What Is White Supremacy? Let’s Ask The Experts!

What Is White Supremacy? Let’s Ask The Experts!

The Senate, under the wise directorship of Jerry “The Whale” Nadler, last week debuted its new play Its White Supremacy!. Reviews were mixed.

They would have perhaps done better if they had first informed the audience what “white supremacy” was. How can you be interested in a topic in which you are ignorant?

I too did not know what “white supremacy” was, so I decided to check with the experts. None have more expertise than our Blue Cheka (or many-followers) leaders on Twitter and national press. Let’s see what the intelligentsia has to say; maybe we’ll pin down the elusive definition of “white supremacy.”

Kelly Wickham Hurst

“Unpopular opinion, English teacher edition: Worship of the written word is a tenet of white supremacy.”

One wonder whether Hurst knew she wrote her tweet using words? Never mind. White supremacy is worship of the written word.


“Apparently white supremacists and other racists are starting to use the Thumbs up emoji as a symbol of hatred. Please be aware when using a Thumbs up Emoji since it refers to the #Racist #whitesupremacy ’14 words’. Time to stop hating and give the world more #love.”

Roger Ebert was a white supremacist.

Michael Gerson

“Most whites do not feel personally guilty for the United States’ long history of imposed white supremacy.”

Gerson, who appears white, has lots of guilt, and to spare. White supremacy is something imposed by the USA.

Senthorun Raj

“White supremacists can be academics, too. Eloquence and elaborate sentences don’t make white supremacy less violent. Just saying.”

Harvard must be a hotbed of white supremacy.

Bishop Talbert Swan

“Evangelical Christianity is white supremacy in drag.”

White supremacists can play dress up?

Kamala Harris

“The threat of white supremacist violence is real. That’s why we need to hire more civil rights litigators and commit to full enforcement of federal hate crime laws.”

White supremacy will cause an increase in lawyers.

CNN Tonight

“‘Silence is complicity,’ says Rev. Robert W. Lee, descendant of General Robert E. Lee, and author of ‘A Sin by Any Other Name’. ‘It is time to stand up and speak up in a world that’s filled with evil and hate and white supremacy,’ Lee said.”

The world is filled with white supremacy, so it should be easy to spot. Those who are not speaking of it are white supremacists.

Jesse Singal

“If you let your kids watch YouTube unsupervised, the site’s feckless algorithms could lead them to radical voices which could, in turn, cause them to believe in white supremacy or, worse, that ‘Crash’ deserved its Oscars”

YouTube is white supremacy.

Camilla Turner

“University students demand philosophers such as Plato and Kant are removed from syllabus because they are white”

Plato and Kant were white supremacists.

Giovanni Tiso

“Counterpoint: it’s only white people who need to be constantly reminded that white supremacy exists. Also, letting super-racists swan around the country makes local racism seem less bad. It has nothing to do with the sacred principles of a free society.”

Do super-racists wear capes? Remind every white person you meet that they are a white supremacist.

Jared Yates Sexton

“This and Trump’s ‘shithole countries’ debacle are just two of many instances where bald faced white supremacy is ever more obvious and undeniable in discourse. The fact that white supremacy isn’t one of the largest discussions everyday in this country is a terrible indictment.”

No one is talking about white supremacy.


“White supremacy created a system that got Nipsey shot, and countless others. Seems like white supremacy at its finest to me ?”

One black man shooting another black man is white supremacy.

Dr Fish Philosopher

“Academia — and I can’t stress this enough — has never been good. It’s always been a structure of white supremacy, colonialism, capital and privilege. I am grateful for the folks enacting harm reduction within it, but there is certainly no ‘golden era’ of academe to harken back to”

Universities are white supremacist.

PDX Selina

“Here’s a handy definition of white supremacy fr same site. It’s no longer ‘literal skinheads & klansmen.’ It’s the violent system. Which is why the system must be dismantled. Because it’s white supremacist. Because that’s how they’re now defining white supremacy. #tautology”

Everything is white supremacy.


“There was a time I hated it my nose, lips and hair. White supremacy and Eurocentric beauty standards are a disease #selfAppreciationSunday”

Beauty is white supremacy.


