Eat Soy, Save The Planet: Al Gore Update

Eat Soy, Save The Planet: Al Gore Update

Eat Soy, Save The Planet. Save the planet from what and for whom we are never told.

A climate with a slight increase in global mean temperature can’t destroy the planet, nor all life on it. If it could, it would have already done so, since the planet’s climate has never ceased changing, and it has been hotter before than it is now. Colder, too.

Short of a giant rock from space, or a Divine Sodom-and-Gomorrah-like event, both which are increasingly possible, the planet cannot be destroyed. As in can not. Since it cannot be destroyed, there is no reason to try and save it.

But if it could be saved, saved for whom? Follow the moola?

It has been observed that the largest food manufacturers focus on plants for the sound reason that the profit margin is higher, much higher, than fresh meat. Or even than fresh plants. The minute you pick the tomato it’s selling time ticks down rapidly. But if you squeeze out the juice and mix it in with some wheat, oil, and sugar, you have a Healthy Choice Tomato Cracker, which will last on the shelves for months. Provided is it also laced with a dozen or three select preserving chemicals.

Homework: go to the grocery store and count the number of different crackers and cookies, all of which use the same basic plant-based ingredients. These include potato chips, and other vegetable-based snacks.

With a hunk of flesh cut from a beast it is mere days, hours in the case of fish, before the scrap pile. Not great profit, but great food.

Again, the same is true for, say, butter. It’s not cheap to make, certainly not cheaper than mixing seed oils, chemicals, and yellow food coloring and calling it “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”.

Then we have the coincidence of wee-p “studies”, which assure us that chemical yellow margarine is healthier for you than butter. That this pile of highly processed grains, chemicals, and sugar really is part of this nutritious breakfast, and better for you than not eating, which is to say fasting, or bacon. Bacon has fat, and fat, which is all over meat, was routinely condemned in “studies.”

So often are these coincidences that one begins to suspect this is coordinated. But that would be a conspiracy theory, and as we learned with Jeffrey Epstein, nobody believes conspiracy theories.

For instance, from Nature magazine: Eat less meat: UN climate change report calls for change to human diet.

Efforts to curb greenhouse gas-emissions and the impacts of global warming will fall significantly short without drastic changes in global land use, agriculture and human diets, leading researchers warn in a high-level report commissioned by the United Nations.

The special report on climate and land by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) describes plant-based diets as a major opportunity for mitigating and adapting to climate change — and includes a policy recommendation to reduce meat consumption.

It goes without saying, though this being the Internet it has to be said, that because the IPCC cannot make skillful forecasts of the climate as things now are, they have no idea, or rather they should have no confidence, in what the climate will be if everybody eats less meat.

It’s possible to make a model that tells you “Eat less meat, cooler climate”, but as I have labored in vain for many, many years to say, anything that comes out of the model is put into the model by modelers. Meaning that hidden in the “Eat less meat” model is code that makes the model say, through a convoluted path, “cooler climate.”

I repeat: it cannot be a surprise that a modeler says “Who knew less meat would equal a cooler climate?”. He planned for the model to say “Eat less meat, cooler climate” from the beginning. Not in so many words, perhaps, but definitely.

Here come the food companies:

The report states with high confidence that balanced diets featuring plant-based, and sustainably-produced animal-sourced, food “present major opportunities for adaptation and mitigation while generating significant co-benefits in terms of human health”.

And a healthy increase bottom line for food conglomerates. But that’s purely an unforeseen bonus. Right?

Update Climate Hustler, Partner At ‘Beyond Meat’ Largest Investor, Al Gore Moves To Profit Big From Anti-Meat Drive

“Al Gore is standing to rake in millions from a World Resources Institute meat consumption reduction report, one that will certainly help boost profits for the meat substitute manufacturers — in which Gore just happens to be a big stakeholder!”

See what I mean.

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  1. Sander van der Wal

    It’s a pity wee p values cannot be used anymore to prove that eating more plant-based foods will make you obese. After all, the population being obese and therefore needing lots of expensive health care is probably the only powerful answer to the climate change scare.

  2. trigger warning

    I read about a clever new invention. It’s a self-reproducing, renewable, fully organic AI device that, when fueled with table scraps and garbage, turns the fuel into bacon. It’s called a “pig”, a designation presumably derived from some oddball association with the left-leaning legal community’s term of art for law enforcement personnel.

  3. Brian (bulaoren)

    Soylent green is people !

