The Week In Doom — Cuck-A-Doodle-Do! Edition

The Week In Doom — Cuck-A-Doodle-Do! Edition

Item ‘I understand my wife’s lived experience better’: meet the men who have taken their wives’ surnames

For Nick Black, the decision to take his wife’s name was part of a wider refiguring of his family’s identity after he got married last year. “I was never that wedded to my former surname, Earley,” he says. “I’m part of a compound family, and have a sister by birth and two siblings by marriage, so we have always had different names. For me, family isn’t tied to a name. My wife, on the other hand, is from a very small family, and so it was more important to her to keep her name.”

Although Nick’s father was taken aback when Nick first mentioned the name change, and initially responded with silence, he says the ensuing reactions have been generally positive, with his wife’s colleagues even labelling him a “modern man”.

Cuck-A-Doodle-Do! A modern man he is indeed! He even slipped a marriage pun in as his manhood left him.

I feel Nick’s dad’s pain, and understand it. It does no good to say to us, or us, that in other cultures in other times naming conventions were different. This is our culture and our time.

Incidentally, any time you hear a man use non-ironically lived experience, you are obligated to respond Cuck-A-Doodle-Do!

It seems well to quote here Jim on modern marriages. Now Jim tends to exaggerate the Bernie Sanders interpretation of women’s desires (you’ll see it), and we don’t agree with him about a genuine wedding mass, but his points are on the whole valid.

Modern marriage is gay. Everyone who gets married gets gay married. If your wedding vows are symmetric and interchangeable, the same of the man as for the woman, your marriage is gay and you are being gay married…

The wedding organizer appoints a gay master of ceremonies whose main job is to define the groom as Homer Simpson, to emasculate him in the eyes of the bride. The minister conducts a gay wedding ceremony that treats the bride and groom as equal and interchangeable, even though experience has demonstrated that wives will not tolerate househusbands, and will [—Editor interjection: Here comes Bernie!—] invariably leave a domesticated man for a wild man who beats her, rapes her, and rapes and beats her husband’s children.

The worst thing progs did ever was remove “Honor and obey”, “submit and reverence” from the marriage ceremony.

The book of common prayer purged the wife’s vow to honor and obey and purged Paul’s letter to the Ephesians 5:22-33 in 1928. That, not female suffrage, was the worst thing ever, effectively abolishing marriage.

One household necessarily has one captain. If the wife does not promise to honor and obey, to submit and reverence, you are not actually getting married, because you are not actually forming one household, so no point in the ceremony, and, surprise surprise, people stopped holding the ceremony, just as they stopped turning up to Church when the pastor started telling them their husbands were Homer Simpson and if you showed up at Church you were likely homophobic.

Item How-To Tranny Videos

Make sure to enlarge the image so you can see the titles. Mostly hypnosis techniques for men to pretend to be women easier and faster, which are called “boosting” videos.

Men pretending to be women in a matriarchy is the ultimate Cuck-A-Doodle-Do! Men want to be in charge. They aren’t because women are by law and design. So the weak ones become women and, voilà, they can suddenly be in charge again. At least of their own lives. Or, if they are sporty, they can dominate women on the field.

Item California bill to ban schools from expelling disruptive students close to becoming law

A proposal meant to protect kids from unnecessary discipline by banning expulsions for disobedience in California schools passed out of the Assembly this week, moving closer to becoming a law….

A 2018 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office “found that black students, boys, and students with disabilities were disproportionately disciplined in K-12 schools. They found this was the case regardless of the type of disciplinary action, poverty at the school level, or type of public school the students attended,” according to an Assembly floor analysis of the bill.

It’s tempting to say “What could go wrong?” and leave it at that. But if it starts in the schools, it’ll spread, and soon it will be racist to arrest blacks. Well, it already is racist to arrest blacks for crimes. But it will soon be officially racist, and therefore officially forbidden.

Not all crimes, of course. Smaller ones which are on the level of “disruption”. Like stealing small things from stores, or shootings which miss their target, and so on.

Item Their Mothers Chose Donor Sperm. The Doctors Used Their Own.

Scores of people born through artificial insemination have learned from DNA tests that their biological fathers were the doctors who performed the procedure.

Paging Dr Epstein. Or, nobody saw that coming.

Item New Jersey cops find mummified human remains, altar during raid in child sex case

New Jersey police raiding the house of a man accused of sexually assaulting a young girl made a horrifying discovery — mummified human remains and an “altar to an unknown deity,” according to officials.

Officers searched the Newark house of Robert Frank Williams, 53, with a search warrant after he was accused of molesting a 13-year-old girl for several months last year, according to

Freedom of religion, Equality, and Diversity (Williams was of color) guarantee this man to sacrifice whomever he pleases, especially if the victims volunteer, to whatever gods he likes.

