Insanity & Doom Update LVI

Insanity & Doom Update LVI

Item Head of British Science Association: AI Greater Concern than Terrorism

A.I. is a bigger concern than terrorism or climate change, according to the new head of the British Science Association.

“Until maybe a couple of years ago had I been asked what is the most pressing and important conversation we should be having about our future, I might have said climate change or one of the other big challenges facing humanity, such as terrorism, antimicrobial resistance, the threat of pandemics or world poverty,” declared Professor Jim Al-Khalili during a briefing. “But today I am certain the most important conversation we should be having is about the future of AI. It will dominate what happens with all of these other issues for better or for worse.”

“If Russian cyber hackers were able to meddle with the 2016 US elections, then what is stopping cyber terrorists from hacking into any future AI controlled power grids, transport systems, banks of military installations,” he continued. “Our government has a responsibility to protect society from potential threats and risks.”

The old sci-fi movies of the 50s used to tout the scientist-hero who warned the world of The Danger that nobody but he believed. Van Allen belts on fire, giant ants, Ming the Merciless, and on and on.

Scoffers dismissed The Danger, which was plainly true and dangerous. Audiences could not believe scientists couldn’t see the obvious. But scientists didn’t. Meaning most scientists, except for our Hero, were idiots.

Now we have scientist would-be heroes who warn of dangers that aren’t dangers. And all, or near enough all, the other scientists can now see the danger that isn’t a danger.

Item India court legalises gay sex in landmark ruling

The ruling overturns a 2013 judgement that upheld a colonial-era law, known as section 377, under which gay sex is categorised as an “unnatural offence”.

The court has now ruled discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is a fundamental violation of rights.

Campaigners outside the court cheered and some broke down in tears as the ruling was handed down.

Although public opinion in India’s biggest cities has been in favour of scrapping the law, there remains strong opposition among religious groups and in conservative rural communities…

Thursday’s decision was delivered by a five-judge bench headed by India’s outgoing chief justice Dipak Misra and was unanimous.

Reading out the judgement, he said: “Criminalising carnal intercourse is irrational, arbitrary and manifestly unconstitutional.”

Another judge, Indu Malhotra, said she believed “history owes an apology” to LGBT people for ostracising them.

Colonial era, is it? A British-inspired law? Well, no worries about that sort of thing anymore, as the next item explains.

It’s not clear how “history” can apologize to those who prefer sodomy, but it is interesting how a Hindu nation can turn around like this. Well, no turn around at all, as long as you consider India is still a British colony. A cultural colony. The judge Indu Malhotra sounds like she came right out of London. Follow this for a study of the media and the joy of sodomy.

Singapore, incidentally, is still holding to reality.

Item Wanderlust viewers are left blushing over graphic scenes in new primetime drama (Thanks to KA Rodgers for the tip.)

The BBC’s new drama Wanderlust made its sensational debut on Tuesday night – and turned the air completely blue.

Viewers were left blushing when Toni Collette’s character Joy Richards engaged in a series of ‘filthy’ scenes, including a graphic sex scene with her husband, a striptease, masturbating.

Joy struggles to rekindle her sex life with husband Alan – played by Steven Mackintosh – after suffering an accident, so he cheats on her with his work colleague Claire.

The couple then agree to an open marriage, which leads to Joy engaging in a sex act with a man she met.

That was only the start. Free porn. No, wait. I understand Brits have to pay a TV tax, which goes to fund the BBC. So it still costs something.

Item The Best Vibrators: Tried and Tested

Looking to enhance your sex life? This year’s annual Good Housekeeping vibrator sex toy test has been conducted – and the results are in. We tested some of the best vibrators on the market to help you find the best one for you, read the vibrator reviews below.

Annual? Good Housekeeping? Didn’t this magazine used to recommend ground beef recipes and plastic floral arrangements? They’ve moved on. Clicking on Health: Sexual Health (I’ll let you discover the links for yourself), brings up six vibrator articles out of the first seven articles. One senses a theme.


  1. Sheri

    “A.I. is a bigger concern than terrorism or climate change, according to the new head of the British Science Association.” People’s fear and unfettered, irrational imaginations have always been a greater threat than reality. I guess he should have been more clear and said “Our fear of AI—something of fiction—is a bigger concern…..”

    As for sodomy, evil has always been more fun than good. So was murder and mayhem. I fully expect those to become legal again in the future. Remember, if it feels good, do it. (Unless it involves kiddie porn—hey, we got to hate on something besides conservatives.) The comment also applies to free over-the-air porn in England and Good Housekeeping’s sexual obsession. Depravity sells. When selling is the only goal, all hell breaks loose, literally. Greed has always been in style and always will be. Bread and circuses. Expect kiddie porn to even go mainstream as the bread runs out and the circuses start to bore people. Come on, it’s who we are without restraint or God—wild, killing, hating, over-sexed animals. To think, this is what people really want. Be careful what you wish for people.

  2. klaatu barada nikto

    ot: the day the earth stood still. 1951. best sci-fi film ever. it’s all down hill from there.

  3. Sander van der Wal

    Al-Khalili’s concern is not the traditional that AI will replace humans, or reprogram them or whatnot. His concern is that humans will deploy incompetent AI, which will be so stupid that it cannot protect us from harm.

    After all, that is the problem with Russion hackers succesfully hacking an AI-controlled power grid, that the AI cannot see the hack happening.

    And given the way humans generally operate, this is much likely to be how AI will be humanity’s downfall, by being not I enough.

  4. Kathleen Reeves

    Never was a better time to be OLD, to escape the madness of this poor world. Our grandparents thought we’d be destroyed by Tojo and Hitler. Then it was to be Stalin et al. Who would have believed we would destroy ourselves? It’s exquisite irony and hideous at that. Bestiality comes next. Why not?

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