The Week In Doom — Fly The Woke Skies Edition

The Week In Doom — Fly The Woke Skies Edition



Item This is how homophobia feels.

The link is only for the strong of stomach. It goes to a BBC clip showing two men engaged in perversion and the (correct) disgusted reaction of normal people. It is the normal people who are the objects of derision, though. Of course. For as all readers know, a man wanting another man to masturbate into his lower alimentary canal is seen as a sort of Super Hero, a person with powers beyond that which can comprehended by us ordinary men.

For good measure, along with the faggotry the BBC throws in some blasphemy for free at the 2:50 mark, mocking the Eucharist. Well, sodomy is a mockery in every way, so why not go all the way?

Item Fly the Woke skies

United Airlines will allow passengers to LARP as their favorite sex. That won’t cut any ice with TSA, of course, which will still insist on proper ID (which in most places is still based on Reality). But it will allow the purple-haired SJWs in United’s HR to feel real swell about themselves.

Item Holocaust denier won’t be allowed to enter Poland

MainAll NewsEuropeHolocaust denier won’t be allowed to enter Poland

Holocaust denier won’t be allowed to enter Poland
Polish FM says denial of Holocaust violates laws, ‘Hitler expert’ tour guide won’t be allowed in.

Nissan Tzur, Chana Roberts, 23/03/19 20:32

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz
Polish Foreign Minister Jacek CzaputowiczReuters
Holocaust denier David Irving will not be allowed to enter Poland or lead tours at Nazi death camps, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz told a press conference.

“Polish law forbids denying and negating the Holocaust, and therefore we cannot accept him in Poland, if he intends to come in order to express his views,” Czaputowicz said.

Irving told Reuters that he intends to visit Poland together with tour participants later this year.

Irving, who has described himself as a “Hitler expert,” was scheduled to lead a nine-day tour of visit Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec and Majdanek.

Historical tests, at least on this subject, are required to enter into certain countries now? Which is why it’s odd Poland, which is surely the most faithful European country, does not have Resurrection Denial laws on the books. As we’ve pointed out before, the Resurrection was an infinitely more important actual historical event, the denial of which actually means something. Denying the (“the”?) Holocaust at worst paints you as historically illiterate. Denying the Resurrection puts your eternal soul in peril.

Item South African court rules Christian church discriminates against gays in refusing them ‘marriage’

In South Africa, a high court ruled that the Dutch Reformed Church’s adherence to its teachings that marriage is for one man and one woman amounts to “discrimination.”

On March 8, the Gauteng Division of South Africa’s High Court in Pretoria ruled that the Dutch Reformed Church may not exclude certain members of the church from the full and equal enjoyment of the rights and freedoms offered to all of its members. This would include allowing “marriage” for same-sex couples.

“If a member of the [Dutch Reformed] Church is permitted to study to become a Minister in that Church, but disallowed to engage in his or her profession only due to the fact that he or she would be in same-sex relationship, there is an inherent contradiction in the conduct of the Church,” the court ruled.

Courts the world over are busy rolling back the outmoded rules of the Lord God Himself (along with Jesus and the Holy Spirit) who, the reader is reminded, said “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

Item Hounded by the thought police: How hate crime officers came knocking at the door of a devout Catholic who had misgendered a trans woman, but when she told them vile trolls had then threatened her family they did next to nothing

Now 44, and a trenchant Catholic journalist, priest’s wife and occasional TV commentator, Mrs Farrow was reminded of Orwellian themes last Monday when, in the middle of preparing dinner for her husband Robin and five children, a policewoman rang her at home with a startling demand.

Mrs Farrow was told she must attend an interview under caution or face arrest because she had used the wrong pronoun to describe a transgender woman.

Seems some Brit family castrated their 16-year-old son, then began drugging him up, and Farrow called them out on it using the accurate term “child abuse.” She might have got away with that, but then she used the pronoun “he” to describe the now-mutilated boy.

We’ve seen the story before, but this is an update on how the Tolerant have responded to Farrow. With unbridled rage. Demonic rage, that is. Of course.

Item Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson’s accusers were ‘thrilled to be there’ and his ‘sexual needs were his sexual needs’

The legendary singer and actress said that Wade Robson and James Safechuck — whose allegations against the late King of Pop resurfaced in the recent documentary “Leaving Neverland” — “were thrilled to be there” and that what allegedly happened to them “didn’t kill them.”

Like it or not, Babs’s logic flows form the premise that we are our sexual desires. The same premise used to justify LBGTQWERTY mania. You can’t have any of that unless you’re willing to grant Jackson his wee peccadillos.

Item Transphobia: deal with it and become a gender transcender by j wallace skelton (2016) . State-mandated insanity.


  1. The enemy is inside the gates. The traitors must be identified and dealt with in a method that will allow them no further opportunities to betray us. The 9th circle has room for them all.

  2. Sheri

    Pedophilia WILL be legalized and celebrated soon. It’s the one taboo left and by god, it has to go. There will be no judgement except of those who are normal. Female Genital Mutilation is now celebrated worldwide, courtesy of the Muslim invasion. ALL forms of perversion will be acceptable, so start teaching your five year old that the man next door may want to “play a fun game” with them and they have to play along because “the heart wants what the heart wants”.

    Yep, we did tell you so. Many times.

  3. Ye Olde Statistician

    “The persons and the worlds were never highly stable. A cross-member is removed here on the pretext of added freedom. Foundation blocks are taken away on the pretext of change. Supporting studs are pulled down on the pretext of new experience. And none of the entities had ever been supported more strongly than was necessary. What happens then? A man collapses, a town, a city, a nation, a world. And it is hardly noticed.”
    — R.A.Lafferty, “And Walk Now Gently Through the Fire”

  4. Michael Ozanne

    Well to be fair Irving is a vile scumbag, and he does indeed test the proposition that Freedoms are to be defended for people you don’t like.

    The Poles are sensitive on this. The holocaust pretty much happened on their territory. their citizens made up a substantial proportion of the victims, then they had the pleasure of the Soviets for 45 years afterwards…

    Also a fair number of their citizens participated in it which was the dirty little secret behind the recent attempts at banning discussion of that verifiable historic fact.

  5. swordfishtrombone

    @ Sheri,

    “Pedophilia WILL be legalized and celebrated soon.”

    No, it won’t. If anything, public feeling against child abuse has become stronger in recent years. The Catholic church has been able to get away with child abuse for decades, but not anymore.

    “Female Genital Mutilation is now celebrated worldwide”

    No, it isn’t. The UN is opposed to it and many non-muslim countries have enacted laws against it, or are doing so. Seriously, take up meditation, or some other way of relaxing, as you’re too angry for your own good.

  6. swordfishtrombone

    “The link is only for the strong of stomach.”

    It’s two guys holding hands and sometimes kissing. If it was two guys fighting, you’d probably be okay with it. Biblical morality is more concerned with what it imagines is going on in other people’s bedrooms than in anything genuinely immoral.

  7. Mike Ozanne

    “It’s two guys holding hands and sometimes kissing.”

    two ugly, badly dressed men 😛 🙂 Honestly I’m surprised they weren’t body slammed by the style police and then haunted by the shade of Joan Rivers….

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