Insanity & Doom Update L

Insanity & Doom Update L

Item The slippery slope

Australian soldiers are being warned not to use the terms “him” or “her” to avoid offending LGBTI members of the military. The language guide began being distributed by the Australian Defence Force Academy last year as part of a push to reinforce gender neutral language. #7News

The link also has a televised clip. I imagine the Chinese watch this thinking it a very clever ploy into thinking the Australian army is filled with militarily incapable sexual deviants. “No way we’re buying that!”

Item ‘God made us male and female’: Doctor sacked for saying people ‘cannot choose their gender’

A UK doctor who was sacked for refusing to refer to transgender people by their preferred gender pronoun says there is a “climate of fear” in his profession with staff “trained to inform” on one another for breaching discrimination laws.

Dr David Mackereth’s contract as a medical assessor for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) was terminated three weeks ago on the grounds that his refusal to use transgender pronouns could be considered harassment under the 2010 Equality Act…

“As a Christian, I believe gender is determined biologically and genetically,” he told The Daily Mail. “I knew it could be the end of my work as a doctor, but I could not live with myself if I didn’t speak up. It would be dishonest — and I didn’t want to live a lie.”

After voicing his objections, Dr Mackereth was called into a meeting with a manager at his employment agency. “He asked, ‘If a man asked him to call you ‘Mrs’, would you do it?’ I said I couldn’t,” he said.

“If somebody has male XY chromosomes and male genitalia I cannot in good conscience call them a woman. We agreed I wouldn’t come into work until the DWP had decided what would happen to me.”

Dr Mackereth said it was “not a question of whether we agree or disagree but whether we are free to say so”.

This is slightly old news, but it brings up two wonderful points. One, if a woman walked into a National Health office and asked to have her prostate examined, then the “doctors” there would have to do it, or else risk losing their jobs. This will, in all seriousness, be tricky business, because since this woman has no prostate (I am now obliged to say), there will be no way, no way at all, for the “doctors” to satisfactorily demonstrate that they have examined this woman’s non-existent organ. Whether or not she believes the “treatment” to be a success will be entirely dependent on her mood.

Which, as it turns out, so does her believing herself a man, and therefore having a prostate. The entire medical profession would, and will doubtless will, therefore be at the mercy of lunatics. And if you don’t think that’s hilarious, then you have no sense of humor at all.

Second point. In the West, anyway, it will soon be only orthodox Christians that will be the best scientists. Which is nothing but history repeating itself, of course.

Item The data are in: perversion promotion is working

A major Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study provides the gruesome stats.

This disastrous news should be major media headlines. A few progressives are happy, I’m sure, along with radical homosexual groups like GLSEN as well as the corrupt teachers’ unions, the NEA and others.

But for most of us, the CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) paints a grim picture with dire consequences for the long-term well-being of our nation’s youth.

In 2017, almost 15 percent (14.6 percent) of teens labeled themselves “gay, lesbian, bisexual or unsure.” In 2015, that figure was 11.2 percent….

While only 3 percent of heterosexual teens experienced sexual intercourse before age 13 (Table 135), 10.2 percent of the “GLBU” teens had done so. This tragic statistic probably reflects sexual abuse. Such a heartbreaking experience is very likely a factor in the child’s later sexual confusion.

No study has found that homosexuality is inborn. A major study in 2016 reviewed current research and found no genetic linkage, despite numerous attempts to discover one.

Propaganda works. Even when it is called propaganda, in the same way a placebo still has some force even after you’re told you’re taking a sugar pill. The only solution is to ban the propaganda. But that would be against “free speech”. So it won’t be. And thus there will be no solution.


  1. Sheri

    “Second point. In the West, anyway, it will soon be only orthodox Christians that will be the best scientists. Which is nothing but history repeating itself, of course.” You’ll get a thousand anecdotal replies on this one for why the horrible church ruined science in the past. Yet the Church has come no where near the damage the last fifty years and politics have done to science.

    With a possible vaccine for HIV, expect more depravity. However, in the nature conquers all category, it has been found that HIV virus can combine and have done so quite effectively in Cuba. The combined strain progresses to AIDS three times fast and most probably the vaccine will not be effect against this hybrid. I read the combo virus has now spread to some parts of Spain. I know the Left will explain this is impossible because viruses are natural and therefore benign, but this is a completely expected development and newer strains will continue to pop up worldwide. Nature does not care about ideology or the Left.

  2. Anon

    In these stories that question the wisdom of gender fluidity, it is almost always noted that those supporting a traditional view are “Christians” and not “possessors of common sense.” Surely there are practical and experienced atheists who have a similar view?

  3. DAV

    Insanity & Doom Update L

    Seems we’ve gone to L.

  4. Sander van der Wal

    The Doom 3 figures are incredibly high. I have some number from The Netherlands, 2013.

