Kill All [Blacks, Jews, Homosexuals, Trannies] — Sorry! Typo! I Meant Kill All Whites. Whew

Kill All [Blacks, Jews, Homosexuals, Trannies] — Sorry! Typo! I Meant Kill All Whites. Whew

Update Twitter hated being revealed as haters and whacked @meme_america, on which many of the links below relied. An intelligent person would have recognized this was coming and took screen shots. As it is, you’ll have to take my word for it. The Once, Twice, Thrice had links to pictures with many hundreds of Blue Cheka white hate.

It’s time to ramp up the hate, dear readers. Let’s go pound some flesh!

Once: (You should click one of these links.)

  1. Locations where black people can easily be killed: farmers markets, used book stores, thrift stores, Genius Bar, Portland #blackgenocidememos
  2. Jews to concerned with black on Black crime we have to kill more Jews so we can get rid of that phrase
  3. Kill The Homosexual
  4. Hey Jews, there’s nothing funny about you thinking you’re cool with black people also those black people are going to kill you soon
  5. kill de black people! we gwam make dem pa-ay!
  6. be strong to kill the homosexuals
  7. Why We Should Kill Transsesuals: Part One


  1. yes I am racist! I hate Jews!
  2. I hate black people
  3. I’m leaving this easter egg here in case I ever get famous: I hate homosexuals.
  4. RT for obviously I hate lesbians. Obviously.
  5. So glad missed the grammy”s i hate black people
  6. the only anxiety I have about Jewish extinction is that it’s not happening faster
  7. Black people are the worst


  1. I hate darkness, I hate racists, I hate black people
  2. Racism against Jews isn’t a thing
  3. i’m having such a “i hate homosexuals” week.
  4. Black homosexuals are the worst, tbh
  5. Oh God. Jews are the worst.

I’d do more, but I can’t remember what comes after thrice.

If you think I’m going to carp about a “double standard”, you’re quite wrong. We’re interested in the phenomenon itself and why it is happening.

Now you’ll have already guessed that each of the original tweets had “whites” or “white people” in place of other groups. What you might not have guessed is that each tweet—each and every one, including the many, many calls to exterminate whites—were from the Blue Cheka. Verified, and therefore blessed, Twitter users. People of some consequence.

What you might not want to admit is that these people are not kidding. Oh, sure, there is an element of vice signaling, to let others know they are properly bad people who hate the only group that is acceptable to hate.

Yes, I do say vice signaling and not virtue signaling. I do say these important people are bad people and not good.

I do say they believe what they say. I also say that the majority of vice signalers won’t do anything about their expressed thoughts. Confronted with a white man, this Microsoft employee, and verified Twitter user, who said “F*** white people” would cower and shrink. (The lady looks white, which makes her tweet odd, but in other tweets she identifies as a Jew, which evidently she believes makes her non-white.) One also imagines this lady’s boss, who if he is white, would respond by running for cover or turning a blind eye.

The socially brave young man and CNN employee who said “abolish white people” would turn tail and scream like a little girl were he to discover the bar he is in is filled with, say, white construction workers. But at CNN he’ll get away with it, because none there can be found to give him the punch in those nose he deserves. (This young man also appears white, but etc.)

The paunchy, soft-all-over writer who said “God, I hate white people” won’t follow through and call for the firing of the whites who are forced to say his words. But then those same whites won’t take this man behind the set and discuss with him the error of his ways. (Again this man also appears white, but etc.)

The ACLU lawyer who said “White people are the worst” won’t—yet—refuse to cash the checks of her white clients. Neither will her white clients refuse to have her service them. (She is also white, but thinks she is a man, which somehow makes her not-white.)

There are lots more examples of this kind of cowardice masking as bravery. Blue Check Watch documented hundreds upon hundreds of them. There are some interesting themes running through, which you can discover for yourself. On unverified Twitter it’s the same story but with more anger.

Now it’s not just vice signalling that’s driving this. Rather it is like a slow-motion mob, where like in a real mob each person draws energy from and goads his neighbor, where each hopes the tipping point is crossed into real violence, where nobody really wants to be the first rock thrower, but all want the rock to be thrown. Once the rock is thrown, though, the mob ignites. Each participant will be able to say he was carried away by the mob, and that his actions weren’t really his own.

Meanwhile, whites are asked to stand by and respect the mob as it gathers strength. Fighting back is racist. Even noticing is racist.

Twitter, of course, must see these conversations as “healthy”, because banning calls for killing whites etc. is rare to non-existent. Which means Twitter, with its white CEO, is happy in its position as mob leader.

