It’s White Male Privilege Week!

It’s White Male Privilege Week!

It’s White Privilege Week! What are you doing to celebrate?

Twitter started off a day early by forcing the tag #MyWhitePrivilege to trend.

As the multitude of links in this thread from Everything Oppresses prove (and this one; regular readers will recognize most of them), there is no force as potent in the universe as White Men. All want to be like us and have what we have. Yet all fear us and hate us. Why? Because we control everything. We have the power, in every institution, in every hallway, in every situation. Things happen because we will it, and for no other reason.

How do we wield this majestic force? Not directly: not by contact. By our presence.

God Himself, the most powerful and privileged among All and Creator of All, must therefore be a white man. Just look at the pictures!

As part of the White Male Privilege Week festivities, those who are non-white should refrain from commenting. This includes honorary non-white men.

The reason for this proscription is obvious. White men have the power to deny the existence of non-white-males. By restraining comments from non-whites, we make this power actual.

This may seem like a bad thing. It’s the opposite! This is the best gift we can give to the benighted people unfortunate enough not to have been born white and male.

As this sage article well argues, a new culture has developed in the West. That of The Victim. Victimhood denotes top status, appeal, self-worth, meaning “in much the same way that being recognized for bravery did in honor cultures.” There is no person as privileged as The Victim—after granting white men unimpeachable all-time First Place, of course.

Everybody wants to be a Victim; everybody longs for Victimhood. Except white men, of course. We are Victim makers.

Consider: If there is nothing better than being a Victim, and if white men have the power to do all bad things, it is the job of the white man to provide this victimhood to oppressed non-white-men everywhere. It is our sacred duty.

And, fellow white men, I must tell you, in brutal honesty, that most of us have been failing in this duty.

Yes. There are not nearly enough true Victims. Where is our sense of noblesse oblige!?

What we have now is a mere shadow of Victimhood. We have sad fat pimply purple-haired ladies, scrawny soyboy sodomites of color, skank spoiled rich (but non-white) writers for major newspapers, latinx flared-nostril wild-eyed boyfriendless cat ladies, and many more running around claiming to have suffered microaggressions from white males.

White Men: microaggressions? Is that the best we can do? It takes one million microaggressions to equal one true aggression. Yet it only takes one true aggression to make a Victim-For-Life. We are White Men! Let us call upon the power that has been granted us and have pity on the lesser sex and races! Our subjects cry out for real aggressions. Not these namby-pamby fictional fantasies non-whites are forced to cook up in their understandable quest for noble Victimhood.

We’re letting our side down, men. Social justice is moving off campus and to every facet of life. Look for it at your employer soon, if it’s not already there. The need for new Victims will only increase. If we do not get on this right away, there will not be enough Victims to go around—especially considering the number of non-white men being allowed into the country. Why, it will soon only be a handful of us white men left. And we’ll still be expected to make Victims of everybody else.

The solution to this crisis is to make true Victims of the victim wannabes.

Since true Victimhood is the goal and desire of every right thinking person, the more folks we can put into the Victim camp using our awesome white male powers, the more they will recognize our true gifts. Thus the more they will thank us. The more they will love us.

Come, white men. Celebrate White Male Privilege Week in the way it was meant to be.


  1. Brian(bulaoren)

    Michael Shwerner; What a white racist bastard. Wait, did I mention Jew bastard?
    My family was close with the Shwerners.
    If only he could have known what his sacrifice would buy… BAD BAD WHITE WHITE…

  2. We white men can go from zero to jackboots in a remarkably short time.
    We have two settings. A) Complain and vote. B) Utterly exterminate our enemies.

  3. Michael 2

    The employee handbook now has a full paragraph of protected classes about which one must not harass, intimidate, ridicule (etc). The pool of unprotected dwindles but by so doing, acknowledges the existence of power.

    Women have long demanded power from men; but what can be given can be taken back. Women (and every other protected class) have their own power, should they learn how to use it, which it seems they have and are.

  4. Sheri

    “White Men: microaggressions? Is that the best we can do? It takes one million microaggressions to equal one true aggression.”

    My question exactly—why is that the best white men and men in general can do???? Did you learn nothing from the Garden of Eden and wimpy Adam blaming Eve for the apple incident? Grow a pair and get out there and RULE THE EARTH the way you were meant to!!!

