The Smirk — Open Thread

The Smirk — Open Thread

They want a civil war.

Even “conservatives”, or some of them, can see it.

The last tweet is in danger of deletion. It is from NRO writer Nicholas Frankovich, with the words “The Covington students might as well have just spit on the cross.” The link was originally to a NRO article, which has since been memory-holed.

Do not be a conservative. Conservatism is dead. Be a reactionary.

There are many, many, many more, but you get the idea. Get yourself ready for the coming confrontations. Be prepared.


  1. DAV

    It’s easy to suspect that the Apocalypse is upon us. More like the end of the Republic. Happened to Rome through greed and desire for safety. Will happen to us, too. We are seeing the beginning of the end. Time to move to Mars and start over.

  2. Sander van der Wal

    Better to watch this from a safe distance, like the other side of the Atlantic. Might even knock some sense into the local left wing idiots. One can hope, at least.

  3. Welcome to the party!

    This is not new.

    Politically Correct Progressives’ belief system requires that they destroy Normal-America.

    In any way possible. Using any means available.

    Years and years of Normal-Americans’ misunderstanding our opponents’ constant struggle to destroy Normal-America just complicates things.

    Fake “conservatives” have misled Normals, distracted Normals with never-ending foreign wars, fake domestic issues (“Look Sharia! They’re coming for your wife and kids!”), co-opting Normal movements (see the Tea Party’s pitiful destruction from within), misunderstood PC-Progs (they’re “snowflakes” and PC is just “compassion and understanding of others”), and joined forces against the first Normal President (Never-Trump!).

    This is not new. Astute and savvy historians and commentators have been describing the beliefs, strategies and tactics of the PC-Progs for years.


    What’s next?

  4. Brian (Bulaoren)

    Teflon is black

  5. Hoyos

    Next week on National Review “The Conservative Case For Outlawing Grinning”

  6. “Next week on National Review “The Conservative Case For Outlawing Grinning””


    Followed up by a 3-part series, jointly published in the Weekly Standard, the National Review, Max Boot’s column in the Washington Post, and David Brooks in the NY Times –“How Trump’s Smirks Empower White Supremacists–Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party and How You Can Join Me: Ocasio-Cortez in 2020!”

  7. Sander van der Wal

    BTW, what has happened to the notion that ‘brains of teenagers are not fully developed, so they cannot be held accountable for their deeds’? Is that Fake Science now?

  8. Sheri

    The Left is HATE. They always have been. However, stupid Americans pretended this was not true. Guess what? Reality is here to SMITE YOU MIGHTILY. You had your chance and you blew it. You tossed your country out the window. Hope your kids enjoy the hellish nightmare you thought they deserved.

  9. Uncle Mike

    If the Covington students’ attys want some deep pockets to sue, I’d recommend the death threatening libel sneering online news and social networking service:

    Twitter; NYSE: TWTR

    Founders: Jack Dorsey (CEO), Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams

    Revenue: US$2.44 billion (2017)

    Total assets: US$7.41 billion (2017)

    Total equity: US$5.05 billion (2017)

    Price per share 1/18/2019: US$33.27

    I’ll be shorting that stock tomorrow.

  10. John B()

    My car has a radio with lousy almost unusable HMI.

    THIS MORNING, Jan 22, I accidentally I accidentally hit on an NPR station.

    It sounded suspiciously like the interview with Nathan Phillips.

    I didn’t listen to the whole report but five days later “WHY are they STILL even PLAYING the interview? It went on FAR too long with interviewer questions in between for it too have been presented as an “Ooops, We got it wrong…”

    Can’t make it up

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