Breaking the Law of Averages has finally arrived (almost)!

The book is finally — almost — in the distribution system!

Breaking the Law of Averages

You can sign up to pre-order at Amazon in the States.

Amazon in Germany. (Note: The book is still in English!)

Or Amazon in the U.K.

Doesn’t seem to have reached Barnes & Noble or anywhere else, yet. I’ll update everybody here once it’s available generally.

If you are anxious (a natural feeling) you can buy it immediately at the publisher: click here.

Or if you are feeling the need badly, there’s always this book.


  1. P-E Harvey

    It is on pre-order at as well.
    P-E Harvey

  2. TCOisbanned?3

    self-published? My Bayesian bet is it’s not that good overall, will suffer from lack of quality control, and won’t make much money,

  3. Briggs


    Well, you might be right, though you don’t express it in the friendliest manner. Best way to find out about your first two suppositions is to buy a copy and read it, then come back here and report. Your last guess is nearly a given since almost no text book makes any money.

  4. TCO

    Mankiw is doing all right…

  5. TCO

    It’s how I am, Matt. I show love by pulling pigtails.

  6. TCO

    You gotta give me props for “using the prior” of self publishing to help my estimation.

  7. Briggs


    Props you get. And you know we love you too.

  8. TCO

    I like being reminded…

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