Do Not Fear Being Called An Isolationist — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Do Not Fear Being Called An Isolationist — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Trotsky proclaimed that the world needed ‘permanent revolution.’ Stalin countered that the Party needed ‘socialism in one country’ in order to survive. It was the Fox versus Frankenstein. Or, as Isaiah Berlin said, Stalin was ‘a Hedgehog’. But Trotsky remained known as ‘the Fox’.

Now, the Hedgehog knows only one thing. But it is a Big Thing. For Stalin, it was socialism in one country. The Fox knows many things. On was that revolution is for everywhere.

This clash of vision was bound to produce war. Why? Because that’s what both men were selling. It was only their projected sales territories that differed.

That’s how the intra-Party war began after Lenin’s death in 1923. Someone was going to win, and someone had to die for that to happen. Miraculously, Trotsky lived (in exile) until 1940, when he was finally assassinated in Mexico on the orders of Uncle Joe. But while Trotsky died earlier than Joe, Leon’s work lived on. Joe lived longer and he killed everyone he could get his hands on, including his most enthusiastic supporters.

Who really won? Whose supporters rule the world today? And from whence do they rule?

Here’s a little rule that may help you understand the game of war; offense scores, defense snores.

These two revolutionaries were simply arguing about the best way to keep Bolshevism alive in the face of seemingly united Western opposition to the October Revolution of 1917. Trotsky wanted to play offense. Stalin said the safest way was to play defense. Both of them agreed that in the long run, the goal was to eventually subdue the world. But that goal would have to wait, as Joe beat Leon for the right to play against Adolph in the semi-finals. He got to play defense all right. And Russia was bled dry. Until distance bled the German supply lines dry. And Father Winter delivered the knockout blow. We all know that story.

The Great Patriotic War story. The story that lionized Stalin, and not the Revolution. Why? Because he was, as Trotsky truly understood, a Bonapartist. One who has hijacked the Revolution for the sake of his own cult of power. I would have said ‘personality’, but that is stretching the word. Power, raw power, will nicely suffice.

Keep in mind that from the time of Stalin’s ‘victory’ until the fall of the Wall, and even now to a great degree, Western Hedgehogs have been saddled with the task of defending the Stalinist legacy. There has been no shortage of ‘journalists’ and tenured knaves willing to do that. But apart from this elitist clique in their ivory towers, nobody’s selling or buying that bull.

There is something amiss here. It is that the Trotskyites never had to defend Stalinism. Why? Because they hated (and still do hate) him, and all that he has done.Were they aghast at Stalin’s crimes? No, of course not. They were simply jealous. Joe got to kill everyone they wanted to kill. No fair! I’m telling Mom!

The problem is, many people don’t understand the war between the Fox and the Hedgehog and label both as being generic ‘Commies’ or ‘Socialists’. But there’s a big difference between them. Stalin lives in the ivory tower, while Leon lived (until recently) in the White House.

What about now? Is Donald a Hedgehog? A Fox? Neither? To my mind, Vladimir Putin is neither. Why is that? Because the East and the West have traded places. If Vlad reminds me of anyone, it is Ivan The Great. ‘The Gatherer of All Russias‘. The first Tsar. Ask some folks who might have first-hand knowledge of Vlad. Let’s ask the Crimeans. Then the Chechens. And the Uke’s. And the Georgians. Anyway, Vlad is not the (immediate) problem today. No, my friend, the problem is with us.

Here’s why. The West is the breeding grounds of Trotskyism today. We are the ones espousing ‘permanent revolution’ Of course, we dress it up a little, as Emperor George did when he called for a ‘Global democratic revolution‘ in 2003.

George was the Trotsky of his day. But he wasn’t the first American Trotskyite. Nor the last, unfortunately. Emperor Obama furthered the cause. How many ‘color revolutions’ did he launch? Was he a witting agent, or a tool? The death toll remains unchanged under either interpretation.

Now Stalin, in his frenzy to cleanse the Party of Trotskyites, caused many of them (including Trotsky) to flee for their lives. Think about all those ‘red diaper babies’ whose parents fled Stalin’s rule before WWII, and where they landed. Right here, Komrade. Where we take in every sort of refugee. No questions asked. Until recently, of course. And guess who’s screaming about that? Yep. The children of the Red Diaper Brigade. Trotsky’s spiritual grandchildren. Today, we call them Neo-Cons. The New Conservatives. Here’s a pretty accurate description of the term, straight from Wikipedia:

Historically speaking, the term “neoconservative” refers to those who made the ideological journey from the anti-Stalinist left to the camp of American conservatism during the 1960s and 1970s.[2] Neoconservatives typically advocate the promotion of democracy and American national interest in international affairs, including by means of military force.

