Insanity & Doom Update LXIV

Insanity & Doom Update LXIV

Item The Name ‘Weight Watchers’ Is Apparently Politically Incorrect, So They’ve Changed It

The weight loss juggernaut formally known as Weight Watchers wants “everyone” to be included, and thus has announced a more politically correct name change to the more discreet “WW,” indicating a shift in focus from “weight” to “wellness.”

Weight Watchers CEO and President Mindy Grossman announced on the TODAY show Monday morning that the company is “moving to ‘WW’ to be the global marque of wellness for everyone, beyond just weight.”

While the name change might be commercially smart — widening (no pun intended) the net for potential clients — it’s clearly done in the same pitch as fat activists who incorrectly claim weight has no real bearing on wellness and health.

Fat-shaming is out, especially among the purple-hair brigade, who are busy trying to make themselves uglier by poking holes into themselves and filling them with artefacts, tattooing their skin with various hideous designs, packing on the poundage and celebrating it, and dressing very, very poorly. These females are not likely to fall for Weight Watchers ploy.

Incidentally, I wonder how much WW paid for the word “Wellness.” Surely they couldn’t have thought of it themselves. Must be a lot. Was it the same as Dunkin’ Donuts paid for losing its first word? Corporations confuse me.

Item EU Justice Commissioner Says Media Must Be Regulated to Prevent ‘Hate’

Racial abuse, discrimination and the “bad version of nationalism” that promotes exclusion and hatred are on the rise, and the media may need to be regulated to help curtail the problem, European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova warned today.

A “dangerous” version of nationalism is “not only visible in the rising popularity of the extreme parties” but is also evident in the political mainstream, which “accept[s] some part of this rhetoric of division,” the commissioner said in a speech in Vienna, according to pre-released notes obtained by Brussels Playbook.

Jourova called on politicians and the press to take action.

And I think we all know exactly what she means by “action.” By the way, her full title is European commissioner for justice, consumers, and gender equality, if you can imagine such a thing.

I can imagine it. Let’s say it together: European commissioner for justice, consumers, and gender equality. It is, of course, no surprise that the European commissioner for justice, consumers, and gender equality is a non-male. It is even less surprising the European commissioner for justice, consumers, and gender equality wants to eliminate “hate”, which is defined as any emotion or thought which opposes acts of the EU.

Again I tell you I loathe the word consumers. It sounds like a Biblical plague. (Yes, yes, I know.)

Item Professor in Sweden Under Investigation for Teaching Biological Differences Between Men, Women

A professor in Sweden who recently spoke about the biological differences between men and women says he’s now being investigated by his university.

Germund Hesslow, a professor of neurophysiology at Lund University, is speaking out about how his employer has launched a “full investigation” into his remarks about the biological realities of gender.

According to the Sweden-based Academic Rights Watch, Hesslow has taught a course for years on “Heritage and Environment” in the Lund University medical program. In that course, he has addressed such topics as biological gender differences.

The watchdog organization reports that Hesslow would sometimes be questioned by students who don’t like that his teaching is not based on “the gender scientific approach adopted in politics.”

Hesslow maintains that gender is not entirely socially constructed because empirical research has found that there are statistical gender differences in behavior that are biologically based.

Stop. Just stop. Oh, Lord. If we have sunk so low in our scidolatry as to need statistical models to tell us what everybody has always known, even when claiming they do not know it, there will be no part of Reality that is safe.

That males and females are equal in every way has been anti-Reality dogma for some time. That a weepy student of Hesslow’s ratted him out after hearing about Reality is also not unexpected. The reason this feminist-bites-man story makes a Doom item is Hesslow’s defense. He should have slapped the student and told his detractors “You people are mid-wit deluded fools. Go away.”


  1. Sander van der Wal

    Sweden is lost to civilisation. Its only redeeming feature will be that its collapse will wake up the normies in those European countries that lack an influential populist movement.

    And, revenge for them viking raids on Dorestad.

  2. Sheri

    WW is like KFC. Telling me it’s different to use WW, not weight watchers, says “Hey, IDIOT, you’ll fall for this”. I’m betting Dale Carnegie would not approve. Of course now we have gazillions of idiots.

    As for the EU, the media is already highly regulated. Russia probably has freer speech. But you know how things go: THE NEW MINISTRY OF TRUTH arrives.

    I’m waiting for people to demand the recognition that animals and people are no different, that your cat or dog deserves welfare handouts and your cat or dog child should get free education, free daycare and a special chair in a restaurant. Embrace the insanity. Take it as far as you can. Make an issue that your companion animal, a squirrel, can’t go on the airplane (yep, been done). OR shame and shut out the crazies and hope you did not sit on your back side so long that unloved kid of yours whose future was not worth defending will somehow manage to live in the nightmare you failed to stop.

  3. Ye Olde Statistician

    “…formally known as…”

    “…formerly known as…,” no? Unless in contrast to its informal nickname?

  4. Kurt Hillmann

    If males and females are equal in every way, then it is impossible to distinguish between the two, and therefore impossible to discriminate on the basis of sex.

  5. Ray

    Wellness Watchers has a nice ring to it. It’s like calling abortion reproductive health when you are actually preventing reproduction.

  6. Joy

    Compo said, when Norah batty asked what was it with him and the opposite sex,
    “I think it’s because they’re the only opposite sex we’ve got.”

    The thing is, women and men are different. No use being disappointed when you keep discovering this fact.
    I don’t like people who hate the opposite sex. It is not sensible.

    Regarding tattoos, the fashion seems to be growing along with the sizes of the tattoos.
    Haven’t noticed the body piercing taking hold after the original shock tactics.
    Maybe it’s a bit dramatic to say it’s a form of self harm but it would ‘feel’ that way to me. It looks that way too.
    Like men suddenly all growing beards, it’s a way of rebelling against something.

    First time I saw the funny hair colours was about 2001. A lively patient came in, each time her hair was a different colour. She was quite pretty, very bubbly, one day, she came in and it looked green, (to me),
    “Oh you’re green today,”
    says I,
    “hey, steady on! it’s blonde!” For some reason, bubble wrap used to feature heavily in the styling, too. She used to go to Camden to have it done. Camden is where all the wackos live!
    Now, the style is to look as though you used rusty garden shears to cut random chunks out. I think it’s to try and look poor, or scarey, or tough. Jake does proper hair, but I wished I’d never mentioned it!

  7. DAV

    Like men suddenly all growing beards, it’s a way of rebelling against something.

    I started one myself five years ago. I was rebelling against the high price of razor blades. Now I use an electric trimmer once a week.

  8. Joy

    You’re just a militant upstart with your sanity.

    Seems a lot are ‘making a statement’, something that they don’t yet want to say out loud.
    It wouldn’t be a surprise. Maybe only some of them.
    Some, on the other hand, appear to be in competition with, or blending in with, the islamic element.
    It depends on the type of beard, I suppose.

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