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  1. Briggs:
    I received my copy of the book from the publisher today, that was quick.
    Very off topic:
    Briggs and Bernie, are you still looking for this? I read an old post where this was mentioned.
    They deliver worldwide. I’d send some but my JPG converter won’t work on bottles of drink.


    It was easy to find so you’ve probably found it already.

  2. Joy,

    Great news on the book! Happy it got there so quickly. It’s just the thing for propping up uneven tables.

    Thanks for the link to La Guita, too. I found plenty of overseas links, but the shipping is usually outrageous. I have been unable to find a supply in the States. A pretty good substitute is La Guitana, which is widely available. Drink chilled, and have it with some olives. Damn good.

  3. BAWWWW. I posted my stupid comment on the Crichton post. Anyway, The Onion is truly one of the greatest new sources in the US.

    And like I said before, I’m only half-joking.

  4. Briggs
    It “will fill a much needed gap” on my bookshelf.
    No, it will be posted on to Worcester. I will keep the signed copy, I might need to sell it on e-Bay one day, when you are famous.

  5. Joy,

    Get with the times, friend. All the hip cats are leaving eBay for craigslist. Like, don’t be a luddite, you square. 😉


    Got the book today. Looking forward to having something to read on the Metro-North besides my iPhone.

  6. I sent a request, but did not get a request for payment or any other acknowledgement.

    Am I lost?

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