All Rhodes Lead To Rome: Part I — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

All Rhodes Lead To Rome: Part I — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

What could possibly be scarier than a White Nationalist? You know, the ones who all the talking heads are always moaning about. The ones who would destroy our peaceful, idyllic way of life here in the Empire. The ones who don’t believe in Multi-Culturalism, and Diversity. The ones who don’t believe we are all stronger when we are all different. So different that we have no common beliefs. Or any beliefs at all, in fact. Except for our faith. Faith in the Empire. After all, isn’t nationalism the root of all evil? Isn’t nationalism then the antithesis of our wonderful international, even global, way of life? So what could be scarier than a White Nationalist?

How about a White Internationalist. Like Joe Steel.

Joe Sixpack can’t hold a candle to him. But isn’t Joe Sixpack really just a dog-whistle away from being an incipient A-Dolph, waiting to explode on the world scene again? And didn’t Joe Steel save the world from White Nationalists in the Great Patriotic War? So, shouldn’t we like White Internationalists? Weren’t they the ones that really saved us from the Nazis? And weren’t Nazi’s the ultimate racists? And isn’t Racism the ultimate Cancer in our world today? That’s certainly what they want you to believe.

Is there another possibility here, Komrade?

Is it Nationalism or Whiteness that is the cancer gene here? It’s confusing if we listen to the talking heads. They can’t see the illogic of their position. According to them, either the whiteness causes racism, or the nationalism causes it. It can’t be both. Just look at a map of Europe. How many countries are white, yet non-Imperial? If they’re non-imperial, they must be national. Which is why we call them nations. Is the United Nations full of racist members? It must be their nationality that makes them so. What about the nationalists of Afrika? Are they racist?

Now show me a Lefty who calls Joe Steel a racist. He couldn’t be. Because he killed everyone, regardless of race, creed or nationality. A true multi-culturalist. He was white, but he hated everyone, equally. Isn’t equality great?

If the distinction isn’t the Whiteness of the actor, it must be the size that matters. it’s weird that the smaller entity (the nationalist) is somehow supposed to be more racist than the bigger entity (the internationalist). Or at least, more dangerous. Those physics don’t make sense, though. Just look at the relative body counts.

If it’s not the color of the entity, nor the relative size (national vs international) of the threat, what’s the third option that explains everything. Nothing. There is absolutely nothing to contrast when it comes to motives between these two animals. Because Dolph and Joe Steel are the same animal. They’re both Dragons.

The other name for dragon is Socialist. And that’s what Socialists do, devour things. People, nations, possessions, beliefs, they devour them all. That’s what they are built to do. They produce nothing of their own. They have to eat you if they want to stay alive. Believe me, they do want to continue to live. At any cost. Any cost to you, that is.

You’ll never notice this if you listen to the talking heads. They’re still busy spinning their story, which boils down to this: Whiteness is BAD, and nationalism is BAD. Unless you’re a Socialist, of course. Because Socialists are, by definition, Internationalists. And White International socialists, like Joe Steel, or Bernie, or Pocahontas, are simply Chefs, making pretty little omelets. In that case, all is forgiven. Whiteness is fine in that case. Because they aren’t nationalists!

If you want to understand the propaganda du jour, you need to make the critical distinction. Joe and Dolph were both Socialists. But the Na-Zi’s said they were simply Nationalsozialistische. National Socialists. From whence the Harpies derive their mantra that Nationalism is evil. Since Dolph was White, voilà, we have the magic formula. White Nationalism. And that can never be forgiven.

It’s clear why the talking heads spend so much time trying to distract everyone with their claims that Donald, and more importantly, those who support him, are all Nationalists. Which is another way of saying NaZi’s. Which is to say, Racist!

In other words, according to all Joe Steel’s fans today, Dolph’s crime was not his socialism, but his nationalism. They will go to any length to avoid discussing their true kinship to both Joe and Dolph.

Dolph wasn’t really a nationalist. It’s so blindingly obvious, when you look at the long, long list of nations he invaded. No, forget the label. Look at the action. He was as International as they come. He even named his empire for us—the Third Reich. Guess which one was the First Reich? Imperial Rome. So, the whole nationalist rant is nothing but a misdirection ploy. It only works if you take the Nazi’s at their word. Are you prepared to do that, Komrade? Joe did. Look what it got him in June, 1941.

