The Week In Doom — Leftist Violence Edition

The Week In Doom — Leftist Violence Edition

Item The Treatment of Migrants Likely ‘Meets the Definition of a Mass Atrocity’

Children are suffering and dying. The fastest way to stop it is to make sure those responsible, including the foot soldiers, face consequences…,

The identities of the individual Customs and Border Protection agents who are physically separating children from their families and staffing the detention centers are not undiscoverable. Immigration lawyers have agent names; journalists reporting at the border have names, photos and even videos. These agents’ actions should be publicized, particularly in their home communities.

This is not an argument for doxxing — it’s about exposure of their participation in atrocities to audiences whose opinion they care about…

This is the New York Times, embracing its inner evil.

The paper put this at the end: “Kate Cronin-Furman is an assistant professor of human rights at University College London.” She’s in the Department of Political Science, which, Google says, is located at 30 Tavistock Square, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9QU, UK.

If you’re ever in London, stop by and say hi to to young Kate and let her know what you think about people who dox the men patrolling the border against invaders.

Item Antifa roughs up a reporter, police stand down, allow it.

And in a shocking coincidence, this: Report Shows Online Ties Linking HuffPost, the Guardian, and SPLC to Antifa.

It must be understood that there is no point to saying “Antifa are the real fascists”, as if anybody knows what a fascist it. Swap in “Nazi” and the same proscription applies. Antifa are terrorists. They are criminals. They are thugs. They are the enemy. As is anybody who supports them.

Item On America’s Streets, Militant Anti-fascism Isn’t Terrorism – It’s Self-defense

After an anti-fascist punched a right-wing journalist in Portland, militant anti-fascists and antifa – who counter far right violence – have been branded as ‘violent gangs,’ even ‘terrorists.’ Those definitions are completely wrong.

This is Haaretz. The left is painting antifa as noble defenders.

Item Red Hen Restaurant Owner: Maybe Trump’s People Deserve To Be Spit On

Stephanie Wilkinson is the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA. That’s the restaurant that refused service to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders last June. Friday, the Washington Post published a piece in which Wilkinson offers her thoughts on the recent spitting incident involving Eric Trump. You’ll be shocked to learn that Wilkinson is for it (or at least willing to defend it) though it takes her a while to admit it.

Trump, says this enraged woman who considers herself entirely innocent, is “trashing norms and breaking backs”, so “You can’t call people your enemies by day and expect hospitality from them in the evening.”

She also describes woke capital: “Customers are demonstrating that they want to patronize companies that share their values. Our workforce also increasingly demands that employers establish a set of ethical standards.”

Add to that the banks which refuse to do business with “Nazis”, the on-line companies that boot any patron aligning too vocally with Reality (i.e., “Nazis”), and you have the beginnings of a virulent anti-Christian religion—supported by government and the oligarchs.

So far this is only in major metropolitan areas, those infested with anti-Christian, anti-Reality forces, and on line. The question is how far it spreads, especially if, as it appears, Trump wins reelection.

Item The media is the enemy of the people.

Boycott the legacy/mainstream media (Fox, CNN, etc., you know them). Never talk to them, any of them. Never give them anything. Not a word. We have more than enough of our own outlets to get our stories out. Anybody who cooperates with them cooperates with evil.

The media and Hollywood labels its opponents “Nazis” and “fascists”. In their mind this is sufficient justification for violence against those opponents. They will say “I don’t condone the violence”, but they will in every other way signal their approval of it, and work to facilitate it.

Don’t think so? Here’s an example:

Here’s another:


It should be obvious that you mustn’t ever start anything, ever, with these people. If you get hit on the head they’ll arrest you for assault for damaging your assailant’s hand. However, if they start something, you can’t ever let them finish it, either. Self-defense to the max.

Item Did Andy Ngo get what he deserved?

Guess what the answer is.

Item Italy in shock as mayor, medics & others caught brainwashing kids to sell them into foster care

Italians are reeling from the revelation that a crime ring, which includes a mayor, doctors and social workers, had been brainwashing children to say their parents abused them, so as to easily sell them on to foster families.

So far eighteen people, including the mayor of the town of Bibbiano, near Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, have been arrested.

They were suspected of working together to brainwash the kids, who were taken from disadvantaged families under false pretexts, into believing they’d been abused at home. This was later used as a justification to seize the children and, basically, to sell them to foster parents at a high price.

The psychologists at the Hansel and Gretel Association in the town of Moncalieri, near Turin, have used a variety of bizarre techniques to achieve their sinister goal.

They relied on persuasion to make their victims believe that their parents hurt and sexually abused them; showed fake, childlike drawings with added sexual details and even enacted plays, dressing up in scary masks to represent their moms and dads as being vile and dangerous.

The police said the children were also subjected to small electric shocks, referred to as “the little memory machine” by the shrinks…

The people to whom the boys and girls were handed over reportedly included sex shop owners, persons with psychological disorders and parents whose children had committed suicide. It was under this ‘foster care’ that at least two of the victims suffered actual sexual abuse, according to reports.

Shall we class this as It’s worse than you think, or Not all conspiracies are theories? Say psychologists three time fast.

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  1. Hoyos

    The Italian Case is why you need the death penalty for kidnapping and some sex crimes. Somebody kidnaps or rapes a kid (and not a divorce case “kidnapping”), what’s the plan? Rehabilitate them? Do we even know how to do that at that level? What else can you do with them other than kill them? Their problem is beyond psychological, it’s actually spiritual and at a much, much deeper level than the typical ne’er do well type of criminal.

  2. Sheri

    As a proud possessor of a degree in psychology, I can tell you unequivicably that virtually all working psychologists are NUTS. One of the counselors at our “premier” mental health facilities hired a patient to whack he ex-husband. Enough said. Not-crazy degree holders went into seismic processing, etc, fleeing the insanity.

