The Week In Doom — Dead Christians Edition

The Week In Doom — Dead Christians Edition

Item Dallas residents introduced to exciting new Hellhole. “Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot Announces He Won’t Prosecute ‘Low-Level’ Crimes

He also said his office will no longer prosecute theft cases involving personal items worth less than $750, unless evidence shows it was for economic gain.

Buh-bye, Dallas. You’ve just been pozzed by “compassion”.

Item One of the earliest reports on Sri Lanka: More than 50 people are killed and 300 injured after suicide bombers target churches and hotels in Sri Lanka in Easter Sunday ‘terror attack on Christians’

A string of blasts hit high-end hotels and churches in Sri Lanka this morning, injuring hundreds of people as worshippers attended Easter services in a ‘coordinated, targeted attack on Christians’…

Only around six percent of mainly Buddhist Sri Lanka is Catholic, but the religion is seen as a unifying force because it includes people from both the Tamil and majority Sinhalese ethnic groups.

This item was the first report, which assigns no blame. So we must assume it is either “teens”, as the news media says, or white supremacists?

Many hours later, with journalists delighting in the increasing death “toll”, there was still not a whisper about whodunnit except that it was suspected “suicide bombers”, which is like saying “cockroaches” or “black holes”.

Eventually, the “suspects” became clear. This is from, if you can believe it, The Guardian: “As the Sri Lanka attacks show, Christians worldwide face serious persecution: It is ignored in the west, but Christianity is the most persecuted religion. Why is there such silence on the issue?” He said, “During the past century, Christianity has been all but driven out of the Middle East, the place of its birth.” Two other religions created in the wake of Jesus’s crucifixion have, however, moved in.

A holocaust (by two Israeli historians): “The Thirty-Year Genocide: Turkey’s Destruction of its Christian Minorities argues that from 1894 to 1924, the Turkish authorities systematically murdered some 2.5 million Christians. At the beginning of that period, in places like Anatolia, Christians accounted for 20% of the population. By the end of it, there were just 2% left.”

Nigeria, anyone?

We can imagine the week saw leading politicians and celebrities bemoaning the attack, wearing crucifixes, etc. Anybody have a report on what, say, the PM of New Zealand did? Perhaps put out a call to ban bombs? How about this fella?


Every month, on average:

345 Christians are killed for faith-related reasons
105 Churches and Christian buildings are burned or attacked
219 Christians are detained without trial, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned

Islamophobia and anti-semitism have nothing on dead Christians. Those other hates are really going to have to step up their game to catch up.

Item Yankees dump Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’ from rotation over singer’s racist songs

The Yankees have taken a stand against racism for their seventh-inning stretch.

For 18 years, Yankee Stadium regularly used Kate Smith’s 1939 recording of “God Bless America” in the middle of the seventh inning. But they ditched it altogether this season, replacing Smith’s rendition with different versions of the song. Why? As the Daily News learned, the Yankee were made aware of Smith’s history of potential racism.

Potential racism? Potential racism? Are you now or have you ever been a racist?

For progressives, the past must become the future. The purge of history will only accelerate.

Item Popular French Journalist Jailed for Denying Soap and Lampshade Holohoax Myth

This reminds me we need to step up our efforts to get Resurrection Denial laws on the books. History cannot be denied!

Item Transphobic stickers found posted around George Square campus

On Monday 25 March, transphobic stickers were spotted at the Old Medical School Quad, outside the Teviot Lecture Theatre. The stickers read: “Transwomen ARE women! Seahourses ARE horses! Catfish ARE cats! This is NOT up for debate!!!” Later in the week on Saturday, the same stickers were found outside the back entrance to Old College, although these ones were found scratched and torn.

Horseflies ARE horses! Seamonkies ARE monikies! You ARE whatever you believe you are. And everybody else damn well better agree.

Item U.S. parents accept children’s transgender identity by age three

Increasingly across the United States, doctors and parents of transgender children are embracing their identity as soon it starts becoming obvious, sometimes around age 3. Many say they are finding much greater chances of happiness and well-being when children are nurtured in their new gender identity at such a young age.

Although there is not a consensus on the issue, some clinicians who work with transgender children have concluded that when children persistently identify as the nonconforming gender, the best course is to socially transition, or live as the other gender, even at age 3.

Madness is accelerating. And nothing you are doing is slowing it. We are doomed.

Item Man who killed Ottawa cyclist obstructed justice because he feared racist police, avoids jail time

An Ottawa landscaper who covered his tracks and hid from police after a deadly hit-and-run has been spared jail time by a judge who accepted his explanation that a fear of turning himself in was heightened because he’s a “man of colour” afraid of racist police…

During his trial, court heard that St-Hilaire went to substantive lengths to hide his involvement in Nevin’s death.

Novel defense. Wonder if it’ll catch on stateside?

Item Royal Canadian Mint Celebrates Gay Rights History With New Loonie: It’s meant to mark “50 years of progress” for LGBTQ2 Canadians. (Thanks to KA Rodgers.)

Render unto Baal what is Baal’s.