Having said all that, I’m not here to discuss these folks. But I had to deal with them in order to put today’s insanity into perspective. A perspective that actually overshadows them all. A reality that causes these socialists, of whatever color, gender or size, to pale in comparison to the scariest (to me) group of all. That group would be the original and true racists. The original purveyors of racial superiority. The ones who sold us the idea of Empire.

They are, of course, the White Internationalists. And their original plan to master the world. Excuse me, I meant to say, to continue to master the world. The Empire, Imperial Rome. And that white guy, Caesar. No, not Donald. He’s not really Caesar. At least, he’s not trying to be Caesar. He’s willing to let Vlad take that role. Donald’s busy trying to be Cincinnatus, not Julius. There are others who would gladly be rid of Donald and his nationalist dreams. They are happy to continue serving Caesar. And more specifically, The Empire. These guys are not real socialists.

Does anyone really believe that George Soros truly believes in Socialism? Is that how he made his dough? Or how he keeps it? Conversely, does anyone believe that Warren Buffet really believes in capitalism? Did he really make his money by competition? Or did he gain his massive wealth by eliminating it? Here’s a clue: look at the number of furniture outlets in any major city prior to Nebraska Furniture Mart coming to town. Now look at the marketplace today. Look at all the giants in the marketplace. How many of them have any real, effective competition? Sure, there are duopolies, even triopolies. What’s a little sharing among friends? Careful what you say though, I may have to freeze your Twitter account.

The men behind all of these behemoths, these Leviathans, all believe in the same thing, in Imperial Rome. At bottom, they are the Patricians that have stripped the enslaved provinces of their wealth and freedom, and who have substituted slaves for citizens. They are the Senate of the ‘Republic’ of Imperial Rome. They (and almost all their billionaire friends) are completely open to the concept of ‘open borders’. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: slaves are equal, citizens are free. You can’t be both. The Empire is not looking to recruit more citizens. They only want cheap labor. And they are all opposed to the nationalism Donald (knowingly or not) represents.

That is not to say that The Empire is indeed opposed to, or in competition with the socialist world. Not at all. It is always helpful, even necessary, to have the convenient straw man to rally the people against an enemy. A totally ineffectual enemy, if I may say so. True, this is not the perspective of the hundreds of millions who have starved and died at the hands of The Socialist Internationale.
But ask yourself this: did any of the Capitalists of the past century ever scruple to trade with the Socialist Second-World? Sure, there were the few who did, but the exception proves the rule.

Imperial Rome, led by Caesar, seeks world dominion, and he will have it. Truth be told, socialism is a wonderful way to soften up an enemy so you can take him when you’re ready. After all, who sent Lenin and Trotsky into Russia with that tidy sum of gold? It only took 70 years for the cancer to rot it to the core, and then all those wonderful assets fell into the hands of Caesar’s ‘entrepreneurs’, for pennies on the dollar. At least, until Vlad arrived. No wonder they hate him too.

Let’s get back to Caesar. He goal is to own all men’s bodies. Dead or alive, he shall have them. The true contrast here is not Imperial Rome vs The Socialist Internationale. No, the true opponent of Imperial Rome is Holy Rome, who also seeks universal dominion. She, in her turn, seeks to hold all men’s souls. And She too shall have them, at least for a time. Then, when both are camps are fully manned, we shall return to the clash of Romulus and Remus. One must die. Or at least, be reduced to nearly nothing. Nothing visible, that is.

Why are both sides of the political divide today fixated on the concept of Socialism? Socialism is the desire to take, just as the desire of ‘capitalism’ is also to take. I know many will flinch at this thought, but today’s version of capitalism is simply mercantile-croneyism, wherein the government, through the regulatory state, pick the winners. Who, just coincidentally, happen to be best buddies with their regulators. And those same regulators will someday become the new winners when they leave office. Without market size (achieved by regulating-out your smaller competitors) and regulatory friend within, extremely few start-ups can survive, let alone thrive. And even if they do, guess who’s waiting to take their gains? Yep, our Socialist neighbors.

