1. Steve

    Brief, but well argued and to the point. I detect a worrying post-modernist implication in the final part of the post but the first part makes up for this in its aggressive deconstruction of the underlying metaphor. The appropriate response? I can offer nothing better than 42, plus or minus a few.

  2. JH

    Ooops, the alarm didn’t go off here.

    I did just finish grading my final exams.

  3. BraudRP

    I don’t have enough data to formulate an answer.

  4. stan

    Ummm. Did I pass?

  5. True, alone, was too small a comment, and WP rejected it.

    So I am changing my answer to False.

  6. Briggs

    And now for the true, boring, reason for this post. I was trying to figure out WordPress’s post-dating feature, so that I could write something today and have it automatically show up tomorrow. But it didn’t seem to work and the post, I thought, disappeared into a black hole. Obviously, it did not.

    However, it was too late to delete it after my lovely readers had written commentary on it.

  7. Ari

    Let this be a lesson to you. You will never escape the grasp of RSS users. We know the moment you update. We’re watching you.

    Literally. I have you on my “watch list.”

  8. Larry Sheldon

    Am I a failure if I thought “Alan Sokol” on reading to post and comments?

  9. John Andrews

    Awww. I thought there was really going to be a test!

  10. What to do with all those sharpened pencils…………..?

  11. Joy

    What is an rss feed? It sounds like horse food.
    I’m sure I don’t want ne.

  12. Joy

    That’s one, not ne.

  13. Ari


    RSS stands for “really simple syndication” and refers to a kind of aggregator that allows web publishers like our dear Professor Briggs to send out his newest posts directly to people’s desktops the second he posts.

    In my case, his posts are sent directly to my Apple Mail program where I get to read them without directly going to his site.


    The real advantage of RSS is that it allows someone like me, who has a long and sometimes only infrequently updated blogroll, to not be required to go to each site on a regular basis.

    It also ensures that the publisher’s product is put directly into the hands of the audience, albeit only those who request this service.

  14. D Johnson

    Joy said, “I’m sure I don’t want ne.”

    I just assumed you were one of those text messagers, and “ne” was “any”.

  15. Joy

    Thank you. Now I’m wishing I knew that ages ago. Still, sounds like a faff to sort out so I’ll carry on the same long winded way.
    D Johnson,
    Definitely not a texter. Once sent a message to a friend that was meant for a vicar friend. Good job it wasn’t the other way round.

  16. Tim James

    Sorry I missed it but I hadn’t done the revision anyway.

    Can I re-sit next year?

  17. Denny


    If you think the response to this was good; Try “Ignore this post” and see what happens. LOL

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