You might think this insane. And it is. Mobs are always insane. But it is a special kind of insanity that people long for. They want to let go, release their rationality, and go wild with the tacit permission the mob.


  1. We have already determined that proactive war is defensive war if the enemy announced their intentions. And defensive war is just war.

    Our enemies have announced, in no uncertain terms, their intentions to destroy our culture and murder us all.

    Do unto others. First.

  2. Sander van der Wal

    An alternative hypothesis.

    These white people have grown up with computer games, first person shooters, arcade halls, and so on, where killing a bunch of pixels is normal.

    So, they are thinking of exploding pixels, and not of people. It is a form of severe stupodity that they cannot connect the dots, but this is how they think about it.

    In the real world they were never allowed to fight physically, and they have no idea what a physical fight is, let alone what killing somebody means. Completely clueless.

    Not that this is a reason to let them of the hook.

  3. Oldavid

    Nothing new under the Sun!

    The primordial hater of God and Man has disciples in every age and place… only now they are unleashed, unrestrained in their frenzy.

    Not content with murdering the the God-Man they turn their attention to murdering the Mystical Body of the Man-God.

    Of course “white people have grown up with computer games, first person shooters, arcade halls, and so on, ” but haven’t the others as well? What is it that makes one denatured narcissist worse than the ideologically institutionalised mass-murder and genocide of entire populations or socio-economic groups?

    Answer: Insane ethnic narcissism. The “others” exist only to serve the chosen elite.

  4. Milton Hathaway

    I’m a very visual person – I tend to think in images. If you have a strong stomach, go to Google Images and search for “open sewer”.

    Those images that you see? That’s Twitter! I used to not think about Twitter beyond that. Who wants to think about people voluntarily sloshing about in such feculence? Nasty.

    But then a couple things happened. Twitter was becoming the downfall of a steady stream of well known people, people you would think would have enough sense to stay far away from a river of putrescence. There was apparently some sort of irresistible appeal or purpose that was causing these well known people to dance along the edges. But they weren’t as sure-footed as their egos led them to believe; they fell into the muck and are now forever befouled.

    And then Donald Trump came along and demonstrated his utter mastery of the medium. It’s like watching a hire-wire act without a net, and I find I can’t look away. But I’ve learned to never, ever click a link – they all lead to a terrible unbelievable stench.

    So pardon me if I can’t get myself worked up over the “kill all the white people” meme. Sewage stinks, that’s it’s job description.

  5. Oldavid

    What are you proposing, Milton? That “kill all the white people” is an accident of the white man’s institution of sewers?

    Perhaps you are an advocate of Thomas Malthus’ doctrine that the poor should be kept poor and wretched and diseased so that their children might never reproduce more than your elite need to serve them? I really don’t like blardy Pommy, Protestant, ‘Masonic elitists.

  6. Natanya

    Twitter is a social manipulation and incitement tool clumsily disguised as an open social media platform. Once you realize this, it becomes not only obvious but alarming. There is real power and money behind it, the agenda is extremely dark and evil, and it is not a unique entity (Facebook, at the least, is just as alarming for the same reasons). This agenda is tied into the real reasons powerful entities want to take firearms away from the populace. Some may take this as alarmism, especially those who have little knowledge of history or leftist idealogues. Others recognize this instinctively and join the mob for self preservation reasons, although this won’t protect them in the long run. Then there are the few who are brave enough to stand up to it.

  7. Joy

    The way to stand up to social media is not to join it in the first place.
    Like one conman once said to me,
    “The best way to stop talking about it is just to stop talking about it.”

    On first site, a place which offers a nobody, ‘followers’ and ‘following’ numbers, should be a red flag. I first heard of Twitter, from Ari, who doesn’t comment here any more, a sweet and gentle individual who knew a lot about all things computing. Didn’t know what he meant but in 2009, a friend’s mother, who was being taken in by “dolphin trainers”, Gold miners” and “pilots” on match dot com, made ‘friends’ with some oykee con man who had ‘friends’ on Twitter. Just one look at the generic Twitter page sent alarm bells going.
    Social media is ripe for crowd and mob behaviour, crowd sourced information, playground antics and much con trickery. *particularly where people’s appearance are concerned. The men are all in dark glasses and hats, the women are all filtered and painted to the max.
    Facebook is a disaster too.

    Recently I joined a three letter word ‘social media’ site to see what it was about. I’ve said nothing, I won’t, have no profile but I have ten or more people ‘following’ me!

    It’s just not my bag baby…They’re already asking for money, though. It looked like a good idea. Maybe it will be better than all the others.

  8. Adolf hitler

    Niggers and jew rats are behind all this, but dont worry well make sure all of them go back into camps and plantations and whip their sub human asses into shape

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