The Week In Doom — Pride In Perversion Edition

Item A list of woke corporations taking pride in sodomy.

It’s difficult to imagine how far gone a culture is that encourages everyone—from the absolute youngest to the near dead to those in the prime of their employed life (don’t let HR discover your backward attitude!)—to take pride in (at best) non-procreative sexual acts. There seems to be no way to turn back from the determined march to the cliff.

One item in this endless list shows a list of smiling people: “Proud to be genderqueer”, “Proud to be non-binary”, “Proud to be polysexual”, and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…

Who takes pride in what they are sexually attracted to? How bizarre to announce “I desire to stick my pertinents into that!”

Parades are infesting many cities this month, with slews of naked men proclaiming how happy they are about sodomy. Gone are Memorial Day parades of veterans who have sacrificed themselves for our oligarchs. Here are small children watching perverts glory in their perversity.

Missing from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, perhaps because of a printing error, was that the men who assailed Lot’s door had just returned from Gomorrah’s annual Pride Parade.

How many people can keep jobs in these mega-companies while not going along with this?

Item Winner Most Asinine Headline of 2019!

It reads, if you can’t read the tweet or it’s deleted “More poor people are eating meat around the world. That means they will live longer, healthier lives, but it is bad news for the environment” — The Economist.

Item Is it our constitutional right to live in a world safe from climate change?

The case, Juliana vs. United States, alleges that the U.S. government has violated the rights of 21 young Americans by permitting — and in many cases, subsidizing — the continued use of fossil fuels that cause climate change.

You might make the argument that our current culture is not the most asinine, self-indulgent, foolish, idiotic, and insipid, but the only chance you have of winning that fight is to say that it is going to get worse.


Alternate headline: Man beats women at track event. Take a close look at this man’s claws. Sharpened to a deadly point.

Now the point is not a man pretending to be a woman beat a bunch of woman in a race. Nobody cares. It’s that the university itself is boasting of the man’s feat as if it, the university, believed the man was a woman.

Universities are now places that teach definite error. For huge fees! Why any parent would let their child go to one of these places is yet more evidence of our Doom.

Item Mx. Steel, Male Penetration, & The New Normal

It appears to be part of the Colors Of Progress exhibit on the lawn of the California State Capitol. “ALL MEN SHOULD BE PENETRATED” is a quote from the gay fashion designer Tom Ford. It does not appear on the Colors of Progress website, but other quotes in the same font, with the same blue background, do.

Now, Ahmari-French Debate observers, ask yourself: is it really possible to argue reasonably with people who are so fanatically committed to this revolution that they would be proud of proclaiming, on the lawn of a state capitol, that “All Men Should Be Penetrated”? That they would find it a cause for celebration that a middle-aged male teacher would spring this kind of thing on his students, and propagandize them?

This is the new normal that progressives want for us. If you don’t go along with it, you are deemed a hater and a bigot. Serious question: where is the space for rational dialogue with these revolutionaries?

Long-time readers will remember that we predicted, oh, ten years ago, that in order to be taken as not a bigot or “homophobe” one had to admit to engaging in sodomy—and enjoying it. I recall people expressed disbelief in this prediction.

Item YouTube to ban ‘hateful,’ ‘supremacist’ videos

YouTube announced Wednesday it would ban videos promoting or glorifying racism and discrimination as well as those denying well-documented violent events, like the Holocaust or the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.

As well as any channel preaching Reality, which is equal to hate.

Item You don’t know how bad it is.


Florida man mistakes foreign country for Florida.

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  1. I at first thought the top photo was meant to include fans of the Ravens football team in your list of perverted individuals and that many Redskins fans would agree.

  2. How can someone take pride in something they did not accomplish? If it is true that they were “born that way” what did they do that merits pride?

    Then, too, do we hold parades for Wrath, Gluttony, or any of the other cardinal sins?

  3. “Mainstream media continues to push the bounderies by promoting behavior that is completely age inappropriate and detrimental to innocent young children.”

    Unlike the good old days when they were taught the Bible. Definitely no genocide, torture, rape, slavery, animal cruelty, racism, paedophilia, sexism, bestiality or incest in there.

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