Scoff if you like, but there is no argument against it that can be made and still maintain freedom of religion.

Item Ethnic studies bill delayed a year in California amid controversy

Despite his support of ethnic studies, Medina joined other members of the Legislature’s Jewish caucus who objected to portions of a “model” ethnic studies curriculum that is being developed to guide the state’s teachers.

Critics questioned, for example, why Islamophobia is defined in the curriculum’s glossary but not anti-Semitism. Pro-Israel groups, in particular, complained that the curriculum’s brief presentation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one-sided.

Everybody against everybody else. On purpose.


  1. “the Bernie Sanders interpretation of women’s desires ”

    1. What does Bernie Sanders say about women’s desires.

    2. Your own link says “couples that make a concerted effort to divide the housework … divorce” and my personal observation is that if they actually do divide the housework equally, the husband sleeps on the couch and the wife takes lovers, that through divorce or involuntary celibacy, no husbands who divide the housework equally get any sex with their wives, zero

  2. Sheri

    Speaking of things the left cannot oppose, they executed a serial killer—Bowles—in Florida. Even death penalty opponents were forced to keep quiet on this one as the killer targeted gay men. All serial killers should note that killing the left’s favorite perverts will result in no one caring if you are executed and they may even cheer. “No death penalty unless you kill our perverts” is the motto.

    Doctors who run sperm banks apparently have a god complex. Not surprising. Science in general thinks it’s a god.

    Solution to school problems—segregate schools. That way, white kids are disciplined by whites, black by blacks and hispanic by hispanic. Not sure what to do with Asian kids or other minority “races” (in quotes because race is a political construct in this context) but maybe boarding schools. Anyway, no problem. Well, not until the obnoxious, undisciplined brats want jobs and then when the government forces the hiring them. Can you say “Atlas Shrugged”?

    McChuck: All evidence is the Devil does not need an imagination. Humans are emotional and pretty stupid and lazy. No imagination required.

  3. Briggs

    Say, Jim! That’s a cock-a-doodle-do you got there for an avatar! (Note the different spelling)

    I don’t think good women want to be raped at the same rate Bernie thinks, or that these desires are as consequential. Other than that, we agree.

    As long as we have your attention, everybody go to Jim’s and read his “Gay needs to be suppressed”.

  4. Bruce

    Is a marriage invalid if there is no honor and obey in the understanding (defective consent)? Blogger “Zippy Catholic” (now deceased) used to emphasize that consent/consensus involved consenting to God’s definition of marriage.

  5. Sander van der Wal

    The European Left is pro-Palestine and anti-Israel. Seen from Europe, American pro-Israel leftists are quite weird. Like they are Fake Left.

  6. trigger warning

    “A proposal meant to protect kids from unnecessary discipline by banning expulsions for disobedience in California schools passed out of the Assembly this week…”

    I think they should do the same for California prisons and eliminate the SHU (special housing unit, i.e., solitary) as an option for disruptive, dangerous inmates. It would have two salutary effects: future SHU candidates currently in public schools will learn that their behavior is, yes, eccentric but acceptable, and the prison population will be reduced through natural, Darwinian attrition.

  7. Gail Finke

    Actually, you CAN say plenty against crazy child-murdering demon worshipers and maintain freedom of religion, and our laws do just that. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom to make up a crazy religion and harm other people through it. Case law has long established that freedom of religion is for actual religions (ones that exist, not that you make up) and that have teachings, adherents, etc. Our laws are sympathetic to “new religions” (one of the common terms for odd cults and weird denominiatinos) and are broad enough that things considered out of bounds in other countries, like Mormonism and Scientology, are tolerated as religions. But two guys in an apartment smoking pot to worship The Giant Squash, or whatever they made up a week ago, are not a religion. And under our laws, religious rituals, dress, habits, etc. may annoy and antagonize other people, but may not harm them — unlike France, our laws say that my wearing a crucifix on a necklace is okay or a Sikh wearing a turban is fine, even if someone else finds that annoying, and a Jewish man wearing a yarmulka in New York is permitted even if some Muslims think it’s meant to provoke them. But if the Thugees still existed and a bunch of them moved to America, they couldn’t ritually kill and rob people even if they it was an established religion with long-standing teachings that included demands from Kali to do so.

  8. swordfishtrombone

    “As long as we have your attention, everybody go to Jim’s and read his “Gay needs to be suppressed”.”

    I recommend it if you want to read a load of hate-filled, ignorant, evidence-free rubbish and lies.

  9. Well, he’s right about one thing. The only chance he has of reproducing is if he rapes somebody.

  10. By the way, for those unfamiliar with the “word” “cuck”, that the author here seems quite fond of: it is an illiterate abbreviation of cuckold used by pornographers to describe a genre of pornography. So if you see someone using this word, it reveals that he consumes pornography so habitually that he has unknowingly absorbed its terminology.

