Pipe Down — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Pipe Down — Guest Post by Ianto Watt


Do we really want Trump to pipe down? To stop twittering? To stop pushing back (immediately) upon further ‘progressive’ provocation? Well, do you?

Isn’t it obvious he should? In the interests of civility, comity, charity? Isn’t our nation badly in need of healing? And the way to heal us is to become more civil, more accepting, more inclusive? To go back to the way we were before, when both sides could actually work together, for the common good?

Sure, Komrade. America never changed one whit between the beginning and end of the 20th century. Everything has been peachy-keen from 1776 until 2016. Nothing of value was lost (or discarded) in that time. And nothing taken away.

Before you make up your mind, maybe we should ask the victims in Alien that same question. In fact, ask the victims in any sci-fi horror flick; is making nice with the ones who are devouring you the way to get them to stop?

Am I saying that those who oppose Donald are alien creatures? Well, let’s reverse the image. Let’s say those people are indeed real humans. But let’s say that they don’t see their opponents as human. In fact, that maybe they see us as something deplorable, something rather sub-human. On the order of, say, a frog. And that the actual scenario in America up until the arrival of Donald isn’t some violent thrashing battle, as in the usual horror flick, but simply a rather bland exercise in culinary art.

To wit, that these ‘people’, these Chefs, are slowly boiling us Frogs in a kettle. And that the process (to date) has been so slow that the incremental increase in the pot’s temperature is indiscernible to the occupants of the pot. Until now, that is. Why is the temperature suddenly coming into focus for the Frogs? Could it be that one of the Frogs has started screaming ‘Fire! Jump for your life!’

Here is the question, is the Bullfrog that is screaming ‘fire’ being loud and obnoxious, to the discomfort and actual detriment of all in the room, Chefs and Frogs alike? Is this Frog’s screaming ruining the ability to form meaningful relationships between all Chefs and Frogs? Or is this Frog actually performing a public service — at least, to his fellow Frogs?

Some will object that I have unfairly presumed that Donald’s opponents view the rest of us as undeserving of the ‘human rights’ they always speak of. Stalin’s detractors were accused of this too. Hitler’s as well. Yet, at some point, there has to be a time when a person decides that his opponents seem to be intent on eliminating him. A conclusion of this kind would call for strong and direct action, and not further ‘reflection’, as the intellectuals always counsel. Intellectual is another word for Maitre’ d’ today. You know, professors, news anchors, pundits. Wimps.

Let’s ask ourselves some simple questions. Has the history of mankind, since the French Revolution, been one in which there seems to be an attempt to re-define the menu? And that Frog legs have been added? At the top? And that there has been a slow but steady march towards one group getting to define who deserves human treatment, and those who don’t? Those who eat, and those who are eaten?

I’m not really referring to the obvious Stalins and Hitlers among us. Actually, they have been rather counter-productive from the view of the highly cultured Big Chefs. After all, whole generations of entire peoples have awakened to the horrors of those who would tear off the Frog’s legs and devour them raw. This sadistic behavior tends to make all neighbors skittish when someone begins to exhibit these same visibly totalitarian tendencies. But all good revolutionaries know that visibility is stupid.

In another sense, the Stalins and Hitlers have also served a useful purpose for the Chefs. They provide an appearance of vivid contrast between the Communists and the Socialists of today. And again, real revolutionaries know that appearance is all that matters. Like the French Revolution was the bad cop to the good cop of the American Revolution, accepting this at face value ignores the fact that they were both revolutions. And no revolution comes to a good end. That’s another topic for another day. We have to survive today if we want to have any hope for tomorrow. We have to avoid the Sadist as well as the Chef. Which is more dangerous to a Frog today?

The real problem for most Frogs today is not the sadistic 12-year-old who kills for pleasure. The real threat is the sophisticated one who kills for principle. As well as principal. As in profit. Which is to say, those who kill you slowly and who rob you blind by enervation before finally serving you as the entrée. After a long and useful (to them) life, of course. By the way, if you think I’m being too graphic, just look at the concept of ‘organ donation’ in China today. Those are good examples of the Sadistic 12-year-old. Then look at the ‘euthanasia societies’ of the West. Those are today’s Chefs. Either way, somebody gets eaten. And it ain’t the Chefs.

