Insanity & Doom Update LVII

Insanity & Doom Update LVII

Item Senator Cruz hounded by progressives (video speaks for itself)

Item Perversion on the curriculum

Consider at what point it would be more merciful for God to destroy this land than the let the children learn that evil is good and so suffer for eternity.

Item The pics heading up today’s were circulated by the NHS of England. They show a video game controller versus a pacifier, and a pair of slutty shoes and lipstick versus a pacifier. They both say “Would you give up this?” infantilizing toy “For this?” guarantee of starting a family. They skipped the “infantilizing” and “family”, of course. The implication that young Brits should only care about Me! Me! Me! was there and plain.

The video game pic advised men to get free condoms. Well, “FREE” condoms. Who is paying for them is a mystery. For the slutty shoes, the ladies are advise they can abort their newly conceived life “up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex.” “FREE”, of course. You have to admire computing the number of hours in five days.

Perhaps it was inspiration to name the acronym of these FREE services the “Walsall Integrated Sexual Health Services” WISH.

England appears dead set on committing suicide. The reasons why we are already well familiar with. The real question is: how do we talk them (and us) out of it?

Item University to rename Serra House, Serra Mall following two years of controversy

Stanford will rename the freshman dorm, Serra, and Serra House, two campus buildings honoring California mission system founder Father Junipero Serra, who has drawn sharp criticism for his mistreatment of Native Americans.

Stanford will also seek to rename Serra Mall, pending the approval of Santa Clara County and the U.S. Postal Service. This would change the University’s official address, which is currently 450 Serra Mall. If approved, Serra Mall will become Jane Stanford Way in honor of the University’s co-founder.

New names for the Serra dorm and the Serra House, an academic building that houses the Clayman Institute for Gender Studies, have yet to be determined. According to Brad Hayward, Associate Vice President for University Communications, the University will select the new name for Serra dorm after gathering student input starting this fall.

Not all landmarks that echo Serra’s name will be re-christened. Serra Street, which stretches from the end of Serra Mall to El Camino Real, will retain its name. The dorm Junipero — named for the juniper tree rather than Serra, despite popular misconceptions — will remain unchanged….

In the meeting [to highlight the faux concern of decision makers], individuals of Native American descent recounted “visceral feelings of harm, trauma, emotional damage, and damage to their mental health,” as a result of buildings honoring Serra, according to the report.

“For many of the participants, Serra’s name evokes the entire history of oppression of Native Americans,” the committee wrote.

Speaking of suicide, the “popular misconceptions” are many. If hearing the name “Serra” is going to evoke “the entire history of oppression of Native Americans”, then we ought to use it on every possible occasion. Mosey over to the Stanford coffee shop and say “I’d like a large coffee, black. Also: Junipero Serra!” Then watch the poor darling who took your order it quiver and foam at the mouth. See how many Junipero Serra Junipero Serra Junipero Serras it takes before he begins spinning in a circle.

A Junipero Serra Junipero Serra Junipero Serra historian tried to correct Standford’s idiocy, but the poor fellow who wrote an op ed in support of Junipero Serra Junipero Serra Junipero Serra
probably didn’t realize that administrators never announce they’re thinking about doing something without already have decided to do it.

Junipero Serra is a saint, incidentally. Who’s a saint? Junipero Serra Junipero Serra Junipero Serra.

Item The Most Contrarian College in America

Have I got a college for you. For your first two years, your regimen includes ancient Greek. And I do mean Greek, the language, not Greece, the civilization, though you’ll also hang with Aristotle, Aeschylus, Thucydides and the rest of the gang. There’s no choice in the matter. There’s little choice, period.

Let your collegiate peers elsewhere design their own majors and frolic with Kerouac. For you it’s Kant. You have no major, only “the program,” an exploration of the Western canon that was implemented in 1937 and has barely changed.

It’s intense. Learning astronomy and math, you don’t merely encounter Copernicus’s conclusions. You pore over his actual words. You’re not simply introduced to the theory of relativity. You read “Relativity,” the book that Albert Einstein wrote.

Diversions are limited. There’s no swimming team. No pool. The dorms are functional; same goes for the dining. You’re not here for banh mi. You’re here for Baudelaire.

