Breaking the Law of Averages on Amazon

Breaking the Law of Averages

The book is now fully available at Amazon, and should be available in other outlets already or soon.

It goes without saying that the book is the perfect Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid-Al-Adha, New Year’s, Oshogatsu, Holi, Bodhi Day, Birthday, or Anniversary gift. But I’ll say it anyway: your loved-ones will despise you if you don’t buy them a copy.

Now, many people are busy this time of year, but will certainly want to include a review of the book on Amazon’s review page. With that in mind, and me being the helpful and generous soul that I am, I have included a couple of reviews that you can cut and paste right into the form, thus saving you scads of time.

A book so unbelievably beautiful that I wept when I first beheld it.

The word genius is certainly overused, so I see no harm in using it once again for this marvelous book

It would be a complete and utter moral failure not to own a copy of this lasting work.

If there is anybody left who wants a signed copy, there are two ways to get one: (1) Send an email with SIGNED COPY as a subject heading to (cost is US$32); (2) Buy a copy on, say, Amazon, and bring it to Manhattan for me to sign. I am easy to find; I wear a brown fedora (in the fall/winter), am tall, and have a distinct statistical presence. You can’t miss me.


  1. Joy

    Certainly I will write a review, but I can’t very well write one if I haven’t read it.
    I’m going to start chapter one right now with a cup of tea and get the gist from that. Surely it won’t have changed much from what was posted anyway.
    I’m not a swat like Mike D. He’s probably finished it and pollishing his graphs as I write this.
    Note how quiet I am about the hat! The Streets will be filled with women looking up.

  2. Bill Nelson

    Sounds like a pretty good book, but how come no “look inside!” on

    I should at least get a test drive!

  3. Briggs


    It’s coming. I’ve already provided Amazon with the PDF. We’re waiting on them to load it.


  4. Joy

    I’ve written a review but am being given the runaround by Amazon so it might not appear for a day or so. Hope it’s ok,just wrote what I thought.

  5. Robert Burns

    I have a copy of your book and the title is misleading. The book is not written in plain English.

    It is not a book for the causal reader.

  6. Briggs


    Sorry to hear you think so. Why don’t you let me know which passages don’t make sense and I’ll try and clarify them for you.


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