On Supporting Trump

On Supporting Trump
God Bless the UNITED States of America!

President Trompe, as essayist David Warren writes, the spelling doubtless the result of a residual trace of the French foisted upon all Canadians by mandate, diversity is our strength, Trompe, he says, is “a puffball populist”.

This is true. But then it is also true that all presidents in a democracy are populists by design. Populism must needs arise from popular elections. (And populism eventually fails, because crowds are insane.) Le Trompe—or is it Le Trompé?—is a loud populist, not given over much to lying, as we expect in our populist leaders. Warren agrees:

He is candid about his intentions, and is passing honest, however sloppy with the details; robust in his flattery, as too in his abuse. His self-seeking is open, not disguised. He is the dead opposite of a Machiavellian schemer. This is brave because, while it charms his stiff-necked supporters, the majority in any democratic electorate demand to be lied to. Should the entire media say one thing, and Trompe says another, I would think Trompe more likely to be telling (some aspect of) the truth.

I am a stiff-necked supporter. Even though I agree with Warren (and his correspondent) when he says Trompe (and Pope Francis) is “1. Ill-educated and badly informed. 2. Given to constant self-expression…7. In the world and completely of it, in the culture that no longer acknowledges the force of truth…” I agree with the traits in the expurgation, too, but want to save space.

I am supporter because I still recall the alternative, President La Hilare.

Now I’m not saying that under La Hilare I and like members of the dissident right would have been rounded up for permanent vacations in FEMA camps by this time (two years in), though in my less sober moments I can be talked into believing it. I am certain, though, that La Hilare would not have been kind to orthodox Christians and other deplorables.

I can well imagine how every Supreme Court opinion would be led by the affirmative action hire Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Hate speech” would have become by now a criminal offense, if not by executive order (laws as such now routinely originate in this way), then by SCOTUS decision. On that front, Congress would become even more of a non-entity, the Senate as it was under Augustus.

It’s bad now, but under La Hilare every establishment conservative organization would weekly issue a stream of “The Conservative Case for Surrendering” articles and “studies”. The left could relax as the Conservatives, to show they are team players, complete the purges of the dissident right for them. At least with Le Trompe, we have shaken awake some of these Conservatives. I won’t say these fellows have seen the light, but I do think a minority now perceive faint shadows.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other evil tech Orwell Squad entities would still have been invited to Washington, as they were under Le Trompe, but to be praised for contributing to the ever-increasing “health” of our public conservation.

Would this blog even exist were La Hilare President? Or would its servers still be glowing from the aftermath of the nukes launched in her war against Russia? (Not that some on Les Trompers aren’t also hoping for the same thing.)

Le Trompe has done the signal service of showing us who the media really is. The Enemy of the People. True, not everybody believes this. But some do. People are looking outside the Cathedral for news for the first time in a very long time. Under La Hilare, journalists would make Baghdad Bob look like a paragon of forthrightness.

La Trompe has exposed the Deep State. They, too, are the Enemy of the People. Again, not everybody sees this. But some do. This is why we must support La Trompe. If the Deep State beats him, we are doomed. If they take La Trompe down, using all the force and might of the government, they will become emboldened to an unimaginable degree. They will be unstoppable. If would be as if La Hilare had won after all, and our upcoming One Party State had finally arrived. NRO will write “Why the Joint CIA/FBI Secret Assassination of Trump is a Good Thing.”

La Trompe has driven them mad. And in this sweet madness, all our Enemies have declared themselves. The pretense of politeness has dissolved. Openly hating whites and calling for their doom, calling for one-world government, Diversity and Equality as mandatory everywhere, and on and sickeningly on.

Sides must be taken. This is good. I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

It can’t last, though. Trump, as I wrote before the election, is a respite, a brief interlude before we continue our descent. Unless something unforeseen happens, and a hero arises, or the Great Chastisement occurs, we are doomed.


