Insanity & Doom Update LX

Insanity & Doom Update LX

Item Item removed! I was too eager for Doom and was hoaxed. Pure laziness on my part. Well, partial stupidity, too. Thanks to Valeriu for the tip. See the comment below. As a non-Doom compensation, I present this commercial.

Item How a Social Justice Mob Fired a Tenured Professor

The fall semester is off to a fiery start. We have Brown University’s decision to distance itself from Professor Lisa Littman’s research paper; the decision by the New York Journal of Mathematics journal to un-publish Professor Theodore Hill’s study; the University of Chicago’s refusal to defend Professor Rachel Fulton Brown from scurrilous attack led by a Brandeis professor; and the rush to give NYU Professor Avital Ronell a free pass for having harassed and sexually assaulted a gay graduate student…

Political correctness continues to explore new frontiers. The common theme in these four cases is the supreme confidence of the academic left. It quashes any views it dislikes without a moment’s hesitation and feels little call to explain or justify its actions. Rather, it relies on the readiness of the academy at large to applaud the effort to keep thinkers-of-dangerous-thoughts in their cages….

The Canadian case of the moment involves a tenured associate professor of psychology at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. Professor Rick Mehta was suddenly fired from his position on August 31. The stated reason, provided to Professor Mehta in a letter from President Peter Ricketts, was: “failure to fulfill [his] academic responsibilities, unprofessional conduct, breach of privacy, and harassment and intimidation of students and other members of the University community.”…

No, rather, [Meta] described multiculturalism as a “scam.” Multiculturalism might be described as the official state religion of Canada, and Canadian universities as its schools of theology. The courage to call it out as a scam testifies that Professor Mehta must be a man of rare character. Let me say at once that I have never met him or even corresponded with him, and it is possible that he holds other opinions from which I would recoil in horror. But his stand on multiculturalism all by itself commands respect.

This story is from Peter Wood, the National Association of Scholar’s head, and should be read in full. Any stand against multiculturalism does indeed command respect. What’s odd about this story, though, is that Meta, as his name indicates, is of Indian descent.

Anyway, here is the tale of Rachel Fulton Brown spoken of above, another tenured professor under fire for speaking of Reality. Also from Wood.

The NAS, God bless them all, think universities may be saved. I pray they are right. I believe they are wrong. But that doesn’t mean the NAS doesn’t deserve our support. We have to make the Left pay for every inch of ground they take—until such time as we can fall back.

And nuke ’em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


  1. Joy

    Multiculturalism is a trojan horse for modern day invasions.

    “And nuke ’em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”
    I think that is your best ever line. Probably only the last joke I understood.

    On satire and videos, at top. I cannot watch. I am at high trigger risk…then I saw valeru’s link!!!

    I obviously don’t have a satirical sense of humor unless it’s me doing it. It’s been done and done to death here for years, on politics. Always the left wing though.

    Now there’s computer animators and twisted fire starters joining in.
    Give me Loral and Hardy, Morcombe and Wise.

    I did like the line from the video about Clinton “does anyone know where the love of God goes…”
    Because it’s actually true but it’s funny…sums it all up.

    This is Not and ad but there is a product by that name over here.
    Alice is so wise.

    I think there’s a lot more butter around than we all thought there was!

  2. DAV

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter but it is butter in disguise.

    Well, it is true of Democratic Socialism so maybe it’s true of the Not Butter stuff too.

  3. yoJ

    It’s all grease to me.

  4. Joy

    Cheeky monster music!
    Monsters used to be cute, like the one who ‘likes to count every amount’.

    Wait until the pumpkin instigators get started for halloween.
    I can’t believe they’re not better.
    It’s butter all the way. Nothing like the real thing.

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