The Week In Good News

The Week In Good News

All Doom and no sunshine makes Jack a dull boy. Even in decline a culture has bright spots.

I’ll start: God willing, tomorrow I will polkaing like a madman.

Your good news? If nobody has any, it will be a signal to double our Weekly Doom.

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  1. trigger warning

    I’m assuming this is a serious post, as opposed to a Babylon Bee article that will need fact – checking by Snopes, so here goes…

    A young baseball fan was signed by the Oakland A’s farm team after throwing several serious heaters, including a 96 mph pitch, to win one of those idiotic baseball game timekiller contests at Coors Field.

    “Take me out to the ball game…” ?

  2. trigger warning

    Attend to your unicode processing, Briggs. The last character was a musical note, not a question mark.

  3. John

    Lots of good news out our way.

    I’m beginning to understand an award eligible book about uncertainty and a philosophy of statistics.

    The rhythm of homestead life stays the same regardless of political madness. The sun rises. The rain falls or doesn’t. The livestock thrives or doesn’t. Televised insanity can’t come into our home if we simply turn off that conduit of temptation. All as God intended.

  4. climatehead

    Just finished a fabulously-eye-opening book:
    The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change by Marc Morano?
    in which appears the Statistician to the Stars.

  5. The rhythm of life goes on. Births, graduations, marriages, jobs, growth, changes, rearranges, ups and downs, the boss crochets by the window looking out over the back 40, the fox trots out at 10pm and returns at 5am, pepper plants springing forth, lemongrass growing, crepe myrtle blooming, cicadas chirping, bluebirds flown.

    Grandchild sings ABCs on the phone, and fills in the blank to complete a phrase from her favorite book. One kid graduates, gets married, buys a house, starts a career. The other over the hump to finish school, settling in to the reality of post-Army real life.

    It’s a wonderful God-given ride, and enjoying every second of it.

    Think positive!

  6. I will have to find a source. A catholic twitter prognosticator reported (with abject horror) that a preponderance of american seminarians are conservative/traditional, follow writers like Fr. Z, etc. “These are your future priests! Be afraid!” Was the conclusion. If seminaries are swelling with God fearing Christians, perhaps the good news is just awaiting the natural end of the age pyramid?

  7. Milton Hathaway

    One bit of good news for me, on a personal level, is that the seemingly impenetrable recently-erected J-wall* on this web site appears to have developed a crack, and I can now access it again on a real computer with a real keyboard using a real safety-oriented browser configuration. The not-so-good news is that the links (a big reason I frequent this blog) are still inaccessibly ensconced behind the J-wall.

    *J-wall: A layer of gratuitous and unreliable JavaScript designed to keep visitors from reaching their target content too quickly, by circumventing normal browser operation, for the purpose of increasing advertisement viewing time.

  8. Allard

    Where was the good guy with a gun in El Paso?

    A lot of people had gun on them yet 19 dead 40 injured.

  9. DAV

    Still trolling after all these years?
    Your idea of good news is truly bizarre.

    FYI, this particular Wal-Mart is a Gun Free Zone. If it wasn’t then things likely would have been different. Note that it didn’t stop someone with criminal intent — laws never do.

    Stop hijacking threads and get a life.

  10. Sylvain Allard


    You realize that your friend the President is actually dancing around celebrating is own influence.

    This is the greatest of news for you guys. Brown are dead. Your master is strong.

  11. Sheri

    The good news is I have not been devoured by the hordes of grasshoppers living in my yard. Sadly, the same cannot be said for several of my trees and much of my garden. The dog’s not real happy with the hoppers either, but the ducks are gobbling them up. Does this mean I have a “hoppy” life? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  12. Brian (Bulaoren)

    About 3 years ago, late one night, while reading Briggs, I went to my kitchen for a snack. Crawling across the space behind my sink, I saw an enormous (>5′) snake.
    Freaking out, and not knowing the local reptiles, (I live in SHANGHAI), I interrupted the Briggs thread to ask if there were any herpatogists in the audience.
    I do feel regret over hijacking the thread, but I was rather stunned…
    Anyway, now for the good news; though 2 years ago, I did find a shed skin, I have not seen the snake since.

  13. Brian (Bulaoren)

    Now, I am at a bit of a loss to explain the absence of rats (which had been quite plentiful).
    Rather than worrying about the continuing presence of Mr. Snake, I think I’ll just call the rat scarcity another bit of good news.

  14. Sheri

    Brian: Definately a causality relationship. We let bull snakes live under our trailer all the time (we’re in the US) and have greatly decreased the rodent population. They are harmless snakes and great at getting rid rodents!

    As for Sylvain/Allard: Understand Sylvain is happy being depressed. Seriously. My mother and two brothers are/were like that. Some people live their whole lives wallowing in misery and loving it. It’s a kind of martyr complex that makes them feel morally superior. Honestly, I do believe Sylvain thinks dead people who prove his world view are a happy day. He celebrates, as do many Democratics in this country do, people dying who prove how “bad” life is and thus their world view. It looks demented to people with a conscience, but the only conscience these people have it one that says “if it proves my miserable existence is right, then the act was a happy one”. Yes, he/she/it is a premiere example of a deluded, socially harmful human being. Nothing will change that short of a miracle. I truly believe Sylvain thought this was happy news—at least to him/her/it. It also made him/her/it happy to try and impose his/her/it’s definition of sad as happy on others.

  15. Joshua Smith

    Bought the 11-yr old his first seersucker suit this last week. He was complimented by several folks when we went out to dinner wearing it—inspired hope in them and confirmed ol’ dad’s sense of fashion in the boy-child.

    Even more hopeful is that we are purchasing said outfits in preparation for my oldest daughter’s nuptial ceremony to our Lord at her Benedictine abbey. Being raised to the noviate in a couple weeks, she’ll wear my wife’s wedding dress, made by my wife’s aunt. She’ll have her waist-length blonde hair cut off for the first time since she was born. My 16-year-old daughter has been invited to come out a week early to help her prepare. Our cup runneth over.

  16. Sylvain Allard


    You understand that this is happy news for you guys right. You’ve been calling for such attacks for years on this site, and on Foxnews.

    Support for Cliven Bundy, Charlotteville riots, your President says that people chanting ancient nazi rally cry like blood and soil or Jews will not replace us, were good people.

    Of course, white people are under attacks and the billionaire who won the election is always the one treated unfairly.

    Unlike people like you who think they are invaded or infested by people that are actually practicing Christian of mainly catholic affiliation.

    I’m mostly happy where things are here in Quebec. Unlike in the USA I can go anywhere I want and not be afraid to get shot by a whining white supremacist who can’t accept that his failure are his own.

  17. swordfishtrombone

    Something which was good news to me was the results of the recent Pew survey into religious knowlege in the US. Here are some of the results in terms of average number of right answers out of 32 questions:

    Jews: 18.7
    Atheists: 17.9
    Mainline Protestants: 14.6
    Catholics: 14.0

    I predict that Catholics will be more annoyed at being beaten by Protestants than by atheists.

  18. Nate

    My 3 y.o. daughter has made a good friend with another 3 y.o. girl in the neighborhood. It’s quite nice sitting on the deck and watching them play together. Their world is so much smaller, but everything that happens in their eyes is so much *bigger*!

  19. c matt

    Catholics got > 40% correct!?! Woo-hoo, things are improving!!!

    Now, if only spelling “knowlege” can increase among atheists.

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