Who would these Chef People be, if they are not the same as Joe and Dolph and Mao? I’ll tell you who they are; they are the Fabians. The Fabian Socialists. The ones you’ve never heard of. They are the true Chefs. Just look at their coat of arms. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Like every true Chef, they truly believe in their work. The goal of a real Chef is to produce a real dinner. For some invited guests. But the entr´e is not there by invitation.

Here’s the Fabian story line. Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus was the Roman general who defeated the invading Carthaginians, led by Hannibal, in the Second Punic War. Fabius, known as the Cunctator (the delayer), was a good man who understood his limitations, as Harry would say. He understood that with the few resources he had, he could not defeat Hannibal and his elephant-horde in a direct confrontation. So he developed what we now call guerilla warfare tactics. He continuously attacked Hannibal’s supply lines and isolated outposts, and harassed Hannibal’s flanks. But he never went head-to-head. The result of this strategy was the gradual exhaustion of Hannibal’s army, and Hannibal eventually withdrew. Strategic victory achieved without a single tactical victory.

Just like all true believers, these Chefs understand that they are vastly outnumbered by Frogs. The problem, for the Frogs, is that there are so few Bullfrogs. Like Donald. Couple that with the fact that half the population of Frogs are averse to drastic action. This half is generally known as women. Please understand, this is not a criticism. It is a simple recognition of the natural role of mothers. Who, until recently, were universally presumed to be women.

Not that there aren’t a lot of Frog-men who seem to be psychologically transgendered today. No, I’m not talking about those idiots that actually think of themselves as women. I’m talking about those who succumb to the terminal politeness demanded by a society dominated by women. It is not the presence of women in society that is the problem. It is their dominance of society. A dominance sold to us by the Chefs of Madison Avenue. And the NEA. And mainstream Protestant religions. And the always helpful ‘men’ of Hollywood. Each of these groups (and many others) have made most of their ‘frog-ress’ towards the edge of the societal cliff by practicing the tactics of General Fabius. And those opposed to this Frog-march have failed in their resistance because they have not understood either the tactics or the strategy being used against them.

Now we come to the false Fabians. These are the men who dressed their movement (The Fabian Society) in the tactics of the honorable Roman Fabius, but with a different strategy in mind. For they are not intent on defeating the invaders of The Empire. No, they are the invaders. But they decided, as Fabius had, that the only winning move was to delay any direct confrontation.

Thus, you had men like George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells and sexologist Havelock Ellis and others who counseled their political brethren to practice the art of ‘permeation’. That is, to gradually steep the people in the ideas of socialism, dressed in the guise of humanitarian concern. Think, like any good Chef, of marinating a steak before you cook it. Or think of cooking a Frog one incremental degree at a time. But don’t get anxious about how long it will take. That would ruin the dinner plans.

Truly, today’s Communists do serve a useful purpose, to a Socialist, at least. The contrast between the Sadistic 12-year-olds and the calm and cultured Chefs is all it takes to convince most Frogs that the real enemy is the one who wants to rip you apart immediately. And so, these naive Frogs succumb to the idea that they can find ‘common ground’ with the sophisticated culinary elites who always profess a heartfelt desire for dialogue. And dialogue, of course, takes time. Just like cooking a frog. Can’t we just talk about it?

Thus, history (when actually studied) shows us that while the actual size of the Fabian Society itself is rather negligible in terms of manpower, they have achieved success by imbuing their many look-alike clones with the same spirit of seeming (but scheming) patience. The Labour Party is the prime example over there, and the Democratic Party over here. Both have become thoroughly steeped in the art of double-talk that masks their true intentions. The vast majority of the rank-and-file of these sibling socialist factions may actually believe in many of the camouflaged positions espoused by the Chefs leading each party, expressed in the language of emotion (versus rationality).

