Insanity & Doom Update XL

Insanity & Doom Update XL

Item The Hitler Of South Africa Tells White People, He Won’t Kill Them…Yet!

Earlier this week while most of the world was transfixed on the World Cup, the Trump/Kim handshake, or a multitude of other sundry events, Julius Malema, aka the Hitler of South Africa, was busy telling white people in his country that he’s not going wage genocide against them. Yet.

In an interview with TRT World News published this week, Malema said, “We have not called for the killing of white people. At least for now. I can’t guarantee the future.”

When the reporter mentioned that some people might view these remarks as a call to genocide, Malema responded, “Crybabies. Crybabies,” but later warned white South Africans that “the masses are on board” for “an un-led revolution and anarchy”.

Malema is a prominent politician in South Africa and at the forefront of his country’s movement to confiscate land from white property owners and redistribute it to the country’s black population.

Skip that every-bad-guy-is-literally-Hitler nonsense. Note instead how many non-South Africans believe it was whites who came to that region and pushed out the blacks, and so naturally believe that the whites now are only getting what’s coming to them. How many SJWs are on their way to South Africa?

Item United Methodists Remove ‘Father’ from Apostle’s Creed to Be More Gender Inclusive to God

The Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church has removed the term, ‘Father,’ from the Apostle’s Creed in an attempt to be more gender inclusive to God…

However, United Methodists in the Minnesota Conference decided that referring to God as “Father” wasn’t inclusive enough for the 21st century United Methodist Church. At the conference, held May 30 through June 1, conference organizers omitted reference to God the Father. Instead, they changed the phrase “God the Father Almighty” to “God the Creator Almighty.”…

The United Methodist Church has repeatedly become more egalitarian in the early twenty-first and latter twentieth century, beginning with the ordaining of female clergy with full ordination rights in 1956…In most recent days, the United Methodist Church has been drained of male clergy, with more than 10,300 female clergy members nationwide…

[Church says,] “Leaders need to establish the ground rules: Everybody’s God language is appropriate. People’s God language signifies a relationship that you can’t interfere with. You can raise questions and offer additional perspectives, but you can’t dictate. You can’t prohibit anybody from using any language about God. Whether they want to call God “Jehovah” or “Big Dog,” you can’t judge the validity of how that name connects them with God. People just need to get used to that.”

Forget what Jesus said. All together now, “Our Big Dog, which may or may not be a bitch, which art in Heaven…”

Item How Harvard Limits The Number Of Asian Applicants It Accepts

Harvard consistently rated Asian-American applicants lower than any other race on personal traits like “positive personality,” likability, courage, kindness and being “widely respected,” according to an analysis of more than 160,000 student records filed Friday in federal court in Boston by a group representing Asian-American students in a lawsuit against the university.

Asian-Americans scored higher than applicants of any other racial or ethnic group on admissions measures like test scores, grades and extracurricular activities, according to the analysis commissioned by a group that opposes all race-based admissions criteria. But the students’ personal ratings significantly dragged down their chances of being admitted, the analysis found.

Congratulations, (East) Asians! You are now honorary Whites.

Item Cornell considering ‘enhanced’ punishments for ‘bias’ incidents

Cornell University is considering “enhanced” punishments for misconduct that is “motivated by bias” along with dozens of other proposals for making the campus more “diverse” and “inclusive.”

As Campus Reform reported in October, Cornell created the Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate in response to student demands sparked by a flurry of racially-charged incidents, including one in which a student caused a stir by chanting “build a wall.”…

In its lengthy report, the subcommittee published an extensive list of recommendations, including the creation of “a university-wide diversity course requirement” that can provide students with a “minimum level of preparation for engaging effectively with a diverse world.”

The subcommittee also expressed concern that “diversity and inclusion are not sufficiently integrated with the core research and teaching mission of the university,” and made recommendations to formally integrate faculty holding “positions of influence” into diversity leadership positions and implement mandatory “dialogue-based” diversity workshops in freshmen orientation.

Cornell’s current president, Martha E. Pollack, chosen because she was a non-male, can’t very well object to quotas for other favored groups.

The sooner—and I mean this with utter sincerity—Harvard, Cornell, and the like purge their faculty of all whites and Asians, the better it will be for all of us.


  1. Michael Dowd

    Madness unabated in the process of normalization.

  2. Ray

    I was in South Africa many times and it’s a beautiful country. Most people don’t know that when the Dutch settled there the indigenous people were the bushmen, not blacks. The blacks invaded South Africa from the north and the Dutch fought several wars with them. The Dutch made the fatal mistake of letting the blacks stay instead of forcing them out and now the blacks are forcing the whites out. SA used to be about 20% white but now it’s about 10%. South Africa is going to become another Zimbabwe or DR Congo. I was in DR Congo AKA Zaire in the early 1970s and the place was a total disaster.

  3. I would be more likely to trust the report from South Africa if it didn’t come from Zero Hedge.

    I have not forgotten Zero Hedge’s Fuskushima coverage.

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