Who Is Q & Why Might He Matter? — Guest Post by The Blonde Bombshell

Who Is Q & Why Might He Matter? — Guest Post by The Blonde Bombshell

The internet is a cauldron of competing ideas. The ones that get the most play are promoted by the legacy media. Under the surface, there are a swarm of websites that hawk so-called “alternative” ideas–alternative in the sense that they do not toe the line that has been plainly and loudly laid out my the MSM mandarins. Questions bubbling beneath the surface are either largely ignored or tamped down by the gatekeepers and remain hidden largely from public view.

The activity of one “Q” could be thrown in the pile of “nothing to see here,” but intriguingly there may definitely something, and something potentially earthshaking and paradigm-shifting, to see here. Mysterious messages started showing up on 4-chan on October 28, 2017 that suggested the detention (not arrest) of HRC and asked questions about recent donations made by a prominent globalist billionaire. Q did not sign his communications until November 2, and a trip code for verification was not put in place until November 9. It is purely speculative whether Q was the author of the earlier posts.

October started with the puzzling shooting in Las Vegas and continued with the baffling deaths of some witnesses of that shooting. Catalonia voted for independence but was blocked by Spain. There was a plague in Madagascar. Raqqa was liberated from ISIS. There was the run-up to the run-off election in Alabama for a senate seat. The president, posing for pictures after a meeting with military leaders, suggested that this period was the “calm before the storm.” There was more going on, of course, but this is just a refresher. In terms of the news cycle, October was a thousand years ago and almost as forgotten.

At the end of this confusing month, in comes Q. The choice of “Q” is thought to be a reference to a high-level security clearance. Given the content of Q’s posts, it seems likely that if Q is not in the inner circle of the president, he is very, very close. If Q has such a high-level clearance, what is he doing blabbing on the chans? He hasn’t overtly divulged classified information. Q poses questions, and his followers dissect and try to interpret the various multiple meanings that Q could be alluding to. There is a predictive quality to some of Q’s posts.

Sometimes Q tries to point people in a particular direction to do further research, but the people are deaf to his suggestions. Other times, Q’s meaning is more evident. Q posts can be as short as a few words or a few lines, or longer, heavy with text or code. Q also posts images. A recent image reminded followers of the deep, warm relationship one former candidate for president had with an acknowledged and avowed KKK member. The answers to the questions (“crumbs” or “bread crumbs” in Q-speak) are publicly available and can be found with a little ingenuity and digging. Q will sometimes communicate with anons on the boards, and answer questions or calls for clarification.

Reddit hosts a board dedicated to discussion about Q called CBTS (Calm Before The Storm), referring to the president’s once-cryptic remark. Some made the leap that this had something to do with North Korea. In light of recent events (such as the lost-and-found FBI texts, the still-secret four-page FISA memo, for starters), it seems likely that the storm has to do with dismantling the corrupt power structure of DC. Q’s posts seem to underscore that this a reality, and much of the dismantling is going on behind the scenes and that the public is being purposefully kept in the dark to preserve the republic (much to the chagrin of avid followers).

Q speaks in riddles: “Future proves past.” “Do you believe in coincidences?” “Follow the wives.” “Expand your thinking.” “Alice & Wonderland.” “Who took an undisclosed trip to SA?” “Why would the Chairman of GOOG travel to NK?”

Very early in the Q story there were questions regarding Q’s authenticity. Some said that Q was the result of sophisticated AI (as in the movie War Games; Q said, “Shall we play a game?”). Others posited that it was a LARP (Live Action Role Play)—that Q wasn’t some big patriot, but that he was just another frustrated video game player having some fun. Others cast aspersions on the Q followers as being gullible rubes seeking a savior.

Because of the nature of the information being dealt with, there are mistakes, there is some barking up the wrong trees. There was a kerfluffle when Q posted “DEFCON [1]” on January 8. Those with a military background jumped to the only conclusion they could have, but in Q-speak that was later decoded seems to be: DEFinitive CONfirmation in 1 minute.

Q—which could be one person or a group—offers some solace for frustrated, law-abiding citizens who are tired of seeing their future being swatted away by the globalist agenda. Q offers hope that Something Will Be Done, and Is, in fact, Being Done. Q isn’t only for Americans. The Reddit board attracts comments from people around the world who are watching the storm very carefully, and who have a fervent hope that some of the winds will blow their way and clean up their governments.

There also is a spiritual aspect to Q. Q is prone to quoting scripture and urges people to pray. Oddly, he posted the text of the Lord’s Prayer before the Pope started musing publicly that he thought the crusty piece of text needed an upgrade. On the Reddit CBTS board, a new person often stumbles on and posts something like, “Is it me, or are there a lot of Christians here?” They are informed that yes, indeed, this is a battle between good versus evil, light versus the dark, God versus Lucifer. Followers are praying and fasting for the president and the republic. Whatever Q has done, he has reawakened a spirit in the American people that has been slumbering for far too long.