  4. henry higgins

    By making what might be good in itself into something good for the planet, people accept or reject based on a view of climate change. And isn’t that what is most evil in all this, that we don’t just concentrate on the common good. We deprive Africans of the basics of civilization and force abortion on them — Why? So my BMW paint job won’t suffer from the effects of Global Warming.
    Wish I could find that poster showing starving African children and bearing a title like : They don’t care about Global Warming.

  5. C-Marie

    Eat your fair share of meats, fish, dairy, veggies, and grains. Don’t gorge. Give to those who have not, and it shall be given unto you. The sun will stil shine. The rains will pour. The snows will blanket the ground. The birds will sing, and maybe your neighbors, too. Obesity will flee. Needs for medical care will go down. Pharmaceutical companies may lose profits. But we will all be healthy, wealthy in God’s Love, and wise in living according to His Spirit.

    God bless, C-Marie

  6. Joy

    Here’s a recipe that’s butter free, takes minutes and helps you keep warm in winter: No skill required.

    Ratio 4: 2: 1.
    Self raising Flour; suet; sugar *beef suet is better, really, on the savoury sweet principle.

    Mix with water using a knife, don’t beat it, be gentle, cut and stir. Make the mix quite soggy but still in a lump as it’s going in the microwave (which dries things out), for as long as it takes to make it rise.

    If you’re doing a small bowl full it will only take two minutes. The more water, the longer things take in the micro.

    (Can be done with spoonfuls for a snack)

    When it comes out, it can be, must be, adorned with “lashings of” golden syrup as the suet pastry soaks it up.

    Strangely enough, that recipe doesn’t need custard at all. You don’t need an excuse for that either.

    If you want to do steam it, it’ll take hours, but don’t put so much water in, keep the mix doughy and place the syrup, or jam, in the bottom so it runs down the sides when tipped.

    With all the climage we’ve been having lately, maybe it’s all the hot jam?

  7. DMA

    Temperature is poorly correlated to CO2. CO2 concentration is not responsive to changes in our emissions rates. In the unlikely event that not eating meat would reduce CO2 emissions (certainly an unproven hypothesis) it would not change the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and thus could not change temperature in any predictable way.

  8. Uncle Mike

    There are scads of non-farmers who think they know all about agriculture and are anxious to centrally plan that fundamentally necessary sector — based on flawed models, mathematical and otherwise, because they have nothing to go on, being clueless.

    Here’s a surprising factoid for you know littles: for the last oh say 100 years the principal problem facing agriculturalists is overproduction. Farmers grow too much food. People can’t eat it all. Even an overeating obese food wasting socio/culture cannot eat all the food that is produced, or could potentially be produced.

    So farmers seek to export the surplus, not just American farmers but Brazilian and Mexican and Chilean and French and every nationality except a few. Even Bangladesh exports farm products. Bet you didn’t know that. Farm marketeers try to get you to eat sun chokes and broccolini and star fruit and goat tripe and anything they can convince you to buy. Check out the Food Channel.

    Or else farmers attempt to turn their excess into bio-fuel or plastics (screwdrivers made of polymerized corn) or trinkets (chia pets) or anything that they can sell.

    All our crop subsidies and price controls are aimed at overproduction, not under. The gummit pays farmers not to farm with Payments In Kind and Conservation Reserves and other Please Don’t Grow programs on top of $billions every year for soybeans, corn, cheese, pork bellies, and a hundred other farm commodities that nobody will buy, not even Red China.

    So go ahead and eat soybeans. Soybean farmers will love you. Except that even if you eat a ton a day, or make plastic or fuel from it, or hair tonic, or turkey neck creme, or just throw it in the garbage or your backyard, you cannot consume what soybean farmers can produce if they wanted to, if they could sell it to you. But it won’t alter the climate, obviously, you stooges.

    PS – the UN is packed with retards and thieves. They should all be jailed. Pay no attention to their pronouncements — they are really really wrong every time.

  9. Henry Higgins said – “We deprive Africans of the basics of civilization…”

    No, we don’t. Africans deprive Africans of the basics of civilization.

    “… and force abortion on them” Force may be a strong word, but absolutely yes, this is happening. The Left worships Ba’al, and demands the blood of the innocent.

  10. c matt

    Henry Higgins said – “We deprive Africans of the basics of civilization…”

    No, we don’t.

    I saw that too, and was puzzled a bit. But I think he may mean that we (mostly the US) engage in bombing campaigns and other subterfuges to remove leaders (e.g., Libya), or exploit for extractive industries and keep dictators in power as long as they play ball (e.g., Nigeria). In such case, he would have a bit of a point, but it is now clear how much better off Africa would be if left to its own devices (e.g., South Africa, Liberia, Rawanda).

  11. c matt

    that should be “not clear”

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