  11. I didn’t read this because I just want to say you’re an arrogant and bigoted c**sucker.


  12. Briggs


    Do visit Ron Spain’s page. He has articles that begin like this:

    Zoophilia Notes
    This is not intended to appeal to any prurient interests (whatever that means), only to provide a collection of arguments and facts for informational and educational purposes on a subject that many are afraid to discuss. I do not recommend engaging in any illegal activity.

    Why should it be illegal to have sex with an animal? It is not illegal to kill and eat an animal or to castrate an animal. I…

  13. Bruce

    Cuck, short for Cuckhold is used by the reactionary right to mean one who works for the interests of others to the detriment of himself or those he should care about. It has also become shorthand for “wimp”, “sucker”, “beautiful/principled loser” (neoconservative) and those who are deluded by chivalry. It has nothing to do with porn genres. Obviously from the term that means one who is tricked into raising another’s offspring but usually used in a non-literal manner.

  14. Yes, Bruce,

    I think everyone is aware of this. But the community that uses the illiterate term picked it up from the porn industry. That’s the only place where it had currency until it, very recently, passed into the crudest form of political discourse.

  15. Dean Ericson

    Lee Phillips, you ignorant slut. “Cuck” is short for “cuckservative” an amusing and apt word for that type of conservative who conserves liberalism. It derives from the cuckoo, a type of bird which lays its eggs in another bird species’ nest. The idiot bird raises the alien chick until it’s old enough to fling the genuine chicks out of the nest. The hapless bird, said to be “cuckolded”, continues to raise the subversive usurper.

    In like manner, a cuckold is a foolish man unaware that his wife has been adulterous and that the child he believes to be his is actually another man’s bastard. Applied as a political metaphor, a cuckservative is that fool who imagines himself to be defending his own nation while in practice supporting equality, tolerance, and all the other alien and sinister ideological eggs the liberal cuckoo has laid in his mind. He is as hapless and pathetic as the poor cuckold bird.

    But you, Lee Phillips, are not a cuckservative, and nobody here is under the illusion you defend the American nation. No, you are the sneaky, skulking cuckoo who flies here to try and drop your sinister, subversive eggs into Briggs nice nest. We crush your rotten eggs. Be gone vile creature.

  16. There is a certain luxury in being able to sit back and let my opponents make my case for me. Dean E., I can only thank you.

  17. Dean Ericson

    I didn’t make your case, you stinking liar – I rubbished it. The cuckold, both the word and what it describes, has an ancient pedigree in Western as well as other civilizations that long predates your porn industry. Peddle your filthy porn elsewhere, snake.

  18. Except that not the word that Briggs used, and not the word I was talking about.
    But this is great, keep it up.

  19. [that’s] – please excuse my typo.

    “your porn industry”

    Nope, not mine. Briggs is the one who peppers his writings with a term invented in that industry, not me. And not anyone with a modicum of taste.

  20. Bruce

    I remember it on Saturday Night Live “Tales of Ribaldry” a funny skit by Jon Lovitz.

  21. > I don’t think good women want to be raped at the same rate Bernie thinks, or that these desires are as consequential. Other than that, we agree.

    A good woman thinks her husband is alpha, so does not want to be coerced into sex by anyone except him, and in this sense, does not want to be raped.

    But it is hard for a woman without a husband, or a woman who views her husband as a beta she reluctantly settled for because mister one in thirty did not return her phone calls, to be good.

    Indeed very few women consciously want to be raped, but revealed preference shows otherwise.

    Adding you to my blogroll

  22. trigger warning

    Just to set the record straight (no pun intended), a quick Gooble search (citing Oxford) reveals that “cuck”, an abbreviation of “cuckold”, dates from the early 18th Century with peak usage about 1900. The more recent usage, i.e. “a weak or servile man (often used as a contemptuous term for a man with moderate or progressive political views)”, is 21st Century. Usage by the porn industry isn’t mentioned, but I yield to an obvious authority on the argot of that particular industry, Mx Lee Phillips.

  23. Bruce

    Yeah, I caught that irony too. I am reactionary right and use that “illiterate” term and had no idea it was a porn genre term or even that such a porn genre exists. Projection??

  24. I tried it out. The very first result from Google mentions the porn genre. You don’t even need to click through, it’s right there in the info box.

    It always amazes me when people tell lies that they must know can be immediately revealed with trivial effort by anyone who is curious. Is it because it just doesn’t matter to them that everyone knows that they are dishonest? Who knows?

  25. trigger warning

    “The very first result from Google mentions the porn genre. ”

    Get a better grip (or a fresh battery) – must be your browsing history. 😀 Gooble knows, Mx Philips.

  26. Nope. Nice try, but anyone can try it using a private browsing tab, and immediately discover how full of it you are.

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