Link: Reddit CBTS board. If you are unfamiliar with Q, take a look at the “Book of Q” which is posted on the right-hand side of the page. Check out the FAQs and other resources.


  1. How about answering this first: What is Reddit, and why does it matter?

    Reddit is a website for user-generated content–discussions, graphics, memes, etc. The discussions are categorized.
    It’s demographic is heavily young and male.
    6% of adults have used it.
    An unknown percentage of users are minors–likely very high.

    “President Barack Obama took part in the site’s “Ask Me Anything” series in August 2012.”

    “In April 2013 … the site was used as a collaboration space for amateur sleuths attempting to identify the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings.”

    “Reddit is more popular among men than women and the young than the old, a Pew Research Center study confirmed today. The social network’s strength is among (advertiser-friendly) 18-29 year old males. One surprising finding of the study is that five percent of women aged 30-49 say they use the network, which is the same proportion as younger women.”

    “The social network’s audience is evenly spread across income categories, and has a u-shaped distribution in education: those without a high school diploma and those who have at least an undergraduate degree are most likely to use Reddit.”

    “Overall, six percent of the people surveyed said that they had ever used the service. In all likelihood, a substantial percentage of Reddit users are probably under 18, but that group was not included in the survey.”


    So, Reddit discussions are sort of like reading a transcript of your teenage boy’s XBox discussions with his bro’s as they play a role-playing shoot-em-up game online.

    If you believe that there’s wisdom in the amorphous-brained stream-of-consciousness that flows from the mouths of 15 year olds plugged in to XBox on Daddy and Mommy’s high-speed Fios connection, then Reddit is your source!

    If, on the other hand, you followed any of Reddit’s claim to fame–their real-time “analysis” of the Boston bombing, you realize how out-of-touch from reality and removed from any sane discussion the kids are.

    I stumbled onto the Boston bombing discussion as it was happening. Just as is described above, “wise” and seemingly omniscient interlocutors posted both detailed analyses, and oracular hints.

    All of it was total b***s**t.

    In the light of day, these foolish kids had publicly identified several completely innocent bystanders as the bombers. Their ravings included detailed timelines, activities, motives, co-conspirators, and much, much more. And it was total b***s**t.

    Teenage boys are misunderstood, and under-valued. They have much potential value for society in their futures. It’s probably not a good idea to base current political, social, moral, or legal beliefs on their XBox conversations.

  2. DAV

    It would appear Q’s steadfast mate A has vanished under mysterious circumstances.

  3. Ken

    As K.C. noted above, Reddit is a discussion board that is overwhelmingly male youth (only some 6% are adults). Here’s what one of those, presumably youthful, commentators had to say about ‘Q’ [a couple of months ago]:

    “He’s some dude on the internet that put together some thought provoking questions which lead to some people believing his predictions of events that never ended up happening”

    K.C.’s point about such youth having political, social, moral, etc. views worthy of deep consideration is certainly valid…but as the above quote indicates, even such ignorant youth are still capable of sensible critical thinking, or at least a certain flair for the obvious.

    So why the posting here about this ‘Q’ character’s dubiously hit-or-miss musings … what next, discussion about how some unknown soothsayer dreams up true-ish tabloid astrology predictions?

    Here’s a prediction offered for free (and worth every penny):

    Revelation to come: “Q” is associated with some experiment by some creative folks working on an AI chatbot [or something very similar]. “Q” may be the focus of the experiment (the developmental chatbot itself) or a whimsical side-line to take the edge off more serious work in that realm (a prank along the lines of the ‘postmodernist generator’ [http://www.elsewhere.org/pomo/] for churning out nonsense papers, which has become an increasingly common pastime as so many learned academics and publishers fall for such drivel).

    Consider: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/shortcuts/2014/feb/26/how-computer-generated-fake-papers-flooding-academia (this has a link to a site designed to detect such papers: http://scigendetection.imag.fr/main.php)

    Pondering the immediate above for a few seconds, one has to wonder, “is I. Watt…a bot?”

  4. Ye Olde Scribe

    So…what does Q have to say about Pope Judas?

  5. Ken

    RE Briggs’: “I’m informed that a few weeks back Q reported, “2018 will be glorious””

    That’s now on a T-shirt available from Teespring: https://teespring.com/shop/q-anon-2018#pid=369&cid=6527&sid=front

    You know you’ve “made it” when you, or your words, become mass-produced T-Shirt banners. That a complete & total unknown, saying the most banal of platitudes and generalites can accomplish this … is this a great country or what!

