The Week In Doom — Out-Of-Control Matriarchy Edition

The Week In Doom — Out-Of-Control Matriarchy Edition

Item I have it on good report a high school has eliminated its year-end speech by the Valedictorian and substituted one by the “most popular student”. (I am not naming it to protect the source.)

At this same high school’s prom they cast ballots for Prom King. But then they put the names into a hat a draw one out to crown.

The Matriarchy grows in strength daily.

Item Item removed, because original tweet deleted. Sad!


In a followup tweet she continued, “It’s getting to me how common that’s been for me. that now I know over 5 or so people that have transitioned. It only gets to me because I am exclusively attracted to men and it’s so common that it has me wondering what it is about me that makes this so common.”

Here we have a matriarch boasting of having sex with a multitude, but the experience was so bad for her transient “partners” she drove them to insanity.

That’s the face reading. Demonic possession is even more likely. Laugh if you like, but the lady continued “I guess I’m really tired of being someone’s spirt guide/inspiration. One of the things I’m coming to terms with in life is that I am going to be seen as this amazing inspiring fascinating person to a lot of people and that’s as deep as any relationship they have with me will go”.

Item Tax expert Maya Forstater fired for saying trans women aren’t women

An internationally renowned researcher on tax avoidance is believed to be the first person in Britain to lose her job for saying that transgender women are not women.

Maya Forstater, 45, was told by her managers that she had used “offensive and exclusionary” language.

She was accused of “fear-mongering” for tweeting her concerns about government proposals to allow people to legally self-identify as the opposite sex.

Forstater has begun employment tribunal proceedings against her former employer, the London office of the Centre for Global Development (CGD) think tank. She hopes it will be a test case establishing that “gender-critical” views — which hold that being a woman is a biological fact, not a feeling — are protected beliefs under equality law. She is starting an appeal on…[The ellipsis leads to a paywall]

Reality is exclusionary. Reality is offensive. Which is why Reality is rapidly becoming illegal.

Slaves are forbidden to speak the Truth. We are now slaves. (Not all slavery is chattel slavery.)

This Forstater continues her tale in a series of tweets, in which she says she’s fighting back. “I have begun employment tribunal proceedings for discrimination. This will be a test case to establish that ‘gender-critical’ views are protected beliefs under the Equality Act 2010, as a philosophical belief.”

Equality is the mind killer.

Item U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked

A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

Coastal flooding and crop failures would create an exodus of “eco-refugees,” threatening political chaos, said Noel Brown, director of the New York office of the U.N. Environment Program, or UNEP.

He said governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control…

The most conservative scientific estimate that the Earth’s temperature will rise 1 to 7 degrees in the next 30 years, said Brown.

This article appeared in 1989. Everybody died by 1999.

Item Maryland man arrested in Leesburg for attempting to have sexual relations with horse (Thanks to Kent Clizbe for the tip.)

A Maryland man is facing a felony charge for the attempted carnal knowledge of an animal after allegedly soliciting an undercover Loudoun County Animal Services officer in Leesburg for the opportunity to have sexual relations with a horse, according to Loudoun County authorities…

“Loudoun County has zero tolerance for criminal acts that include cruel and heinous behavior towards animals,” LCAS Chief of Animal Control Chris Brosan said in a prepared statement. “We routinely conduct investigations to protect all animals in Loudoun.”

Clearly Loudoun County hasn’t got the word that zoophilia is now a sexual orientation, which will be protected under the Equality Act.

They had better watch their analogies, too. If it’s “cruel and heinous behavior” to bugger a horse, a large animal, how much worse is the same thing happening to a man?

Item Converse Launches ‘LGBTQ+’ Shoe Line Featuring Child Drag Queen

Converse announced that they have “partnered” with folks “connected to the LGBTQ+ community” to promote their new line of shoes known as the company’s “Pride Collection.” An 11-year-old child named Desmond Napoles, a so-called “drag kid” who goes by “Desmond is Amazing,” is one of the featured promoters

Pride, the first, and last, sin.

Item When A Seattle Woman Raped By A Homeless Man Told Her Story, The Progressive Backlash Began

Then came the backlash. Progressive activists launched a counterattack against Lindsey on social media. Local journalist Erica Barnett claimed that the story drew attention because Lindsey is an “attractive blonde woman” and dismissed the victim’s “many tears” as theatrics serving a false narrative that the homeless represent a danger to the community. She demanded that the media temper its reporting and be mindful that “graphic descriptions of violent rape may be triggering for survivors.”

Feminism is raw power politics and nothing more. About women not vying for power, feminists care nothing.


  1. Karen

    Why do you call this ‘out of control matriarchy?’ What, in your opinion, should women be permitted to do? Because I want to fully disclose my position, I am a liberal feminist who wants the idea of ‘gender roles,’ where women are restricted to purely dependent domestic roles, destroyed. In my ideal world, the idea that a woman would change her last name and quit her job because she got married, or that a man would always produce the income and spank the children, shot into the dustbin of history where we’ve sent the practice of killing all the monarch’s servants at the monarch’s funeral. I presume you want women kept as domestic slaves, although you wouldn’t describe it that way. So, I want to know what your ideal world is. You tell us what you don’t like, now please tell us what you do.

  2. Gary

    Oh boy. Pop, pop, pop, popcorn.

  3. Sander van der Wal

    Clearly, all Kat’s friends have their email hacked, and instead of bigger erections, the spammers are now selling smaller erections, as in no erections at all.