Item Korean pizzagate. Very disturbing, complete with police corruption, but at least reported on in the Korean media. Makes you wonder how good the media was on our own story. From the linked and translated story inside the thread:

Kim, who cheered on the VVIP traced ‘Straight’, added hash tag “snufffilm” and “GHB” on the post-broadcast instagram on the 23rd, saying, “The most shocking thing is the imitation crime.”

A snuff film is a picture of actual violence, murder, and rape. GHB is a drug gamma hydroxybutyric acid, commonly referred to as ‘waterpox’.

More details. “According to the report, the clubs operated an ‘incineration team’ whose job it was to chemically clean these locations, namely of drugs and blood. The news team said they have seen footage of these rapes.”


  1. You seriously were sure enough about that ridiculous Holocaust-denier article that you posted it without checking? It only took me a few minutes to learn that it was a lie. The man was jailed for denying that the Holocaust ever happened, not for just for saying that the victims were turned into soap and lampshades. In other words, he was jailed for telling a lie, not for telling the truth. He used the fact that those myths are told about the Holocaust as part of a more general argument that the entire thing never happened.

    I’m not going to defend jailing a man for expressing any opinion, but spreading lies about what he was actually jailed for isn’t a suitable response.

  2. Michael Ozanne

    “Item Popular French Journalist Jailed for Denying Soap and Lampshade Holohoax Myth”

    I think it was more this little gem in that article that did for him :
    ” the battle between the Jewish people and the rest of humanity should bear the character of a total genocide.”

    French judges aren’t any keener than the rest of the world on the issue of insulting officers of the court…. :
    “In the same article, he wrote of the prosecutor in a previous case against him, “I’ve never heard so many lies and so much dishonesty coming from a woman’s mouth – and I’ve known plenty of sluts in my life.””
    He’s probably lucky that Judge Patricia Lynch wasn’t on exchange….

    As for the “Soap Myth” being Jewish or Allied propaganda that would be a no. It is perfectly cleat that although there was no mass production of human fat based soap by the Nazi’s. It wasn’t because they didn’t attempt it. Secondly the source of the rumour in this case appears to be the Nazi’s themselves. Comprehensive, referenced, checkable materials here:

  3. Nate

    “The man was jailed for denying that the Holocaust ever happened” as if that’s something we should be proud of happening?!?

    Those 3 to 6 million dead are not somehow more horrible and special deaths than the Armenian 1 – 2 million, or Ukraine’s 3 – 8 million, or China’s 10-30 million (and the Nazis 2 – 3 million Soviet POW deaths too). The 20th century was a mass of genocides all around. Humans are awful to each other, but I’m pretty sure knew that though.

    Why are there no laws demanding jail time for people that ‘deny’ the Armenian genocide, or any of the other genocides perpetrated in the 20th century. Why must we place the ‘holocaust’ in a special bucket?

  4. “as if that’s something we should be proud of happening?!?”

    You need to work on your reading comprehension, Nate. No competent reader could possibly have read my comment that way.

  5. Michael Ozanne

    “Why are there no laws demanding jail time for people that ‘deny’ the Armenian genocide, or any of the other genocides perpetrated in the 20th century”

    Well currently, like the US we don’t, and people here are free to believe and express such nonsense should they be adequately stupid enough to do so. The problem isn’t with the brain donors it’s with those like Irving and Faurisson who know perfectly well that the Holocaust was a real historical event, but pretend otherwise to make their odious political choices seem less reprehensible. And to recast their public persona as seekers of truth and victims of state oppression rather than the scum sucking bottom feeders that they really are.

    These laws are normally found in places, and France is one of these, that were occupied by the Nazis, and many of whose people joyfully participated in the process. Now where it’s unlikely that you could get even a rabid Front National shagwit to get excited about repeating the Armenian massacres or starving out the Ukrainians or Chinese. It’s all to easy on the other hand, to get them steaming at the gills about the evils of the international Jewish Conspiracy and how that problem needs a final solution. These laws are essentially there to keep a lid on the local hand-wavers not to police history per se. The Poles felt obliged to extend their laws to include Soviet atrocities against Poles as well, having a large faction of nostalgic fist-clenchers in addition to their Fascists.

  6. Nate

    I’m still not convinced that there isn’t more to it than just ‘oh it’s because people in those countries hate the Jooos’.

    Hillare Belloc recognized the intrinsic problem with one distinct nation of people who are not of the same creed trying to live separately in another nation, and the guy basically predicted the wholesale slaughter of the Jews in Germany (he was horrified by this possibility).

    But we are not allowed to have *any* conversations about how maybe having a group that does not integrate into the nation as not a good idea for either party (we can see how badly that’s worked out for blacks in the USA). Sure there are nuts and crazies. But the reason that only the crazies are heard from is because anyone with a more middle of the road view is branded in the same category as the nuts and threatened with prison and/or loss of their livelihoods.

    ‘Denying the holocaust’ laws are not really about denying the holocaust, they’re about refusing to acknowledge the genocide of the Jews as purely a racist evil where there was no conflict between peoples’ identity and culture, just wholesale hatred. This makes any conversation about the actual effect of an insular, cosmopolitan, and successful minority on a larger nation verboten.

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