  5. Kenny

    I upgraded my Patriarchy membership to Platinum Shitlord. Now I get my privilege-checks cashed for free!

  6. DAV

    I checked my privilege and it doesn’t seem to be in working order. How do I fix it?

  7. Ken

    RE: Everybody wants to be a victim

    In 2009 Dr Sanity published on her blog, “The victimhood hierarchy; or, the leftist food chain”.

    That discussed much of the same theme as presented here, though one comparing the 2009 observation with Briggs’ 2018 observation will note that certain areas of focus in the Left’s victim priorities/hierarchy. An anahlysis into that ongoing teen might be very interesting.

  8. Ken

    Certain areas of focus / priority (by the Left) have changed. That’s the trend that might be interesting to follow.

  9. Ray

    When you claim to be a victim you are claiming you are unable to cope with and overcome adversity. In other words, you are a loser. You may have been overwhelmed and unable to prevail, but you are still a loser. Why do these people want to be known as a loser?

  10. Joy

    “I checked my privilege and it doesn’t seem to be in working order. How do I fix it?”
    By all accounts that’s a good sign. Ask nurse, I’m sure she’ll tell you.

    Michael 2,
    Judging from the limited interaction I’ve witnessed from you I find it impossible to believe that you, like the others, have any such challenges dealing with set groups of people. That’s what’s being suggested. Frankly, I strongly suspect that quite the reverse is actually the case.

    The problem comes when there is no proper discourse. That’s a two way situation.
    Dr. Peterson back a while had a huge run in with some transvestites or whatever the term was. The language they were using was nauseating. Just found the interview the other day. He wouldn’t use their pronoun. He just drew the line in the sand and said that’s it,
    “I’m not doing this.”
    That’s all it takes.

    Just tell the truth. If everybody does it at the same time. There won’t be enough space or time to prosecute. That’s how it worked over here with poll tax. That’s how it’s going to play out again.
    Everyone will just have had enough. When one nation starts to tack, so the others will follow suit.
    Well, that’s a different ball game! That starts with the women closest. In our family my Father’s still got most of us under control. When it suits him not to be in his dotage and needing gentle treatment.
    I’ve never been a feminist because I’ve never taken a lot of notice of the deliberate things men say. Have a Dad like mine and that’s what you get. Someone who doesn’t accept authority. men know if they want to get their way they have to behave accordingly. It’s not about to change.
    Until kingdom come.
    Hey Nonny Nonny!
    *and I love my Dad. He’s one in a million.

  11. So, are we bringing back the ‘one-drop’ rule, in reverse? ;p

  12. Kathleen Reeves

    I’m with you all the way, even though I don’t qualify either as a man or a victim!
    And you might consider that although the Lord God did manifest Himself as a white man as well as a Victim, everyone qvetching about everything ought to be gagged and sent to Iran. Life would be so much more peaceful.

    PS You might want to see Roger Kimball’s first comments in THE NEW CRITERION (this month’s issue) on the ultimate trans-victim. It’s a hoot!

  13. Phil Briggs

    I love the discourse, especially with the sarcasm and humor interspersed!
    Even so it is a good analysis of social reality today!

  14. Joy

    “And you might consider that although the Lord God did manifest Himself as a white man as well as a Victim,” Or not.

    He was not white. He would look like an Arab.
    He was a victim.
    Christians are supposed to be prepared to die for what they believe not kill or try to be killed for it.

    They are not supposed to indulge in grotesque S and M creepines Mel G style.
    It’s harder than just being a ‘radical’ right wing nut, which anyone can be.

    It’s that thing labelled by Leah Rimeny as
    “righteous anger”. It’s a real thrill, for a hot blooded male. “Heady stuff”.

    Real men don’t tell people how manly they are unless they are hoping to raise a smile.
    Women already have power, they don’t need executive powers. Bad enough learning to steer the one they’ve got.

    We’re supposed to keep our ‘powers’ to ourselves. Within reason…
    In a world where Isreal iz, is considered evil or threatening, it’s clear people aren’t telling the truth. Somehow, somewhere.
    Where outrage becomes a team sport! It’s mad hattery, that’s what it is.
    Certainly out of touch.
    There’s nothing like the real thing.

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