But the fact is, when it comes time to actually serve dinner, the rank-and-file will become Frogs as well. Again, history tells us this is so.

Let’s ask ourselves another simple question. What is the most dangerous thing a Fabian can do, as it relates to his cause? Simple, tadpole. To push too hard, too fast. To try and speed up the process. To turn up the temperature too quickly, causing too much discomfort amongst those lounging in the pot. Which will cause them to leap while they still can. And that would ruin the dinner plans.

The best tactic for a Fabian strategist is two steps forward, one step back. And as long as it stays at exactly this ratio, throughout the history of mankind and his eternal gullibility, it works. For the Chef’s that is.

The problem Frogs have is persistent stupidity, leading to relative comfort, and then the big dinner. But the Chefs have a problem too. At least they do since Donald arrived. It’s similar to when the first white men arrived in the New World. They were few, but they carried a secret weapon. Disease. And sure enough, that fact (coupled with the magnifying force of technology) was sufficient to decimate the Indians.

Except Pocahontas, of course. She’s still alive and well, in Massachusetts. This time, it’s the indigenous people, the Frogs, who carry the germ. The deplorable germ. Any Chef exposed to it develops an instantaneous reaction. Followed by the Big Fever. Time for TDS.

Yes, Trump Derangement Syndrome has finally given the Frogs a chance. A choice. A choice outside the Fabian Norm. What then are the symptoms of TDS? Just tune in to any MSM outlet and observe the fevered pitch. Literally, they are gripped by a fever. The fever has not abated. Rather, it seems to be increasing, by orders of magnitude. In fact, it is the inverse of the Fabian dictum of not turning the temperature up too fast. And they seem to be doing it to themselves.

But are they really? Or is it Donald that has done this to them? If so, just exactly how has he done this? Simple. He has injected himself into their body politic, and triggered their auto-immune system. His harsh presence has irritated their soft tissues, inflaming them, making them extremely vulnerable to the pains of the slightest touch. And this pain has sent them, literally howling, into a frenzied St. Vitus’ Dance that is either an attempt to escape the cause of the inflammation, or is symptomatic of it. Or both.

Politically speaking, we are witnessing the violation of the Fabian Dictum — stay calm and avoid direct confrontation. From a human nature perspective, we are witnessing a childish temper tantrum. Now we have to answer the question.

Will we listen to the feminine voices (regardless of the actual gender of the speaker), as we have done so often in the past? The voices that say we need to be calm, speak softly and not aggravate the situation? And to let the child have his way, and surely when he gets a little older, he will begin to behave as an adult? We have seen at least three generations of Western children raised with this approach. Has this strategy ever worked well? Has it lessened the number of Sadistic 12-year-olds?

Politically speaking again, have the Chefs ever made peace with the Frogs? Or is it still the same relationship of master and slave? I’m not exaggerating, dear. We need to quit whispering about the possibility of a fire underneath us, and talk about it. Loudly. To hell what the neighbors think!

Most importantly, we need to quit trying to shush Donald. He’s the only thing that has worked. by refusing to ‘stay calm and carry on’. It is only his refusal to accept another Fabian double-step forward that has stunned the Chefs. Stunned them to the point that their natural (greedy) impulse is to take another step, and then another and another, as if to show us that they won’t take any uppity-ness from the Frogs. Racists!

Don’t believe me? Just look at the violent progression of the Chef Party platform as it not only lurches but actually leaps to the far left. No baby steps. Giant strides from everyone. All candidates seeking to outdo the other. All of them unmasking the true ultimate menu of the Party’s anticipated victory dinner. All giving lie to the mantra of dialogue and peaceful co-existence that has benumbed successive generations of Frogs. Most of whom no longer have legs.

What is it you really want? Do you want out of the pot? Or are you still thinking (feeling?) that peace can be had without struggle? Are you still paralyzed by the feminine fear of short-term risk versus the danger of attempting long-term survival? Are you still listening as she shushes you about not talking in public about the evil Chefs?