They traveled from ‘the anti-Stalinist Left…to Conservatism.’ What is it that they are busy ‘conserving’ now? Their Trotskyite traditions, of course. Not all of these Foxes were actually born in Russia. Many were home-grown, although there was usually an Eastern European (or Russian) ancestor in the family tree, and much of their original political exposure came from these relatives. But at bottom, a large number of these Russian and East European immigrants were favorably disposed to Trotsky and his vision of permanent revolution. Well then, how was it that they became what many naively consider to be the exact opposite, a conservative?

For simplicity’s sake, let’s use Old Conservatives (or more properly, Traditionalists), and New Conservatives. That is, NeoCons.

What is it that separates ‘New Conservatives’ from Old Conservatives? Their religion. Or, as some would say, their lack of it. NeoCons do have a religion. They believe in that chimera known as Judeo-Christianity. But that’s like saying Romulus loves Remus. Yet people continue to equate Judaic Talmud beliefs with Protestant American Exceptionalism. Which isn’t stupid. But neither is it Christian. These Neo-Cons do worship someone. But it ain’t Jesus.

We have to understand Hillel to understand Shammai. Today, the followers of Hillel are the Hedgehogs, and the followers of Shammai are the Foxes. These Neo-Con’s follow Shammai. And as any Talmudic believer knows, just obey your Rabbi (any Rabbi) and you’ll make it to Heaven. You can bring your Goyim servants along as well. Cheney, Buckley, Rove, Bush, Hillary, Axelrod, all of them. Just keep them in the servant’s quarters, OK?

Let’s start with Irving Kristol. And his son Bill, too. How about Abraham Bellows. And his son, Saul. And Julius Podhoretz. And his son Norman. We could go on if you’d like. And on, and on, and on. Obviously, not all NeoCons were direct geographical descendants of Russia. Many were home-grown ‘liberals’ who mixed with the immigrant revolutionaries and their children. People like Elliott Abrams, Richard Perle and Paul Bremer. But all were Trotskyite in their beliefs. And they are still Foxes in their actions today. They all still advocate Global Democratic Revolution. Just like The Fox taught them.

How is it that these crafty fellows have merged so easily into the American mainstream? What magic talismans do they possess that has given them the camouflage they need to carry forward their dream of worldwide revolution? Three things, actually. One is Jingoism. Just beat the Patriotic War drum and you’ll be mistaken for an American Conservative. New-style, of course. The second lucky charm is their belief in their real religion: Democracy. A religion we were supposedly bequeathed in 1776. But I can’t find that word anywhere but in the Soviet Constitution. The last bit of magic is their most powerful one today, a word that evokes unbounded (yet unfounded) fear at its every appearance: Isolationism!

Let’s look at these three things and see how they fit together. Jingoism is easy after a hundred years of American military preponderance on the world scene. It wasn’t always this way. Before the Civil War America was relatively peaceful, apart from our despisal of Mexico. But things would change, once we changed our thinking. Changed from revering our Republic to adoring our Democracy. And once we were sold on this switch of identity, by Eddie Bernays (the nephew of Sigmund Freud) in his seminal work entitled Propaganda, we were well on our way to Imperial power.

Here’s a great quote from Eddy: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Eddie, by the way, is known as ‘The Father of Public Relations’. And public relations, if you didn’t know it, is part of the J-School curriculum. I know this from personal experience. And this is why so many Hedgehog ‘journalists’ are really just useful idiots for the Foxes. They are part of ‘the invisible government’ he spoke of. But there is a Civil War going on within the Invisible Government. The Hedgehogs are still alive, but now the Foxes have taken the upper hand. And they are on a mission.

What, according to the Foxes, is America’s divinely ordained mission here on earth? Why, to spread this new religion across the globe. Once we got a taste of blood in Cuba and the Philippines, which our media moguls gladly glamourized, Eddie had an easy time selling us on our mission in life. Make the World Safe for Democracy! How shall we do this? Simple: ‘Go forth, and subdue all nations, baptising them (in blood), in the name of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.’

This is the New Revised Version of the American NeoCon Bible. In care of the French Revolution. Which, if you know your history, was the dream of Leon Trotsky. The dream of spreading this revolution all across the globe. His dream is now the Imperial American Dream.

There are people out there who seem opposed to this utopian dream. Troublemakers who resist the inevitable logic of ‘progressive’ thought. People who don’t seem to care if someone, somewhere, dies before we have brought them the right to vote. Like in Chicago. We have decided we can’t let that happen. We have to save the village. Even if we have to destroy it.

Isolationism is a magic word that conjures up the vision of being a leper, a pariah, a loner shunned by all the world. It’s worked so well, so many times before. WII, Korea, Vietnam, The Middle East, Kosovo, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria…We are hearing it again. Who are we supposed to save/destroy this time? Russia, of course. Is it because she is she is still selling her Revolution? No, that franchise was sold quite some time ago. The Western Universities that produce our MSM ‘journalists’ own that copyright now.