    >> 94.4% of boys and 91.4% of girls are attracted to only the opposite sex; 2% of boys and 1.1% of girls are only attracted to members of the same sex. (Sex under 25, 2012)

    >> An estimated 3% of males and 1.4% of females aged 16 and older are attracted exclusively to members of their own sex. Over 6% of males and almost 16% of females are somewhat or equally attracted to members of the same sex as their own, and can be described as bisexual. In the Netherlands there are in total approximately 600 thousand males and almost 1.2 million women fitting this description. (Niet te ver uit de kast, [Not too far out of the closet] 2012)

    >> The coming-out age of LGB young people varies from 6-25 years old, although coming out is exceptional for individuals under the age of 14. (SameFeelings 2010)

    >> Awareness of experiencing a gender identity other than the birth gender already occurs from the age of 4. (Brochure Genderdysdorie 2011, FWOS – 2011 Gender Dysphoria Brochure, Fund for Scientific Research on Sexuality)

    >> 0.6% of males and 0.2% of females (aged 15 to 70) reported an ambivalent or incongruent gender identity combined with dissatisfaction with their own body and a wish to (partially) modify the birth gender through hormones and/or operations. (Worden wie je bent [Become who you are] 2012)

    >> Reliable data on prevalence is not available for all intersex conditions. It can be assumed that the percentage of Dutch people with an intersex condition is between 0.6%and 1.7%. (Dutch Intersex/DSD Network). This would mean that there are at least 21,000 children in the Netherlands with an intersex condition.

    ( The COC is the Dutch gay rights lobbying group, I do not exect them to release downward-adjusted numbers).

    One wonders why the huge difference. Holland is quite Liberal regarding sexual orientation, so I don’t believe lots of people are posturing about their sexual orientation. Neither is there a lot of propaganda agressively promoting a non-heterosexual lifestyle. The food and drink situation is different as well, so differences of hormonal residues in food are a reasonable hypothesis.

  5. Essentially everyone, especially “practical and experienced atheists” (as the author would probably refer to me) knows that a person can not simply decide to be of a different sex, no more that he or she can decide to be of a different height or species (questions of free will aside). But there is good business in rooting out and amplifying the fringe (and not without value, as this fringe grows in self-confidence).

  6. Douglas Skinner

    Nothing profound to say except that any army that requires its soldiers pussyfoot around male and female pronouns has ceased to be a fighting force for the defense of its country. And I’d encourage any sincere soldier to not re-enlist and officers to resign their commissions.

  7. Joy

    “Surely there are practical and experienced atheists who have a similar view?”
    but this is a truth that the author of this blog rarely likes to admit.
    It spoils a good moan and disarms the propaganda.
    Briggs needs his categories to behave themselves if he’s going to be right all the time.

  8. True Faith

    Dear Joy and Anon
    Not being an atheist I don’t seek out their musings. Perhaps you could enlighten us – who are the atheists who are exposing the thundering transgender madness?

  9. Joy

    True Faith,
    It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

  10. It is getting more than a lil silly here in Oz. Ironically, military training standards are Lowered in some areas so that wah-men who can do anything a man can do, don’t have to give it a go.

    As well as interfering with scientific endeavors or simply wasting taxpayer dollars. For my research I ask a person’s sex (female, male, intersex), not gender, as I am interested in potential biological differences not how a person feels at that moment. I have students asking about gender and during data screening we need to drop 3 or so participants because they are ‘other’ or identify as one of the other 76 fluid options.

    More speech is the answer to propaganda. An opportunity to walk our talk as resilient professionals, play the ball and argue our case in a way that would have Socrates toes curl. This way we get to stay curious about alternative arguments, and innovative, evidence-based and systematic in our counterpoints #ThugLife is #IntellectualDiversity

  11. Uncle Mike

    Speaking only about myself, I come from a long lineage of heterosexual men. None of my forefathers were gay, or celibate, or sterile. Going back thousands of generations, nay millions, all of my forefathers successfully bred some female or other, got her preggers, and she birthed a boy, who survived childhood and became a man, who in turn and in his time knocked up some gal, the old fashioned way, and she carried that fetus boy full term and popped him out whole, and he survived the vicissitudes of his youth and then did his thing and so on and so on etc. etc.

    All of them. Unbroken chain. Successful heterosexual copulators every one. But that’s just me; I don’t know about you…

  12. Joy

    You’ll have to get the hammer out again, brush the dust off, work out some moves or some clever verbiage, aka BS! “Pleas one, please all”. Teachers do this with each class each year…the same old lines rolled out for the students, or the new recruits…same old jokes. Fine for a teacher, not so good if the students are a potential gene pool or dating pool.

    Perhaps start with the ignorant and the compliant, the trusting, the poor, the needy, the easy ones!
    The orient is full of them. So is the proper Catholic Church.

    You could be a one man baby machine if you put your mind to it!
    Think about how much fun you could have.
    Oh woopse! The atheists alone are already at it? I don’t think so.

    If it’s rampant non sex that makes you fret for the future of mankind. You might need to check your data isn’t being given an unfair weight. If you then claim something about who’s having the most babies because of course some groups certainly are, then this is politics. Tribal concerns. Quite right too, just call it what it is.

  13. Uncle Mike

    Dear Joy,

    Thank you and blessings upon you. I humbly acknowledge that you are indeed a daughter of a mother who was daughter of a mother who was daughter of a mother who was daughter of a mother and so on and so forth back into the depths of time.

    Perhaps they were not always willing, or perhaps they were, but they did a fine job of it, and there you go, and that’s what happened anyway…

  14. Joy

    Bless Mike!
    Do you think that’s how I came about?

    I think you’ll find I was found under the Gooseberry bush.

  15. Uncle Mike

    Not only do I acknowledge it, I celebrate your amazing lineage! It’s a miracle that you’re here, and a wonderful one at that.

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