    No doubt you’ve all noticed the key theme presented by the just-declassified memo — it’s all about attacking the motives of the sources (or key source). Attacking motives, or attacking other indicators of credibility, is the standard political tactic when the actual credibility/truthfulness of info coming from the source cannot be objectively rebutted (or isn’t known and one desires to defuse things with a sort of pre-emptive tactical/strategic strike).

    People have been missing the point.

    Now, barely hours after the FISA Act Abuses memo is released, Reuters has a headline: “Republican memo: Steele dossier ‘essential’ part of request to spy on Trump aide”

    Duh. The most important element of this is the “Steele dossier’s” accuracy, and we really don’t know anything about that.

    If that dossier was/is accurate, then that accuracy negates any relevance of actual or perceived bias.

    As others with access to more have repeatedly said, including FBI, that memo omits a lot — assuming that dossier is an “essential” part (and that is a subjective, perhaps grossly exaggerated, word in the context used)…it is only a PART… of the evidence used to justify the FISA warrants. Perhaps those other parts were sufficient for a warrant (we have zero insight there) and the Abuse memo’s “essential” means something other than ‘necessary’ or ‘indispensable.’

    Do we have any insight into that other info used to justify the FISA warrants?
    Might that be compelling enough for the warrants???

    The Abuses Memo reminds us that Steele “was a longtime FBI source” — in other words, he had already established credibility. So all the ad-hominem-type attacks in the memo on motives not revealed don’t really matter. The way that system works, past track record of credibility does reasonably suffice when that record is strong. Redact all those types of attacks from the Abuse Memo and there’s very little left, and what remains is conditional on the accuracy of the “Steele dossier.”

    The real issue is if Steele applied his status as a credible source to deceive and manipulate law enforcement by concocting exaggerations, outright falsehoods, etc. — to manipulate the law enforcement apparatus into taking action that could reasonably be expected to impact Trump’s campaign. By crafting a dossier that was willfully misleading (perjury). If so, things will get exciting as prosecutions of the conspirators would seem certain.

    If that dossier is accurate, at least where it counts from a legal standpoint, the issue becomes one of identifying who in Russia (or where ever) was colluded with — officials acting on behalf of the government, or, mere citizens?

    Trump only loses if there’s evidence of some kind of collusion with the Russian govt (seems unlikely — govt’s know that conspiracies don’t stay contained and rarely make a mistake with conspiracies involving amateurs [much less lots of them — and what were the Trump campaign’s staff/family if not amateurs in the spook game (recall they corresponded with routine email, incomprehensible a trained spook would be so careless)] … or as Ben Franklin put is, ‘three can keep a secret if two are dead’).

    Most likely, if Russians were involved, they didn’t represent the govt. And even if they did, even that might not amount to much, depending on what the govt provided. This could be a major win, or loss, or another avenue to fizzle.

    (Can anyone think of anything used by the Trump campaign [speeches, slogans, revelations, etc.] that seems like deep intelligence from some foreign govt that had any significant impact on the Clinton campaign??? Anything??? What about Russian tampering of the vote count — not a peep there either, and you can bet the media would be all over that if there was any)

    Since we don’t know how credible the dossier really is, or isn’t, or if the “Russians” were govt operatives, or not, we really don’t know anything. Yet.

    Not time to get excited.

    Probably never.
    I bet this whole thing fizzles out as a non-issue.
    The powers-that-be will attest that the ‘Steele dossier’ was sufficiently accurate to justify the warrants, or if that’s debatable, resolution will be long in coming, if ever, because the debate will go unresolved and sputter out as well. Whatever collusion that might have happened was no worse than par for the course; if it happened at all.

    There’s a narcissistic element to this: The Russian collusion story has taction in part because of the presumption [media derangement] that Clinton would have been such a tough president that Russia couldn’t have handled her and preferred Trump, who they could manipulate more easily (even as he was overtly manipulating Clinton in every debate). It’s an idiotic notion — compare her performance against a single comedian on the comedy show, Between Two Ferns, with Obama’s (he far surpassed her’s [and we know what a putz he was]), not to mention her non-results as SecState.

  6. Sander van der Wal

    A Nostradamus for the Internet Age.

    Clearly this is not about Science. The predictions a sufficiently vague that one can backfit any fact after the fact. Just like with Nostradamus.

    More likely this is part of a campaign run by pro-Trumpers to encourage their enemies to stay nervous and make mistakes, and to help the Trump-supporting American Populace maintaining their pro-Trump stance, and help convert the ‘normies’ to their side.

    As an aside, thet was a seventies Dutch show called ‘Q and Q’, two teenage boys solving crimes. Changes are the reddit Q was not modelled on them.

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