This Week In Doom — Celebrity Meat Edition

This Week In Doom — Celebrity Meat Edition

Item Abortion until birth in New York State.

In a democracy, what is voted yes on becomes both true and moral. Maranatha.

Item Everyone Stop Everything. What Is This?

A lot of weird stuff shows up on the Internet, but Bite Labs is really, really weird. The site claims to be collecting tissue samples from celebrities, isolating the muscle stem cells, growing celebrity meat in “proprietary bioreactors,” and then turning it into artisanal salami. Wut?

From the BiteLabs’ website:

“We mix celebrity and animal meats, grown in house through a proprietary culturing process, into curated salami blends. Our process yields high-quality, luxury protein, in a sustainable manner that eliminates the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional livestock production.”

Yup. No obvious ethical concerns here. Nothin’ to see. This must be a hoax, right? Or a marketing campaign that wants to go viral (in which case we’re helping). So far the BiteLabs Tumblr isn’t revealing much. Neither is #EatCelebrityMeat.

Gives new meaning to the terms beefcake and (forgive me) piece of ass.

Besides the opportunities for hilarity and our culture’s obsession with entertainers, there is a deeper trend here. We have seen in other places attempts to make meat from bugs in a large-scale manner, and also “meat” from petri dishes. We are losing the ability to tell man from animal, a difficult even pagans did not face. Yet we do. If animals are people, too, then of course they must have “rights” and cannot be eaten. That they eat each other is brushed aside.

What about plants? Surely they don’t have “rights”?

Item Another Push for Plant “Rights”

Rejecting human exceptionalism leads from one bizarre concept to the next, including the ridiculous anthropomorphized idea that plants are persons too.

The New York Times published a professor (of course!) claiming that peas are “not only a what, but a who.” The paper’s science writer Natalie Angier even wrote that plants are “ethical autotrophs.”

Trees as “Beings”

And now an Australian scientist has written a book claiming trees and other plants should be considered “beings” instead of “objects.” From the Sydney Morning Herald story:

“It’s OK to cut down a tree, or poison a weed, because plants don’t feel pain when we chop them down, right? They don’t have brains. Everyone knows that.

But plants make sounds — little underground clicks that microbes and insects might be able to hear. They communicate with each other, and other species, using chemicals…

‘We have studied plants for a long time, but we only understand them as objects — not as beings,’ says Associate Professor Monica Gagliano, a plant biologist at the University of Western Australia who conducted those studies. ‘And if they are beings, then maybe they have rights? Definitely the right to be treated with respect and care — which we don’t always do well.'”

Scoff as you like. But SJWs go from success to success. Every idiotic and foolish idea they have has the habit of becoming ensconced in law. They rely on people laughing at them but doing nothing. They know that most people will cower under their glare, once it’s turned on them.

Right now, though, the SJWs have to battle Big Ag. It’s one thing to claim corn cries, but it’s another to muscle Monsanto into forgoing farming.

That means we’ll likely see “studies” and “research” with “proves” that the least profitable plants are those that truly have feelings, while GMO cash crops, like corn, soy, and wheat, have had all feelings genetically modified out of them.

Write this one down, folks. You’ll remember it in a year or two.

Item AMS Coriolis Reception

The Coriolis reception brings together lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer (LGBTQ) friends and allies to mentor, network, and connect with individuals who share common professional and personal interests. The 10th year Coriolis reception …

Question: What does interest or participation in non-procreative sexual simulation have to do with fluid flow on a rotating sphere? Answer: Not one damn thing.

Science is becoming increasingly woke.

Item Lesbian Couple Identifying As Straight Couple Prepares To Transition 5-Yr-Old Son Into A Daughter

The headline is enough. We can only imagine the alleged parents of this poor child to say someday, “Who knew I’d wind up in Hell?”

Item Do YOU suffer from ‘statistics anxiety’? Researchers say stress from math is real (and reveal how to beat it)

Many people find math frustrating.

But for some, it can actually turn into ‘statistics anxiety,’ a fear of doing math or statistics problems that can be debilitating or even stand in the way of graduation.

A new study from the University of Kansas discovered which factors can contribute to statistics anxiety and how it can be dealt with.

Previous studies have shown that some 80 percent of college students suffer from statistics anxiety, the University of Kansas explained.

‘We teach a statistics class in the psychology department and see many students put it off until senior year because they’re scared of this class,’ Michael Vitevitch, professor and chair of psychology at the University of Kansas, said in a statement.