Is this frenzied opposition to all things Russian due to the fact that Russia is still persecuting the Church? Apart from the Jehovah’s Witnesses, no. In fact, Vlad and Patriarch Kyrill appear to be best buddies. Is it because the Russian Orthodox Church is foisting a predatory homosexual hierarchy upon Russian youth? Wait, I’m sorry—that would be here, right? Is it because Russia has somehow infringed on Western markets? Is she undercutting us on silicon chips? On fake Dooney & Burke purses? Kate Spade knock-offs? No, that would be the Chinese.

Have the Russians expanded the Warsaw Pact to include Quebec? There is no Warsaw Pact anymore. Just NATO. An ever-expanding NATO (but soon to be without Turkey: write that down). Maybe it’s because Russia has troops in 177 different countries around the globe? Whoops, that’s us, again. What about Syria? There’s Russians there, right? Well, there you go. Warm up the jets!

Really, apart from gas and oil, where do the Russians compete with us? Arms? Yes. But I thought we were the ones proclaiming competitive markets were the hallmark of a Free World.

You think I’m being so anti-American in all of this, correct? But that’s not true, if you’re speaking of America as a nation, and not an Empire. Truly, I do believe we need to be strong enough that no one wants to tangle with us. But I think the Russians may feel exactly the same way about their homeland. Why wouldn’t they? Do we really need to provoke a war of any size with them? We need to understand that peace is something you build at home, not abroad. We’ve had a hundred years of proof that our wars have not changed anyone for the better. If other nations want to fight, let them. But for once, please God, keep us out of it.

Let’s think a minute about that word Isolationism’ again. Does it mean no one will ever come to see America again? And that Americans will never travel abroad again? Or that no one will be allowed to buy American products or services again? And that we won’t buy theirs? That we won’t be invited to the Olympics? Or that we won’t go even if we’re invited? Does it mean we’ll disconnect our phones and the internet from the rest of the world? Just who is it that could enforce such things? How ridiculous.

So just what does this word mean? It means something. And to figure it out, all you have to do is think like Eddie Bernays and look at who it is used against. Like the words ‘anti-Semite’ and ‘Fascist’, it means anyone who doesn’t agree with the opinions of our Foxy Overlords. The purpose of all these pejoratives and their constant use is to instill some deep confused fear in the listener. A fear of being seen as different from everybody else. This is especially effective against women, by the way. Go ahead and call me sexist. But it happens to be true, regardless of how you wish to characterize anyone bold enough to say it.

The problem is that an irrational fear of something that has been planted at the subconscious level for the purpose of ‘engineering consent’, as Eddie would say. A consent to do things that are not actually in our true best interests. Personally, and as a nation. They have given us a false choice: Imperialism or Isolationism. One is sold as a great and glorious thing but which is actually deadly to our sons, our neighbors and our nation. The other is sold as a dreaded social disease of failing to embrace the ethos of Empire. But the truth is, it is an empty threat. Why? Because in truth, there is no such thing as Isolationism.

So there is the answer. We need to speak the truth. And to speak it boldly. We don’t need to force the world to do the right thing. We need to do it ourselves, here at home, before we look to take the supposed splinter out of our neighbor’s eye. We need to stop trying to be ‘great’ and instead try to be ‘good’. Let’s quit singing God Bless America and start singing America, bless God. That would be a good beginning. Towards a greater end.


  1. Sander van der Wal

    So, a Left wing Trotskyist is able to make American Conservatives believe he’s also a Conservative.

    How is such a thing possible? One would expect some kind of clash of political believes between the Trotskyist and the Conservative, as they are on very different ends of the political scale.

    Or is it because American Conservatives do not have a clear set of politics, making it easier to smuggle left wing politics into their policies?

    One advantage of having lots of political parties is that they need to defend their identity. In a two-party system you just need to be different from the other.

  2. Dr Watt has done it!

    Cogent, coherent, only slightly windy.

    Excellent exploration of the roots, and beliefs, of the clique of traitorous frauds that co-opted, and destroyed the formerly conservative political party in the USA.

    Some readers probably require more of a background than your posting provides.

    See this annotated commentary on an article by the “Godfather of Neoconservatism,” Irving Kristol, “The Neoconservative Persuasion: What it was, and what it is.”

    The article appeared in the neocon rag, The Weekly Standard, in 2003. But they are disappearing anything that hints at the truth of their belief system, so the article is no longer on the magazine’s website.

    Excellent analysis and explanation of the neocons and their duplicitous beliefs, presented as a running argument with the wordy Kristol.

    Thanks, Ianto!

  3. Yes, speak the truth and start with my own world to make changes. I am one of those that needs to do more background reading to fully understand the Fox and the Hedgehog

  4. Oldavid

    Typically Lanto-curio, almost enigmatic, “take” on things.

    Perhaps we could describe “isolationism” as: “Confucius say: I’m going to make the World a better place… starting with myself”.

  5. the I word has always been a smokescreen to keep us from looking to our own needs. I have always referred to myself as a neutralist.

    Nobody has noticed.

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