Diversity Is Our Weakness

Diversity Is Our Weakness

Diversity is our weakness. Diversity is the process of giving special consideration to those who have favored demographic or biologic characteristics or who have non-procreative sexual desires.

Now you might think it insane to accord special preference to people because they express enthusiasm for and participation in non-procreative sexual practices. You might say that a civilization that takes “pride” in such extreme self-indulgences is effeminate and courting death. And you would be right.

But the promotion of unhealthy sexual desires is not what Diversity is about. Diversity is about power. Diversity is therefore never strictly about the subjects in which Diversity is pushed. The subjects are always incidental. Who controls the subjects is paramount.

Same Old Tune

A paradigmatic example. Sheffield University and the Centre for New Music will host a competition in classical music composition. To decide who wins, “A ‘two ticks’ policy will be in place for female composers, composers who identify as BME, transgender or non-binary, or having a disability, to automatically go through to the second stage of the selection process.”

“BME” stands for “black and minority ethnic”.

Quality in the music will be down-weighted. Up-weighted will be political measures.

One of two things will happen. A normal person not exhibiting the desired “victim” characteristics will win. This implies the quality of this person’s work will not only be better than victim competitors’ work, but that it soared above far above them (and had to, to overcome the non-quality weighting). This person’s undesired victory will lead to a call for actual quotas from the embarrassed judges in the next competition.

Or a designated victim will win. This person’s work will probably be mediocre, since the quality of the victim’s work will receive less than full weight. The quality of the music in the competition will decline.

Who wins takes precedence over what wins. Diversity thus causes, on average, a decline in standards.

Chalk Another One Up

Quotas are never called quotas at the beginning of the Diversity process. For example, Cornell University was discovered never to have had a female president. So one was hired. But nobody admitted the new president was hired because she was a female.

This female president sadly died shortly after her arrival. So a new female was hired in her place.

Each person’s qualifications was not the sole judge of her merit. Their sex was included in the judging. Those deciding among the candidates did not confess these females were picked because they were female. So it’s unclear how much genuine merit counted: was there a better male rejected because he was male?

Anyway, the true belief that quotas are harsh measures and harmful to quality constrains people from acknowledging, at first, their use.

This shyness does not persist. Since Diversity, as in the music competition, always leads to a decline in quality, and thus in greater “inequities” in rewards, eventually actual calls for quotas-by-name are made.

Equality Kills

Find out how here.

It’s Official

The Diversity process always follows a common pattern. Here then are the official Steps of Diversity:

All right here, at this most clickable link.


  1. TL;DR version: Diversity, like all creations of the Left, destroys everything it touches while claiming moral victory.

  2. Sheri

    The entire human population has decided to commit suicide. Forget global warming—we have determined we should destroy ourselves through massive stupidity. RIP.

  3. Ray

    A friend of mine related a story, with some amusement, about how he lost a promotion to a diversity candidate. This friend worked in marketing and the VP and director of marketing was going to retire. A pal of his in upper management assured the friend he would be a shoo in for the job so he applied for it. To my friend’s surprise a woman he worked with got the job. My friend asked his pal in upper management what happened and was told the president of the company wanted a woman in upper management. My friend said the woman was good at marketing but there was no way she had the experience to be director of marketing. My friend didn’t see a happy outcome for this situation and started looking for a new job and left the company for another one in about 2 months. About 6 months later he heard from his pal that the women had been given almost a quarter million dollars to just go away quietly and don’t make a fuss. After that every time he saw his pal he would ask how’s that diversity working out for you?

  4. Robert Cihak

    I submit:

    “Diversity is our perversity.”

    No copyright claimed or acknowledgment required.

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