Only Christianity has the desire to give and share. But Christianity doesn’t rule the marketplace. Caesar does. And he’s not interested in love. He prefers war. Including class war. And the desire to take is the basic root of class warfare, which is simply the division of mankind based on material goods. Divide and conquer. That’s how Caesar wins. All Caesars resort to this tactic to achieve their goal of worldwide dominion. Divide the people, using false dichotomies like ‘socialism and capitalism’, and you may rule them all. Sure, it will require lots of local actions. But once the people are divided, it’s always simply a matter of mopping things up.

The only thing that stands in Caesar’s way is the unity of mankind. Only one institution can deliver that. That institution, regardless of who you may think it would be, must be a belief system that makes a man invulnerable to the fear of material dearth and death. A belief system that makes him willing to die for his beliefs in anything other than the Empire. This, at bottom, is the only thing Caesar really fears.

So, yes, socialism serves a useful purpose for Caesar and his many-faceted henchmen. Just as ‘croney-capitalism’ does. And as long as these two ‘isms’ fight it out, nobody will notice that Caesar waxes fat as the Empire expands. Strip away all the journalistic jargon and propaganda positions and you’ll see that neither of these ‘isms’ can win against Caesar. Why? Because they both actually (and usually unwittingly) work for Caesar. Why? Because both sides of this debate are divided over the question of material goods and their ownership.

No one notices that, in reality, Caesar owns everything. And everybody. Yet no one seems to be shouting for the right to your eternal soul. Why does no one seem to value their souls? Because mankind is blind to what he cannot see, obviously. And the soul is not a visible thing. Even Pope Francis seems blind to this. Worse than that, all men seem to be deaf, which makes things even worse.

You’ll not come to wisdom by seeing, but rather by hearing. For it is hearing alone among the senses that can truly convey an idea, a form that the eyes cannot see. Which is why faith cometh by hearing, and not seeing. Which is why Jesus rebuked the many who demanded to see a sign. Words are the key to knowledge. In the beginning was the Word. That’s why propaganda and ‘journalism’ are so important to Caesar. In this age of computer-generated visual effects, it is doubly true, all of it.

Let us now begin to understand the truth about The Empire, and how it really works. And how all Rhodes today lead to Rome. That’s not a typo. Let me explain, with an example. The example’s name is Jeffrey Epstein.

You’ve heard and seen all the memes that have emerged since his successful ‘suicide’ occurred. Here’s a typical one, and one that goes to the heart of the matter. Why don’t the Clintons like Jehovah’s Witnesses? They don’t like any witnesses.

Heads nod, knowingly. Once again, an Arkan-cide strikes down an enemy of Clinton. And once again, we seem resigned to the lesson that was apparently taught again, for the umpteenth time. Don’t mess with Bill, he has his people everywhere.

Well, no, he doesn’t. Someone truly does, but it’s not Bill, or Hillary. Truth be told, Bill and Hill actually serve someone higher. Or lower, if you understand. Who would that be? For the sake of simplicity, let us call him Mr. Rhodes. Cecil Rhodes, to be exact.


  1. DG

    Well if they get the socialism in as much of the left wants to do, then that will really screw things up for the USA. And socialism is the most effective way to enslave people to the government and it undermines economic stability. Good thing Bernie didn’t get elected. He would have injured the economy and everything else with the free college and outrageous taxes and government spending . And I’m not sure how the country will remain non-socialist beyond Trump. But of course you know all this.

  2. Frederic

    Good 1 Watt! Remember the mass murder of a hundred million is just
    a statistic. This has now been manfully and blatantly reduced to 20 million
    by our current crop of court historians who know where their priorities
    lie and lie and lie.

  3. Alex

    “Guess which one was the First Reich? Imperial Rome.”

    Not to pick nits, but I think by Hitler’s reckoning it was the Holy Roman Empire.

  4. C-Marie

    Really interesting!!! God bless, C-Marie

  5. Frederic

    One could say Dolph is the scab to cover up Steel….

  6. mike heim

    Ianto is on target as usual–some socialists are more politically correct than others–the problem is that either type leads to the same result–death and enslavement.

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