“ADL’s Eileen Hershenov defines white nationalism as a ‘euphemism’ for white supremacy and says it’s motivated by the fear of being genocided by foreign invaders”

White nationalism, unlike Jewish nationalism for Israel or Black nationalism for Zimbabwe or Japanese nationalism for Japan etc., is white supremacy.


“If your anti-racism work prioritizes the ‘growth’ and ‘enlightenment’ of white America over the safety, dignity and humanity of people of color — it’s not anti-racism work. It’s white supremacy.”

White births and white education is white supremacy.

Emily G

“I don’t care about any candidate unless they have a clear vision of the problem of white supremacy and a comprehensive plan to address it, including but not limited to reparations, as well as a plan for the climate, including but not limited to seizing corporate assets.”

White supremacy is like global warming.

Chama Woydak

“White privilege is not only killing black and brown bodies it’s killing white bodies also. No one thrives under white supremacy! #getuncomfortable”

White supremacy is the killing of whites.

Tomi T Ahonen

“On a BLACK woman NAZI SYMPATHIZER Republican Candace Owens. I am speechess…Candace Owens is a black white supremacist. Stephen Miller is a Jewish Nazi…MAKE. IT. STOP.”

Scientists have succeeded in creating the first black white supremacist?


There you have it, friends. We’ll have to admit our research is inconclusive. Thus far, it appears that everything is white supremacy. This may even be the correct conclusion. Further work is needed. Readers can assist by entering in the comments evidence they have discovered.


  1. Brian (bulaoren)

    White supremacy is the white man’s burden.

  2. Michael Dowd

    A White Supremacist is another word for success and self reliance.

  3. White supremacy is knowing who both your parents were, being able to read and write, and exert some measure of self control.

  4. Mike Ozanne

    “Apparently white supremacists and other racists are starting to use the Thumbs up emoji as a symbol of hatred. ”


    Please tell me that chart came from “The Onion” and that this chod is too stupid to realise he’s been jacked…

  5. Mike Ozanne

    “the site’s feckless algorithms could lead them to radical voices ”

    Or they could look for it on purpose, particularly if you told them not too…

    “feckless algorithms” Someone skipped English Class or Maths Class or both…. I’d care but I don’t give a feck…

  6. Mike Ozanne

    ” including but not limited to reparations,”

    Ms G is yet another he doesn’t realise that most africans who ended up on the wrong side of the pond were sold down the river by other people of colour as surplus population that would otherwise have been culled.

  7. Ken

    Dr. Sanity blog wrote some details on this theme in 2008. See her blog post entitled, “White Privilege and the Victimhood Pimps.”

    Reparations – A worthy subject to explore and use benchmarks to see where that leads: Instead of focusing on if these should be given, ask how the allocations will go if they ever get appropriated.

    Those of us from families arrived in the US well after slavery ought not owe anything. And what about those descended from both slaves and slaveholders – should some payment be based on genetic proportionality? How do Indian tribes assign membership as a benchmark? The “Pocahontas” politician controversy shows this might be highly nuanced…so why should reparations be handled differently than a comparable membership in a given group? What about people of color who arrived in the US after slavery, free, or descended from those that did–are they entitled to any reparations? And how to sort all this out?

    Go ahead & let the debate about payoffs begin…very likely will go like that opening scene in the movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, …, Mad World,” where nobody can agree on how to allocate the shares of treasure they thought they’d find, turning into a free for all.

  8. Ray

    I’m all for reparations as long as the recipients return to the African paradise their ancestors were kidnapped from.
    I was born in Louisiana and my last name is an old French Huguenot name. I’m thinking of demanding reparations from France for the Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre.

  9. Hoyos

    Today Rush Limbaugh overtly said “When they say white nationalism or white supremacy or whatever, they mean the founding of this country, they really mean Christianity”. Not quite verbatim, but again, the woke is happening.

  10. DAV

    What is White Supremacy?

    Really? You haven’t caught on?

    It’s whatever The Woke say it is. Just like Hate Speech, Gender, Racism and Whatever. Where have you been?

    If you have to ask then you are a White Supremacist, you Racist! Enough of your Hate Speech!

  11. John Hoch

    Making the right of people of color to self-reparations withheld from them a crime is white supremacy.

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