Ultimately, are you willing to abandon Donald to them? To let him do all the work himself, and to take all the real risks? Let’s face it, if we can believe even one tenth of what has been discovered beneath the surface of our ‘Intelligence Community’, then we have to understand that Donald is in actual danger. Bodily danger. It doesn’t have to be obvious. Just ask the Americans at our embassy in Havana if there aren’t hidden ways to reach out and touch someone.

Only Donald has been able to un-mask the Chefs. Only because of his demeanor, and the insistent use of it that the Fabians have contracted the TDS fever. At last we have found their prideful weakness. And you want Trump to quit? That’s like asking the Apostles to keep the faith without spreading it. What’s the point of that? Where’s the charity in that?

Most people don’t have the nerve of Donald. If they don’t develop some, and do it soon, they won’t have a leg to stand on. We need to remember another lesson from the past. A lesson Donald understands. Have you noticed that Donald enjoys this fight? And that he doesn’t really have to yell? The Chefs are the ones doing all of that. No, Donald is calm, but direct. He calls a liar a liar. He calls a thief a thief. But he remembers how to say it. As Ronnie would say, ‘smile when you bite‘.

Laugh at your prideful enemies. That’s what really drives them insane. That’s what Donald has brought to this fight. The ability to drive them visibly insane. That visible insanity is the real key to regaining our freedom. Speak now, and loudly, my fellow Frogs, and feed this fire of their insanity. Speak now, or forever lose your piece.

And no, that is not a typo.

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  1. c matt

    He certainly gets them riled up. But I am a bit puzzled at our bullfrog’s latest croaking about “red flag” laws. Seems he is caving in just as you counsel against. Talk about losing your piece, that is a pretty good way to go about it. The only more sinister way I could think of would be to offer a tax credit (up to $1000) for every American citizen to purchase a firearm. How many would rush out and buy one, then joyfully claim the credit on their next return? Instant gun registry!

  2. Shecky R

    Donald is mentally ill (what more needs to be known) and he’s probably passed it along to Barron (IF he even fathered the child).

  3. Ken

    Trump may well be the most open/transparent president in the nation’s history, certainly among the top tier in this measure. Luv’m Or hate him you have little or no doubt exactly where he stands on a policy. There’s something refreshing about that kind of candor from an elected official.

  4. DG

    “..maybe we should ask the victims in Alien that same question…ask the victims in any sci-fi horror flick; is being nice with the ones who are devouring you the way to get them to stop?” Obviously not! When hostile aliens attack you, you go after them! A fun read!

  5. Gary


    Luv’m Or hate him you have little or no doubt exactly where he stands on a policy.

    Not completely true, the “exactly” part. Trump bobs and weaves like a prize fighter. It’s part of his negotiating schtick. He’ll say something one day and reverse it the next (e.g., Rocketman, then “my friend”). The true part is that like a heavy weight, his goal is to knock you out. Just don’t be fooled by the rope-a-dope tactic that is meant to disguise the attack.

  6. Sander van der Wal

    As a foreigner looking electronically from afar, it is clear that the US changed a lot, and that the change accellerated the last 5 years, and even more since Trump was elected president. The effects are easily visible in Europe as well. Nationalism is getting a boost, one sees similar tactics being used, but with less success as the lever (some form of collective guilt for historical deeds) cannot be used as effectively in a lot of countries as it is in the US.

    By his tweeting, Trump is making unspeakable things speakable again. As in saying that the sky is blue when everybody says the sky is green, that kind.

  7. The Fabians were just a cheering squad.

    Covertly planting the seeds to destroy Normal American culture was the work of Willi Muenzenberg.

    Muenzenberg planned and ran the covert influence operation that planted the anti-Normal belief system in our culture.

    Fabians, Alynsky, and others just carried out Willi’s plan.

    Full details: http://www.willingaccomplices.com

  8. John Watkins


    You might want to consult a calendar. Munzenberg was born 5 years AFTER the Fabians were formed. He simply carried out THEIR plan.

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