Poll: Who’s more ardent? An Obama supporter or a Mac fanboy?

That question popped into my mind as I watched this video, sent in by loyal reader Jade.

Or is there a third option?

Unbuntu? i’m going to learn, Unbuntu?

Addendum Just to show how fair & balanced I am: in this house I have one dedicated Linux box, one Linux laptop, one duel-boot Linux/Vista, one dedicated Vista box, two Mac book pros. No Obama buttons.

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  1. Are your MBPs dual-boot, or just dedicated OS X? I’ve been thinking of putting Ubuntu on my MBP, but haven’t gotten around to trying it.

  2. Joy,

    Ubuntu is a version of Linux. It’s free and open source like all Linux distros. I’d say it’s the most popular now. It’s based on Debian, which has a bigger installed base.


    Nope. Just OSX.

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