  4. All through history, in every Western culture (and probably many others), women have done any and every job they wanted to do and were capable of, from blacksmith to postmaster to shoemaker to printer/publisher. The feminist lie that women “weren’t allowed” to do things is a lie, one of many. There is no historical record of any European or American law or custom prohibiting women from holding any job or role in civil society for centuries prior to the rise of feminism.

    Further, in all my reading of popular literature and original source material from 19th century and early 20th century USA, I haven’t found much at all that confirms or preaches the stereoptypic “gender roles” that feminists cite. It is likely that some feminists created and promulgated those stereotypes themselves to further their cause. It’s been drilled into our heads so long that even historians don’t question it, but it was never accepted by ordinary women, who had to work for a living. Both of my grandmothers worked. The US Dept of Labor reported in 1900 that 25% of all women were employed outside their homes, and nearly all the others worked in their own business – the large majority of Americans at that time were self-employed. Just like today, only a few women had the luxury of idleness.

    Those falsehoods took hold as people forgot what jobs were done before automation, and forgot what jobs were done in rural life, and also as people forgot the legal concept of marriage as an economic corporation designed to promote economic security for both members and the entire extended family, in which all members were equally valuable and were united in one common goal (thus, only one vote per family unit).

    Still, the past is the past. In today’s world, feminists have achieved not only parity everywhere but primacy in every field and role that the Feminist movement has chosen. Now that those original goals have been achieved, instead of celebrating it and working for stability, the movement has instead moved toward leftist political power-seeking, allying itself with novelties that endanger true female needs, such as protection from harm by physical force. Lara Logan and Lyndsey were abandoned by the very people who should have comforted and championed them. High school girls, especially those who want to play sports, are abandoned and endangered by the feminist movement’s embrace of males who want to use the girls’ locker rooms, toilets, and of males who would rather compete against women than to face real competition in mens’ sports.

  5. DAV

    An internationally renowned researcher on tax avoidance is believed to be the first person in Britain to lose her job for saying that transgender women are not women.

    I’m guessing her employers didn’t see or need her expertise enough; think they can easily replace her; or were already looking for some excuse to sack her. Businesses (I assume she was employed by one) still care about the bottom line over all else. The kowtowing to the PC culture is only an attempt to retain customers or gain more.

    Maryland man arrested in Leesburg for attempting to have sexual relations with horse

    Maryland is widely regarded in Virginia as being “for Crabs” (unlike Virginia which is “for Lovers”). While the Maryland man was undoubtedly a lover of horses, clearly, they were worried about the health of the horse. Nothing worse than a crabby horse.

  6. Dave

    Karen, if fundies vote Jerry Falwell Jr. into the White House, pick up copies of The Handmaiden’s Tale, and use it as a how-to guide, you can always move to Sweden, the most feminist nation on Earth, and claim refugee status.

    Sweden is so feminist that half a million men have emigrated, about 1/8 of the entire native male population. The refugees replacing them are mostly male, so I guess it balances out. Rape is rarely mentioned in the Swedish media so it’s obviously a right-wing myth meant to trick you into opposing mass third-world immigration.

  7. c matt

    entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

    to be fair, given the compound statement, “by the year 2000” could have referred to the wiping off of nations or to the reversal of the trends, with the wiping off being the inevitable consequence at some later point (going on 20 years now?) if the trend reversal does not begin by the year 2000. Given the proximity of “by the year 2000” to the trend reversal, that is probably what the author meant.

  8. c matt

    In an ideal world, the restrictions on women’s roles would be limited to their competency, with no accommodations for individual or collective inferiority. In fact, in such an ideal world any person’s role would be so restricted. Alas, there is no such real place as an ideal world.

  9. Evangeline

    Karen, one could ask, why does that model of life threaten you so? Is someone forcing you to enter into it? Women are free to say yes to marriage and family or no thank you. If it is not for you, refrain, say no if the gentleman asks, but who are you or anyone to deny other women that role in life? Why do feminists believe they are speaking for all women when they seek to blow up marriage and family. They are not.
    Marriage properly understood, as understood by billions of people throughout much of recorded history, so, forever, is a covenant between one man and one woman and God. The role of man as material and spiritual head of the family was understood. The role of woman as head of the home, in charge of raising children was understood. Each pledged love and fidelity to the other. In this way people lived Christian lives for God, and raised happy, healthy children ready to take their place in this world as balanced, productive people, and who would go on do the same. The perpetuation of the species and the recipe for a healthy society.

    There is not one thing wrong with this plan. As I said it has worked for billions around the world since time began, and the result, a largely functioning, normal civilization.
    But feminists can’t stand it. That it existed, that it can still exist. Whether it is jealousy or some other deep-seated animus or psychological quirk, the male-hating feminist resents that this model has worked and still can work, if you have two rational, balanced, Christians participating, who understand their role and their partner’s role and show respect and appreciation for the other’s contribution, both irreplaceable to the family unit.
    The feminists yammer, and yet the feminists have no good model proposed to replace it, except random fornicating and illegitimate children, who typically live in poverty and father or mother-lessness and unhappiness. In fact, statistics show we have a surplus of depressed adults and anxiety-ridden children to show for the mess you feminists have made of the culture. So do tell us, what is your model for utopia on earth? What is your replacement for the model that God intended and which has worked for literally billions of people before you came along?

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