integrity to the term “hotep” as it has been smeared by left-wing black media and the likes. Hotep Nation is about self-empowerment and self-accountability. Independence.

Why are Hoteps always coming for black people?

Many times it is a defensive response to the many attacks received but for the most part, it is tough love. The Hoteps want to see better for their black cousins and believe in their potential. It’s like a parent’s criticism of a child who will not push to reach their potential but instead chooses a path of excuses and complacency.

The hoteps are not an indication of doom, but a hint of sanity. Here are a group of people organizing themselves around a phenotype, people tired of others organizing things for them. And God bless them for that. They have curious views of religion and meat, however. We’ll certainly look at this phenomenon more later.

Item The attacks in Barcelona are part of a growing world-wide war: Islam stands as a judgment on the nations. It also stands as a judgment on thought itself.

Besides, potential Muslim violent incidents can and do happen anywhere in the world at any time. Almost the whole planet is now set up with various screenings and searches to protect from random Muslim jihadists. With massive recent Muslim immigration into Europe and America, however, few places in these areas are really safe. Western law and custom often work to the advantage of the jihadists. A new fear has become the norm in all societies in which citizens were once able to move about in their own cities and towns without worry.

This is from Father Schall, which rhymes with read it all.

Item In 1997, a 49ers fundraiser had a satanic ritual with sadomasochistic sex acts (first two paragraphs quote the LA Times, the second two the SF Chronicle)

And then there was the entertainment, all in the flesh: Male and female strippers. A 300-pound sadomasochist performing a live sex act. A leather-clad woman carving a pentagram into the back of a scantily clad man—and that was before her act really took off.

Immediately after the party, Davis told reporters he had no regrets. “Most people said it was the best party they’d ever been to,” he told the San Francisco Chronicle. “And it wasn’t anything compared to the after-party at my house.”…

Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba, an ordained priest in the San Francisco-based Church of Satan, had a satanic pentagram carved on his back as part of the entertainment at political consultant Jack Davis’ 50th birthday party Saturday night.

Davis’ evening of debauchery was attended by many of the city’s leading politicos and the top brass for the 49ers — the same folks who’ve hired Davis to convince San Francisco voters that the city needs a new football stadium.

“Jack Davis was/is a political consultant who is hired to help politicians with their campaigns. ” There is a video (at the main link) of the pentagram carving that is as bloody as you might expect.

These people don’t actually believe this stuff, of course.


  1. Sheri

    Might as well cancel STEM. It’s useless. Add basketweaving, multicultural of course.

    Look, people WANT this. They do nothing whatsoever to stop it. It is paid for by parents sending their kids to college, TV subscriptions, sports events, etc. They WANT it, they pay for it. That it ends in anarchy and destruction is totally irrelevant. At the point anarchy is reach, Sharia Law will be here before the climate can change enough to be noticed, replace the chaos with their iron laws (which people will then welcome and praise) and at that point, climate change will no longer be a problem. Everything else will be. Remember, Americans WANT this.

  2. Ye Olde Scribe

    “Postmodernism…abandoned rigor and replaced it with “lived experience” as the primary source of knowledge.” Ah yes, the logic of Amoris Laetitia, which replaces doctrine with personal circumstances and situation ethics.

  3. Yawrate

    We need to divorce education from the college campus. Fully unleash the power of the internet to obviate the campus and its indoctrination.

  4. Milton Hathaway

    Evergreen State College is near Seattle, the US Northwest mecca for liberal insanity. While I feel for the conservative folks who have to live there, Seattle is providing an invaluable service to the rest of the country by actually implementing the liberal agenda with wild abandon.

    If conservatism as what actually works, then liberalism is the easiest path that feels like it ought to work in a perfect world. Humans being what we are, society will always take the easiest route, and only painful failure can convince us that success will require just a bit more effort. The smarter humans are able to learn from directly observed failures of others, but only the rare really smart humans are able to learn from failures documented in musty old history books. Seattle is a brightly shining example showing the rest of the country what doesn’t work.

    A case in point would be Seattle’s never-ending battle with homelessness. No matter how much money Seattle throws at the problem, the number of homeless continues to grow year after year. Seattle is very protective of it’s homeless population, and sets aside homeless camps in highly visible areas. As every thoughtful person knows, it is the height of compassion to allow the drug-addicted and mentally ill segments of society the personal freedom to live in sub-third-world conditions under the interstate. The local news stations broadcast homeless (wo)man-in-the-street interviews almost nightly. For an outsider, it’s darkly humorous to witness the in-your-face entitled attitude Seattle has engendered in it’s homeless population. This problem obviously ain’t going away anytime soon.

    But Seattle now has a plan: yet another tax on business, specifically to fund new homeless programs. What could possibly go wrong with that?

    My larger point here is that insanity implemented at a local level is, if not quite a good thing, is at least a necessary evil. If it weren’t for cities like Seattle showing the way, this stuff would be even more likely to get implemented on a national level, where accountability falls to near zero.

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