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In today’s New York Post comes a startling new research finding, bulleted in this graphic:
NY Post

In case you can not see the picture, it says that 29% of women “Care about partner’s appearance” and that 63% of men do.

Internationally renowned researcher Dr. H. Harrister was quoted as saying, “You know what that means, don’t you?”

“It means that 37% of men are lying.”


  1. Bernie

    Seems to me that you first have to define your terms:
    Cheat, forgive, care about and fake.
    And then make sure the terms are defined the same way by men and women!

  2. Joy

    At risk of being sent to the naughty corner:

    What man would fake an organism?
    Would there not be evidence, or lack of?

    Note the two magazines were ‘Shape’ and ‘Men’s fitness’ whose readers are likely to be conscious of the body beautiful, and are probably a narrow, young age group. It is situation normal for a female to care about how she looks, knowing that 100% of men care about this.
    For men, this is a rarer condition. So the type of man that would buy a fitness mag would be more absorbed with his appearance than an average man in my opinion who stuck to a general sport mag, for example, if fitness is itself the hobby then why?
    Most men have a natural disinterest in their own appearance being either realistic or deluded, either way!
    I don’t know about ‘Shape’ magazine but I’m guessing that these readers might be more representative of the overall population of women, even if their readers are younger.
    It’s a cliché but men fall in love with their eyes and women with their ears. The behaviour is consistent with this statement.
    The infidelity statistic sounds very high.
    Sounds like Mark Butler (22) hasn’t a “quantum of solace”. He ought to take Ian Fleming’s advice.

  3. JH

    Hahahaha… sorry, I cannot stop laughing. The only thing that I would take seriously is the fact that 63 plus 37 is indeed 100. What are the Characteristics of the surveyed readers? Married? Age group?

  4. Bernie

    I think it is difficult for men to fake an organism. It is more difficult to fake an orgasm!! Of course, it still depends on your definition of “fake”, “organism” and “orgasm”.

  5. Joy

    Years ago One of the patients claimed she’d had an organism in the hydro pool!
    I love my work.

  6. Joy

    What man would fake an organism?

    Discussing this anywhere outside a clinical setting would involve TMI. If the number is up since 2006, the reason may involve pharmaceuticals whose names are blocked by any decent spam filter.

  7. Joy

    Without wishing to be too technical! I am hearing you and think that once the lead’s in the pencil the organism is a given.
    I’m fairly confident in my assumption here.

  8. Joy

    True, hadn’t considered medication a cheat. It’s not, in fact (without wanting to get too technical)
    However it is now clear to me how they came up with the large number for men.
    They have chosen, by selecting men’s fitness mag’, a section of the population that, take other illegal substances together with alcohol, that render them in need of another substance to help them achieve what they originally set out to achieve by pumping iron. It’s a vicious cycle.

    So the “disparity that keeps popping up” is due to their non-representative samples.
    And If it keeps “popping up” someone should tell them.

  9. Joy –

    As for what man would fake an orgasm – it actually does sometimes (granted, rarely) happen that it’s just going to involve a whole lot of work to “finish.” If a man reaches this realization and it seems his partner isn’t really into it, he might fake an orgasm to get out of it early without insulting the girl. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to pull off unless you’ve already had sex a couple of times and the partner expects her man to be out of spunk anyway – but think about it: that’s also when the man is more likely to want out early.

    I suspect this number isn’t as far off as you all are thinking. I’ll admit to having tried this once, but it didn’t work and just led to a fight. In any case, it helps if you realize that sex is often boring for men too. We’re easier to please than women for sure, but that’s far from saying it’s a given. With some girls, you’d honestly rather be watching TV.

  10. Joy

    What, only two? Not seven? What’s wrong with saying “I can’t”

    If watching TV is preferable then the quantum of solace rule applies to both parties.
    I’m not surprised it didn’t work, it would be patently obvious.
    Next time just say,
    “I can’t be bothered, I’d rather watch TV”
    Then shout,
    That ought to wrap things up for you.

  11. What, only two? Not seven? What’s wrong with saying “I can’t”

    Nothing in the world. The issue in the case of a faked orgasm isn’t “I can’t” but “I don’t want to.” Saying “I don’t want to” to a person’s face – especially when the feeling comes on suddenly in the middle of the act – tends to be taken as an insult, which is why girls fake orgasms after all. The only point of my comment was to illustrate that men are also in these situations from time to time, albeit not as often as women. So – as I said, I suspect the number of men who claim to have faked orgasms is probably higher than anyone would intuitively suspect. The “shocking” number is not really so shocking when you take the time to think it through.

  12. Joy

    Off topic, on Fishing:
    It’s not how deep you fish or how often you go, it’s how you wiggle your worm
    And if you must go fishing, wear your wellies.

  13. D Johnson

    Piltdown man was an early example of faking an organism.

  14. Alan D. McIntire

    I have no idea how many people cheat on their partners. When asked personal questions like that, I suspect that most people would lie, or reply “None of your damn business!” I thought those 40% plus figures were unbelievably high.

    On the other hand, the 5% forgiveness from men and 37% from women is perfectly understandable from an evolutionary point of view. The cost of forgiving a fling by a man is much less than the evolutionary cost of being cuckolded.

    The care about appearance question may have been somewhat vague. From an evolutionary point of view we all want someone as healthy, youthful, intelligent, and vigorous as we can get. In that sense, men’s and women’s outlook should be similar. Perhaps looks also refers to how we dress and make ourselves up. In that sense, a woman may forgive a healthy, vigorous male for dressing like a slob on weekends.

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