I’m talking about St. John’s College

The degree to which “the program” omits the intellectual contributions of women and people of color troubles me. But many schools would be wise to consider and better integrate its philosophy

Wait. This doesn’t sound like insanity. It doesn’t sound like doom. It sounds good, ideal, desirable. Why is it here, then?

Because this came from the enemy New York Times. St John’s has been noticed. Noticing always starts like this. With praise, and with a hint of discontent (“the intellectual contributions of women and people of color”, which pale next to the contributions of pale-faces). St John’s is now a target. The left will not accept anybody in any position of authority to engage in wrongthink. St John’s has been outed. They will be attacked.

Now is the time to pray for them.


  1. Hoyos

    I count myself lucky to have attended a college with a Great Text program. It was so bullshit free that the president and provost who supported it had to be forced out by a cabal.

    I wish I was kidding.

  2. trigger warning

    I chuckled when I read your explanation of the NHS pacifier posters. When I first saw at them, I assumed they were memes ridiculing Progressive immaturity (“Safe Spaces” equipped with Play-Doh and coloring books, anyone?). 😀

    My assumption was based on the observation that several generations of Westerners have been effectively neotenized. The spectacle of “adult” children, shrieking witless doggerel while hounding Senator Cruz and simultaneously disrupting the evening of restaurant patrons, is reminiscent of many infantile checkout line tantrums I have witnessed in grocery stores. And a sitting United States Senator declaiming “I am Spartacus!” was stolen right off the primary school playground (not to mention the exquisite irony of a black cis-male Senator identifying as a white man). Bizarre, eh?

  3. What intellectual contributions of “people of color”?
    And women have contributed perishingly little to the intellectual corpus.

    Leftism is based on lies, and peddles only lies. They demand that you lie, to stain your soul and accept their suzerainty.

  4. Demography is destiny. The future belongs to those who show up.
    Preferably with belt fed weapons, heavy artillery, and abiding faith in the Almighty.

    This is why the Left proselytizes abortion, perversion, and gun control. We, the people, sometimes fail the elect them to power. So they, the Left, will elect a new people.

  5. I know graduates of St. John’s. They have gone on to thrive in graduate schools, studying real things such as physics and mathematics. If you’re considering colleges and have, through some accident of Google, stumbled in here, you should consider this college. You won’t go wrong by going through its program. And it’s one of the few that has actually reduced its listed tuition recently, while the tuition of other institutions continues to rise faster than inflation.

    Above all, I would like to encourage you not to form a bad impression because Dr. Briggs is recommending it. His brand of provincial small-mindedness is not part of the spirit there.

  6. Larry Geiger

    “His brand of provincial small-mindedness is not part of the spirit there.” Ah, an attempt at humor. 🙂

  7. Ye Olde Statistician

    As opposed to metropolitan small-mindedness?

  8. Jerry

    St. John’s College appeals to me. I’d like to take some courses there; I have visited the Santa Fe campus. Seems like it’s got a more than a few SJWs, though. Check out their Facebook groups to see for yourself.

  9. Uncle Mike

    J. Serra wasn’t a saint; he was a conquistador and a Inquisition-ist. He wore a hair shirt and flogged himself, along with thousands of his native victims. But it doesn’t matter who his victims were, only that he was a sadistic monster. I’m sorry but the Catholic Church, as currently constituted, cannot tell a saint from a sinner.

    BTW, ye modern sophisticates, did you know that the principal cause of today’s catastrophic megafires is racism?

    The First Residents regularly burned their landscapes to promote their survival. It wasn’t until transplanted Euro racists denied indigenous knowledge and indeed denied that the indigenes were even human beings that landscape management ceased and fuels grew to explosive levels. What you racists call “wilderness” was fully occupied and managed by human beings for 10,000 years or more.

    America is no more a “wilderness” than your front yard is. “Wilderness values”, so beloved by your government, is a euphemism for genocide. That’s J. Serra’s legacy.

  10. Milton Hathaway

    Mob rule is on the rise among the low information aggrieved, fomented by the liberal Demonacratics and heartlessly stoked by the MSM.

    But on the bright side, I’ll be dead in a decade or two.

  11. Uncle Mike –
    We palefaces used to burn off brush and stubble as well. Until the idiot leftists (who routinely deny the existence of reality) made laws against it because of a few burnt chipmunks and bunnies.

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