A Time To Celebrate!

I am, once more, reliving my Air Force days. I am strapped into a seat designed for a midget, jetting across the Wild Blue towards the shores of Lake Michigan, where I will deposit myself at the farthest reaches of the internet for two weeks. Dispatches might become irregular, responses will be slow.

According to reliable, but anonymous sources, well known to your author, the site WMBRIGGS.COM has finally climbed to the first page of the Google search results, when using the term “statistician.” Try it yourself.

Unenlightened engines, such as Yahoo and Bing, have not yet joined the revolution.

I am unable to verify the Googlgasm because they have my cookie, and searching for anything statistical always plops my name up first.

If this wondrous news can be verified—it is only tentative—it must mean that riches will soon be mine. Or so I have been told repeatedly by Search Engine Optimization mavens, who make their livings driving sites to top search spots, and who tout their services more vociferously than the Lemon Drop Kid.

In preparation of my upcoming wealth, I have begun to spend freely, not to say profligately. I figure whatever goes out the door now, will only come back to me treble. I’ve never been one for jewelry—mere shiny rocks from the ground—but I could always use a new hat. My eye is on a steel blue Borsalino fedora.

As a courtesy to the inevitable flood of new readers, I have compiled a page of my most awesome posts concerning probability puzzles, statistics, and the statistical analysis of global warming. Hardy perennials all.

When doing this, I realize how little we’ve covered some subjects and how much remains to be done. So stick around!

The page, found here permanently (see the upper-right portion of your screen), is reproduced for your delight and edification.

A collection of links to fundamental posts in probability, statistics, and statistical methods in global warming research.

Probability Puzzles

Monty Hall

St Petersburg Paradox

Two-envelope Problem I, II

One Son Born Tuesday

Prisoner’s Dilemma

Monkeys Typing Shakespeare


How to fool yourself with Statistics I, II, III, IV

Confidence Intervals, Logic, Induction I, II

All Models Are Not Wrong

Randomness is a Matter of Information: why frequentism is wrong I, II, III, IV

Randomized Trials Are Not Needed

Predictive Statistics: GPA Case Study, I, II

Global Warming Statistical Applications

A Citizen’s Guide to Global Warming Evidence

What is—and what isn’t—evidence of global warming, Overview, I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Do not smooth times series, you hockey puck! I, II, III

Climate Model Uncertainty: I, II

Homogenization of temperature series I, II, III, IV, V

Hurricanes have not increased: misuse of running means I, II

Zombie attacks might increase due to global warming, study shows


  1. j ferguson

    Door County?

  2. Ari


    Congrats on this achievement.

    Good luck flying. I hope for your sake it’s not a legacy carrier…

  3. Google just listed you…right behind Nathan Yau at Flowing Data. The race is on!

  4. PaulM

    Sorry, not on the first page, or any of the first 10 pages!
    But you are in my bookmarks if that’s any consolation.

  5. Well Mike, to be honest it was Yau’s site that was listed, not the man himself. Whilst Briggophiles would be happy to find out our guy’s name was listed, along with the site etc., first. But don’t be too cocky about it, Matt, ’cause sites hustling jobs for statisticians [for $$$] outranked both. One tip: Whilst setting down, stay between the edges.

  6. Jan F

    Not on the first page, the first entry of the second page. Probably pushed away by a Dutch statician.

    Flying to a remote site of a lake? Sounds like something that can fly and float, the ultimate fun (except may be for something that is made to fly but not in a straight line).

  7. JH

    Fireworks for you! Thank you for generously sharing your thoughts and expertise.

    Enjoy Michigan summer.

  8. Wade Michaels

    First page and above the ASA to boot!

  9. Google search page one, item nine (or eight, excluding one sub-entry). Two individual items followed your listing on the page.

  10. First page for me…but my usual search choice, AltaVista, doesn’t seem to have heard of you.

  11. It’s about time the obscene wealth started pouring in. Better hurry home to greet the dump trucks full of cash. You don’t want the neighbors to loot them before you get to shoveling.

  12. Bernie

    I make it #9 out of 3.6 million. Sincere congratulations. You could be #1 if people were not so confused about what to call you!!

  13. SM

    lol.. congratulations!! I checked. You’re pretty high up on the page. That reminds me of the day I found out that if you google “amazing” , my picture shows up.. haha j/k

    This post is hilarious!

  14. Here in Australia you are buried beneath universities, news sites an more. Maybe it’s a temporary thing – the federal election and all the gory polling.

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