More Asinine Global Warming Research — Introducing ‘Climate Liar’

More Asinine Global Warming Research — Introducing ‘Climate Liar’

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post. None of these “studies” merits a full-scale analysis, but they are silly enough to warrant a moment or two of your attention.

Item Non-scientist activist progressive Naomi Klein “proposes new name for skeptics: “Don’t call them deniers, they are arsonists'”

[Blue Cheka] Eric Holthaus readily agreed with Klein:

“A word of warning to Americans: Your government is literally cheering on planetary destruction. It’s time to get angry. It’s time to demand a better world,” Holthaus wrote on February 6.

We need a new term for those who knowingly or through gross negligence deny the reality that the climate and weather are not as bad as we have been screechingly told these last three decades.

Climate liar.

Their grip on the asinine and logically idiotic climate denier is stronger than an abortionist clutching his Hoover. Climate denier is a political name, like fascist or Nazi, and it need not have any relation to any Reality. It is used only as an insult to quiet a too-intelligent opponent.

Climate liar is just as political, and you’ll feel like a fool using it, and would not want to bring it out too often, or at all. But it is a term at least consonant with the evidence, it is accurate, and can be used against opponents of any intelligence (typically low). It rhymes with denier, too, which important in any childish debate. “You’re a climate denier with funding from big oil!” “Yeah? Well you’re a climate liar with funding from the Cathedral!” If anybody gives it a try, report your success below.

Item Climate change poses large-scale threat to mental health (Thanks to Dan Hughes for the tip)

Wellbeing falters without sound mental health. Scholars have recently indicated that the impacts of climate change are likely to undermine mental health through a variety of direct and indirect mechanisms. Using daily meteorological data coupled with information from nearly 2 million randomly sampled US residents across a decade of data collection, we find that experience with hotter temperatures and added precipitation each worsen mental health, that multiyear warming associates with an increased prevalence of mental health issues, and that exposure to tropical cyclones, likely to increase in frequency and intensity in the future, is linked to worsened mental health. These results provide added large-scale evidence to the growing literature linking climate change and mental health….

Average maximum temperatures greater than 30C amplify the probability of mental health
issues by over 1% point compared with 10C to 15C (coefficient: 1.275, P < 0.001, n = 1,961,743).

Mental health issues. By over 1%! Are these issuances like bugs that crawl out of ears? Never mind. I sadly remind the reader that with sample sizes this large, you have to work at not getting wee p-values.

This article is schematic of asinine global warming research. So typical is it that it is not irrational to suppose it was the product of an algorithm designed to pump out meaningless publications.

Step (1): decide upon a horror. Step (2): gather weather data. Step (3): search for correlations between the horror and weather data. Step (5): discover wee p-value (one can always be found). Step (6): theorize theorize theorize about the causative “link” between weather data and horror. Step (7): publish.

These steps are invariable. It would be the work of hours to make this algorithm. Thus I would not be shocked to learn it exists. The fellow Tyler Vigen missed an opportunity to become lauded as a world-class scientist, if only his spurious correlations collection had used weather and not economic data.

Item Earth system impacts of the European arrival and Great Dying in the Americas after 1492 (We flip this one and start at the very end: my emphasis)


We thank Andrew Sluyter for discussions on the extent of pre-Columbian land use in Northern Mexico and its representation in LUC datasets, Jed Kaplan for providing the KK10 dataset, William A. Huber for statistical advice, and Joyce Chaplin and Matt Liebmann for discussions on an adequate name for the depopulation event.

What is this depopulation event? Spaniards. And what is the name for this great horror? The Great Dying! I kid you not, dear reader. The Conclusion (again, my emphsis; do read it all):

We estimate that 55 million indigenous people died following the European conquest of the Americas beginning in 1492. This led to the abandonment and secondary succession of 56 million hectares of land. We calculate that this led to an additional 7.4?Pg?C being removed from the atmosphere and stored on the land surface in the 1500s. This was a change from the 1400s of 9.9?Pg?C (5?ppm CO2). Including feedback processes this contributed between 47% and 67% of the 15–22?Pg?C (7–10?ppm CO2) decline in atmospheric CO2 between 1520 CE and 1610 CE seen in Antarctic ice core records. These changes show that the Great Dying of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas is necessary for a parsimonious explanation of the anomalous decrease in atmospheric CO2 at that time and the resulting decline in global surface air temperatures. These changes show that human actions had global impacts on the Earth system in the centuries prior to the Industrial Revolution. Our results also show that this aspect of the Columbian Exchange — the globalisation of diseases — had global impacts on the Earth system, key evidence in the calls for the drop in atmospheric CO2 at 1610 CE to mark the onset of the Anthropocene epoch (Lewis and Maslin, 2015, 2018). We conclude that the Great Dying of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas led to the abandonment of enough cleared land in the Americas that the resulting terrestrial carbon uptake had a detectable impact on both atmospheric CO2 and global surface air temperatures in the two centuries prior to the Industrial Revolution.

The article lays speculation upon speculation laid upon wild guesses and even wilder estimates, all leading to the certain sure conclusion that the Great Dying…was good for the planet? Are they advocating an introduction of a people-killing, tree-restoring disease? At least that had to admit the existence of the Little Ice Age.

Item How Wearing Business Suits Makes Cities Warmer And Causes Thermostat Gender Bias

The inertia of business culture will likely dictate that business suits are worn in certain situations. However, science suggests that there may be an indirect impact on the urban heat, carbon dioxide emissions, gender equity issues and climate change. Innovative new fabrics and approaches offer some hope.