  1. The enemies of the American people are the Leftist legions, and are almost always paired: Progressives/Liberals, Socialists/Communists, Atheists/Greens, Jews/Muslims, Blacks/Hispanics…

    For America to survive, the Leftist legions must perish or be forced from the land. There is no other choice. Wishful thinking will not save us, nor will it make a united republic of warring factions. We can recover from a base of 120 millions of patriotic Americans. We cannot recover from cultural death.

  2. Amen.

    The only disappointment is that Trump hid his plans to empower Jared Kushner during the election. “America First” is twisted to “Zion Forever” when Kushner and his handlers control our foreign policy.

    The invasion of the cabinet by the neocons after they flayed Flynn alive is part and parcel of the Kushner disappointment.

    John Bolton and crew are the embodiment of the Deep State. Lusting for war. War! War! American blood spilled forever in the Middle East for the sake of their foreign masters.

    Talk about foreign meddling in American elections…

    Other than that, Trump is the best!

  3. Shecky R

    You believe an immoral, money-worshipping, lying, lifelong atheist & phony, like Trump is better for Christianity than Hillary Clinton… Incredible!

  4. Ray

    You mean Trump was lying when he said he was Presbyterian?

  5. Sander van der Wal


    not just Christians, also European (or real ) Liberals.

    The people they call Liberals in the USA are Communists, the kind that was spoiled rotten by their stupid parents.

  6. From Oz, I admire some of Trumps decisions e.g., gamesmanship in bluffing Kim Jung-un to develop rapport; and am disappointed with others e.g., abstinence-only sex ed in schools.

    Was wrapt the majority did not choose Clinton; the globe avoided war with Russia IMO.

    “He is the dead opposite of a Machiavellian schemer.” Agreed (apologies to Machi for endorsing his ongoing misrepresentation)

  7. Char Paul:

    As you are not an American, you may be unaware that our president is not chosen through a straight popular vote. In fact, the majority did choose Clinton, by a margin of 2.86 million votes (several percentage points). However, the Trump team managed to win the “electoral college,” by prevailing in some key states with low population. Although I don’t like the outcome in this case, I actually like this system, because it makes it more difficult for a candidate, like Clinton, to win by appealing only to large population centers in California and a few other states. The upshot is that next time around, the Democrats will be encouraged to pay more attention to the concerns of voters outside of L.A. and N.Y.C., which will be good for all of us.

  8. Uncle Mike

    Trump has done a fantastic job, far exceeding my expectations. After eight years of a baby brain sucking commie radical muslim anti-American jerk, we were on the brink. Trump is rescuing this country like a lifeguard pulling a drowning man to the beach.

    Hideous Hillary would have gutted America like she guts dead babies. Trump stopped the bleeding. He could do more no doubt, and maybe he will. I hope so. We are not out of mortal danger yet.

  9. Kneel

    “In fact, the majority did choose Clinton, by a margin of 2.86 million votes (several percentage points).”

    not sure that’s true.
    They stop counting when someone reaches 50.1%, right?
    And they count postal votes last.
    Postal votes are traditionally significantly more right-leaning than others.
    So the idea that you know who won the popular vote is just wrong – sorry, but you can’t know that if there are places (and there are many) that stop counting once a winner is decided.
    As in: Vote counted: 75%. 50.1% D, 24.9% R.
    That sounds like a big win for the D, but it could be a LOT smaller than the numbers indicate – it COULD go as close as 50.1 : 49.9, who knows?

  10. No, they don’t “stop counting”. The result of the popular vote, which you can easily look up, includes mail-ins and all other votes.

  11. Kent Clizbe

    Thanks, Lee. Didn’t have time for that educational comment. Glad you did.

  12. Ye Olde Statistician

    I think that, other than California. the popvote did go trumpish. That is, Mrs. Clinton’s margin in the popular lay nearly all in her CA margin. One effect of federal elections: No one
    blocks any electoral votes to the winner by coming in close second; so there is no incentive to get out the vote if the outcome will not be sensibly effected. Better to spend resources in states with closer races, since the election was not run as a straight popvote.

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