I used to have this power — to inflict statistics anxiety. But I am no longer a danger to the kiddies.

Item Why aren’t doctors speaking of reality against tranny madness?


  1. trigger warning

    (1) Monica Gagliano claims to have “pioneered” the field of plant bioacoustics, which actually sounds pretty interesting. But I respectfully inquire whether she has obtained the proper consent forms and established the appropriate privacy protocols for the participants in her experiments. Or is she just the Josef Mengele of her trade?

    (2) The British lesbians “transitioning” the boy-child, given them by the State to toy with, are merely acting out a fem-dom fantasy popular among lesbians. It’s called “sissification”, or “forced feminization”. While it’s a fairly popular porn topic within the BDSM/sadomasochism community, there’s a somewhat sober , yet carefully nonjudgmental, Wikipedia entry describing this perversion.

  2. Rope. Lamp posts. Leftists. Some assembly required.

    Not yet. But soon. All too soon.

    Stalingrad. Sarajevo. Seattle (coming soon).

    I had hoped this battle would happen on my watch, not my son’s.

  3. Joshua Smith

    Recommend a re-reading of The Napoleon of Notting Hill. The first chapter covers all this black comedy in early 20th century.

    “There was Mr. Edward Carpenter, who thought we should in a very short time return to Nature, and live simply and slowly as the animals do. And Edward Carpenter was followed by James Pickie, D.D. (of Pocohontas College), who said that men were immensely improved by grazing, or taking their food slowly and continuously, after the manner of cows. And he said that he had, with the most encouraging results, turned city men out on all fours in a field covered with veal cutlets. Then Tolstoy and the Humanitarians said that the world was growing more merciful, and therefore no one would ever desire to kill. And Mr. Mick not only became a vegetarian, but at length declared vegetarianism doomed (“shedding,” as he called it finely, “the green blood of the silent animals”), and predicted that men in a better age would live on[Pg 17] nothing but salt. And then came the pamphlet from Oregon (where the thing was tried), the pamphlet called “Why should Salt suffer?” and there was more trouble.”

  4. Milton Hathaway

    Human beings seem to have an innate need to struggle. When life gets too comfortable, we create imaginary problems. If addressing those imaginary problems is sure to create worse real problems, such as mass starvation in developing countries, so much the better, at least subconsciously.

    As an engineer, the remedial path seems obvious – simply present the SJWs with some real but localized-impact problems to occupy their time. The devil is in the details, but if we put our heads together, maybe we can come up with something. (Maybe reinstitute the mandatory draft, and send humanitarian missions to developing countries instead of just dollars. That should help tame the arrogance of youth.)

    I can relate to the defective liberal thought process – I was a total pinhead liberal in my youth. My transition back to sanity took years, but it was kick-started when I suddenly found myself in a position where I needed to justify, by my calculation, ten times my salary in created value. (I’ve since learned that the national average is closer to 20 times.)

    BTW, this math works also works in reverse. If you tax an entity a million dollars, you remove from the economy 20 million dollars, on average, in created value. (The exception is monopolies and unions that are disconnected from the laws of supply and demand. In order for these entities to exist, other entities have to make up the difference in productivity.)

    As far as celebrity meat . . . eew.

  5. Faith

    I notice the two eedgits pushing the rights for plants are both women.
    A message to all you men who like to avoid the consequences of “free”
    sex: this is what comes of contraception and abortion . Not so free after all.

  6. Uncle Mike

    I watched a movie recently wherein the lead character claimed that cutting a (Xmas) tree was an act of violence. To my wife’s chagrin I wondered aloud whether that fellow lives in a mud hut. Maybe his idea of home renovation is slapping cow patties on the walls.

    Don’t carrots feel pain? What do the plant pain guilt-ologists eat? Are they breatharians?

    Also, what is an ethical autotroph? Is that a moralist who drives an award-winning car?

    PS — Speaking for the rest of the nation, we are glad that the Cultural Rot Center of the World will now cease breeding. And not just in the ghettos, where most of the abortion “clinics” have been located, but across the whole of the Empire State.

    Surprisingly there’s no mention of rape or incest in the new law, because it is common knowledge that New York is also the Rape/Incest Capital of the World. The rest of the nation is relieved nonetheless at the elimination of future inbred idiots from New York wandering out here into God’s Country.

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