No. No hope at all.

Item Good News, Pilots—The Weather’s Getting Better: And cleaner urban air may be the reason.

The headline proves that they haven’t all got their stories straight or together yet. If the activist crowd discovers some authorities are acknowledging improvements, look for the bananas to fly.


  1. Withrow Legge

    The data is clear, only a resumption of Spanish colonization can stop global warming.

  2. trigger warning

    Actually, I do believe climate change “undermines” mental health… just not the way the most affected sufferers of diminished faculties think it does. Consider the case of poor old Aswad al-Gore, or, even more pathetic, Prince Charles the Unready.

  3. So, the Spaniards arriving in the Americas caused the Little Ice Age. Because, obviously, without the Native Americans to plant maize and yucca, no other plants ever grew in what is now Mexico.

    Climate Commies.

  4. Dean Ericson

    “Climate Liar” I like it.

  5. Sheri

    Further proof (A) Naomi Klein is a mean girl and bully and (B) she has nothing to offer so resorts to name calling, proving she is as vacant as the rest of the climate cult.

    Climate changes causes EVERYTHING. Stop with the stupid studies and just say it.

    Now we’re blaming dead first Asian immigrants (proper term for the people Columbus found here—they are NOT natives) for global warming. Just one thinks the stupid can’t get worse…..

  6. Sheri – The people killed off by the ‘modern’ European diseases were the 4th or 5th wave of immigrants to the New World, depending on how you count things. Oddly enough, the second or third wave appears to have originated from Europe.

  7. Uncle Mike

    The “Great Dying” is also referred to as the “American Holocaust” and the “Native American Genocide”. You may not like any of those names, or may have a preference, but the FACT remains that the indigenous population in the Western Hemisphere DID decline by 90-95% following the introduction of Old World diseases.

    Many loyal and patriotic Americans believe that America was a (God-granted) wilderness when Euros arrived. This fallacy is called the “Great American Creation Myth” though you may not like that name either. This myth holds that there were no residents in 1492, or that the savage residential humans were more like wild animals, especially in regard to environmental impact.

    Even though paleolithic and neolithic human beings everywhere else on the globe had enormous environmental impacts, according to the Great American Creation Myth somehow the Native Americans were like butterflies that flitted from bush to bush leaving no mark at all. This is despite the FACT that Native Americans burned their landscapes constantly and chronically, just like other humans everywhere. (BTW, burning the landscape is a practice more than 2 million years old — cave men did it. FYI the Neanderthals had fire, too, you know.)

    After the Great Native Die Off our landscapes became jammed with biomass fuels at a rate of 2 to 5 tons per acre per year. Did that sequester CO2? Did that change the climate? I don’t know, but it did create a ginormous fire hazard such that today entire watersheds and encompassed towns and cities are burning to the ground.

    I think Climate Hypocrisy should be a crime. If some doofus avows that fossil fuels are killing the planet, that doofus should not be allowed to purchase them. The rest of us can, but not the hypocritical doofus. CAGW alarmatroids should be forced to huddle in the cold and dark, by law, but not the rest of us.

    Similarly, if some doofus is a Fuel Build Up Denier, if hesheit thinks air temperature is burning down the West and not the post-Contact American Holocaust flammable biomass accumulation, that doofus should be burned at the stake. Better the doofus than the rest of us.

  8. Uncle Mike

    To whom it may concern (especially the US Congress):

    You may or may not be aware that 53% of my state, Oregon, is owned by the Federal Gummit. This is not an accident of history but instead a deliberate betrayal of the Oregon Act of Admission perped by that proto-Fascist “progressive” Theodore Roosevelt (whose visage is carved on a mountain like a modern day Ozymandias). He thought of Indians as vermin, not land stewards for millennia.

    So you own my watershed, which your Deep Dark State minions carpet bombed with aerial incendiary devices (AIDs), because you enviro-pansies don’t “believe in” stewardship. Your (racist) motto: No Touch, Let It Burn, Watch It Rot. You have decreed that the locals shall be excluded and the biomass shall accumulate while Mother Gay-a wreaks havoc unimpeded, or better yet abetted by aerial incendiaries.

    Landscapes you have never seen and never will see belong to YOU, not the people who live here. Your nationalistic patriotic greed gives you a sense of ownership of lands far far away and you revel in that feeling of power and covetousness. So in the name of “saving the planet” you fire bomb us like an insane feudal tyrant, all the while bitching about carbon emissions by the peasantry.

    Is it any wonder then that the folks who live here would like to lash you to a burnt snag in the middle of the expanse of tick brush that has arisen post-Holocaust (in what was formerly a green old-growth spotted owl forest) and then step back and watch you get roasted alive in the next conflagration?

    You may think that sentiment is unusually cruel, but we think of it as justifiable payback.

  9. Mark

    @WM Briggs

    Not that related to this article, but I sent you an email about some topical goings-on as regards evolution & statistics that you may want to read.

  10. Uncle Mike – The Americas weren’t empty in 1492. But the place where the 48 States are now certainly was in 1603. Every nation exists on land conquered from previous nations. It’s how history works. The lesson of history is, “Fight and win, or perish from the Earth.”

    Completely agree on the betrayal of the Constitution that is the Federal seizure of State lands. And forest management used to be taught to Boy Scouts.

    Fire bombing??? That’s… not a thing that happens outside of military bombing ranges.

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