High School Paper Celebrates Young Woman Prostituting Herself

High School Paper Celebrates Young Woman Prostituting Herself

This story began as an item in our weekly catalog of doom, but I thought it important enough to raise to post-level.

We have a high school newspaper writing a celebratory article about a young woman whoring herself out.

Repeat: high school newspaper.

Headline: Risky business: starting a career in the adult entertainment industry

Throughout their high school years, students are often told to follow their dreams and pursue what they love. Despite encountering obstacles — such as a difficult freshman year and leaving her house — Caitlin Fink, an 18-year-old senior at Bear Creek who recently started a career in adult entertainment, is doing just that.

Fink had a rough start to high school, admitting that she had a low GPA and associated with students who were poor influences on her.

Fink (sad name) is a recent graduate of Bear Creek High School of Stockton, California, the home of Bruin Voice where her story appeared.

The paper boasts

Starting with a staff of only eight students, the publication, then known as “Bear Tracks,” coined its motto “The Voice shall not be silenced” after early attempts by the administration to censor the newspaper. Since that time, the newspaper has gone on to win the National Scholastic Press Association’s National Pacemaker Award two times, and 1st Place Best of Show trophies seven times…

The students most recently led the effort to curtail an illegal social media policy imposed by the Lodi Unified School District with the help from the Student Press Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.

More proof, if any was needed, that the ACLU is an organization dedicated to spreading evil. They will support perversion over Reality every time.

Back to Fink, who began her descent by selling nudies on Tinder and the like. “‘When I first started selling, it was just for money,’ Fink said. ‘But then I liked the attention I got, [such as] being called beautiful. I enjoyed it because it made me feel good about myself.'”

More recently, Fink became a verified member of Pornhub, a pornographic website in which members can post erotic videos for others to view. After becoming a member, she signed a contract with an agency so she is able to partake in professional pornographic scenes.

Fink says the industry has policies in place — such as mandatory two-week sexually-transmitted disease (STD) tests typically paid for by agencies — to prevent workers with STDs from performing in scenes while infected.

“I still have the scars on my arm [from getting blood tested],” Fink said. “[The phlebotomist] poked me four times in one arm, and she couldn’t get any blood out of it, so she poked my wrist for the blood. Four [phlebotomists] tried to get blood from me, and they were like ‘I don’t know what’s wrong; it’s not working. I swear I had it!'”

Fink was scheduled to shoot her first professional pornography scene in March, but the scene was canceled at the last minute when the company that booked her saw her body acne.

At least the money from spreading her legs came rolling in, right? Nope. “Fink says she has not made money from Pornhub yet because members have to hit a certain view count before receiving compensation. However, she provides insight into how members are paid.”

Still, a job’s a job, right? Fink says so. “Adult entertainment is a job just like any other job. There’s always that risk of getting kidnapped or possibly not even knowing what to do after your career is over and trying to find work after that.”

People are kidnapped left and right from business offices all over the world. Prostitutes aren’t immune from this common risk.

Let’s emphasize that this celebratory story ran in a high school newspaper.

The school district’s administrators, some of them anyway, did try to stop the newspaper’s antics, according to one report. But “longtime advisor of the newspaper, English teacher Kathi Duffel,” sicced the lawyers on them. Duffel reportedly said it was the administrators “who have lost their minds” and not her or the lawyers.

Lodi Unified School District ultimately relented and allowed the article to be published in its intended form.

“The district has determined that it will rely on the promises the journalism teacher’s personal attorney has made on her behalf regarding the content of the article and on that basis will not prevent its publication,” a spokesperson said Thursday, while adding that the district “does not endorse” the story.

“Because we are charged with the education and care of our community’s children, we will always be diligent in our efforts to provide a safe learning environment for all students while complying with our obligations under the law,” their statement added.

Not a man among them. Nobody had the guts to pull the plug on the newspaper’s server, for instance. Nobody suggested, for that would be wrong and illegal, to tar and feather Duffel or her lawyers.

We are doomed.


  1. What with the price of oil and periodic outbreaks of avian influenza, tar and feathers are too expensive these days. We need to legalize hemp so we can braid more rope.

  2. The paradoxical history of our society leaves no middle ground. Street walking: Totally illegal. Pornography: Legal, easy, profitable, and celebrated. If someone is to be a prostitute, the incentive structure is designed to funnel them towards the big money.

    The reason this is so challenging is because there is no ethos to our political ideologies. Don’t do this, do do that. It’s contradictory. How can young people be formed without consistent messaging from authority figures? What in God’s name is the ACLU doing supporting dependent children against a school administration? The ACLU runs that school now. Where are the parents? Where are the adults?

    I don’t think we’re doomed though. Worse is better. The train is going to jump the rails at some point, and the social culture will swing the other way. I see signs of it already. The Heresy of Americanism is deeply rooted but not intractable.

  3. Sheri

    BRAVE NEW WORLD. We BEGGED fot it, it was not imposed. Electronic SOMA, physical SOMA (pot), sex meaningless, children of no more value than cockroaches. We built our own hell amd we revel in it. Deviancy rules and Americans are SOOOOOOOO proud. I hate this country…..It is the worst of humanity—making the past horrors look like Sunday School. We are HORRID creatures.

  4. Ray

    “the ACLU is an organization dedicated to spreading evil.”
    That should be obvious because the ACLU was founded by communists.

  5. Thiago

    I mean, high school papers are written by high schoolers. Did you expect better from them? The appalling part is that adults let them, but adults have allowed much less responsible things – such as Fink’s parents, for instance.

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