The Atlantic Wants Help In Creating A New Holiday. Let’s Help!

The Atlantic Wants Help In Creating A New Holiday. Let’s Help!

The Atlantic, the magazine that thinks well of itself, wants to create a new holiday, the old ones having grown stale.

With that in mind: We’re in search of a new holiday. And we’re hoping for your help in creating it. Maybe, for example, there should be, sometime in the dark days of winter, a National Stress-Bake Day. Or maybe February would be a little more festive were Galentine’s Day to be converted from a sitcomic treasure into a more broadly celebrated holiday. A beloved local tradition that deserves more widespread recognition? Weird Family Stories Day? Get Back in Touch Day? Resolution Revision Day? Turn Off the Internet Day?

They’re taking suggestions, which can be entered at this link. Here’s my entry (which I made using my real name and address, typos and all): The Feast of Baal.

All entries must be completed by today, the 11th, so hurry and get yours in.


  1. DAV

    Why confine it to one day? How about Hey-Dems-Still-Waitin-fer-my-Govt-Paycheck holiday? To be held over the winter months. More like a Holi-season though.

  2. Per

    June 30

    Wee p Day

    No greeting cards, celebrations, or gifts except for award eligible books. Dedicate time to precise thoughts on valuable topics.

    The Atlantic article is depressing.

  3. November 9th, Kill a Commie for Jesus Day. (Anniversary of the falling of the Berlin wall.) 3 commie bag limit. Socialists may be also be harvested after you’ve bagged your first commie of the season. Anarchists may be hunted without a permit; no limit, no season.

  4. Gary

    Sane People Day.

    We deserve, no, make that need, one day a year when all the idiots will be made to just shut up. It really doesn’t matter when; crazy people don’t respect the calendar.

  5. Milton Hathaway

    Abolish February 29th, and get a do-over for February 28th every four years. On March 1st, you get to pick which February 28th you want to go with.

    But note, this is a supernatural holiday, beyond an act of Congress.

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