    Border agents are well aware of the fact that crazy people can find their homes and have taken appropriate action concerning that possibility. I stayed at a relatives house who works in Border Patrol and I assure you, they know.

  3. This week’s Doom missed the UK’s busting of a huge foreign-run slavery ring. Largest, most extensive organized human smuggling and exploitation criminal enterprise in the history of the UK.

    Frigging Eurabia! Slimy Muzzies! The destruction of Christian Europe must be ended! Stop the camel jockey invasion before Christianity is erased from the European homelands.

    What? Oh, never mind….

    The slave masters were 100% Polish Catholics. Must be the religion….?

    Or could it be that there are barbarians who pretend to follow every creed?

  4. Joy

    Kate Cronin Furman is an assistant professor at UCL: *what a name,

    I was at UCL a couple of weeks ago, to broaden the mind! It likely was that building but I was in a group and it was a case of my not taking notice where we walked. 17th or 18th June. Anthropology without being forced!
    It was unbelievable jaw dropping stuff. Anti Christian, anti Catholic, (by an ex catholic old man in tight jeans *apparently), anti British government, pro IRA AND Jerry Adams, communist (for real), bloodthirsty, talk about blood and slaughter, I’m still forgetting. I have to say it was not just shocking it was surreal.

    Can’t even mention the man’s specialised interest but it has to do with feminism.

    He was using Jesus as a mascot for political revolutionary talk. Overtly stating that WAS his real purpose and that he never claimed to be anything else. He was ‘clearly anticapitalist’.

    So I’m not surprised to hear that some other crazy cronies is abusing their microphone and behaving like a celebrity pop star.

    There was opportunity throughout and at the end, of the ‘talk’. He shook my hand at the end. My sister in law said,
    “Only interesting people get talked about and they’ll have lots to discuss in the bar afterwards!”
    We did not go, I went home. They want me to go again but I only went in ignorance, now it would be different. The written law and Paul’s words from the bible about sacrifice, was used as a primary text for discussion before the lecture and my brother, who isn’t very religious, bless him, read me the paper aloud.
    “(Joy, that’s enough)” he was nudging me.
    Once one of the women started hissing at me I had to keep quiet because that made him angry at the woman.

    There was no shouting, just disagreement. From me and only one other. The man maintained Christianity was antisemitic at its core and always has been.
    Wonder if snake woman hydro was part of that kind of mob.

    There is an attempt to make people associate border control and defence, with nazi Germany.
    Kate Cronin is telling the same lie.

    Kate can come to me, I’m not going there.

    It is an eye opener to really hear how some of these people carry on. So I have now met some of the types spoken of. it’s the social sciences, women studies, sociology, politics and administration that need shutting down. Oh yes, and media studies, first to go. All those people can find real jobs.

  5. “The man maintained Christianity was antisemitic at its core and always has been.”

    Might have something to do with the Jews having Christ executed, then persecuting and murdering early Christians.

  6. Joy

    He claimed,
    “I don’t think anyChristian will argue that it wasn’t”.
    I said,
    “I would”. “What you describe bears no relation to the Christianity I have ever known personally.”

    Obvious why the theme never goes away as it’s a lever for some people.
    Christ was Jewish. The deciples didn’t stop being Jewish and obeying the old law until Paul put it to an end.
    It is not a core tennate, or a tennate except by its NOT being Jewish.
    Nor was Jesus a petty, anticapitalist revolutionary communist. Yet he overtly claims otherwise.

    The Spiritual message, he claimed, was Paul’s lone idea.
    The man was pro Jewish for convenience sake.
    Same as his pro feminism.

  7. Ye Olde Statistician

    But those are all dead now, and who is responsible for the acts of people dead long before they were born, you slaveowner, you.

  8. swordfishtrombone

    @ Ye Olde Statistician,

    “But those are all dead now, and who is responsible for the acts of people dead long before they were born, you slaveowner, you.”

    Not heard of original sin?

  9. DAV

    Titania McGrath …

    Unfortunately, for parody to work it has to be more outrageous than what is being parodied. The “woke” do this to themselves by constantly trying to outdo the last. There are no limits.

    The Democratic debates in the US showed this. Every one of the candidates rushed to put the ideas of the youngest and most idiotic among them should be in the forefront; using them as the basis of their platforms. Not a single one tried to say “wait a minute!”.

  10. Jim Fedako

    As Paulo Freire noted a half century ago, violence from the left “can initiate love.”

    To consider the actions detailed above in a doom column belies the hegomonic agenda of Briggs. Briggs hates love.

    Pummeling a man is an act of love, when he is not of the left … today’s left. Regardless, I read nothing but love above. Except, of course, the vile rantings of Briggs, a parasitic excrescience of the reactionary bourgeoisie.

    In Freire’s prescient words, words that influenced the awokening (i.e. pre-woke), so to speek, teachers of my generation:

    (From the influential, “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.)

    Consciously or unconsciously, the act of rebellion by the oppressed (an act which is always, or nearly always, as violent as the initial violence of the oppressors) can initiate love. Whereas the violence of the oppressors prevents the oppressed from being fully human, the response of the latter to this violence is grounded in the desire to pursue the right to be human. As the oppressors dehumanize others and violate their rights, they themselves also become dehumanized. As the oppressed, fighting to be human, take away the oppressors’ power to dominate and suppress, they restore to the oppressors the humanity they had lost in the exercise of oppression.

    Tomorrow, I’ll be in my town square, holding my “Violence is Love” and “Down with the Ten Capitalists Ministers” signs, denouncing an effigy of Briggs.

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