Elite Occult Practices Becoming More Open: From The Georgia Guidestones To The Illuminati Ball

Elite Occult Practices Becoming More Open: From The Georgia Guidestones To The Illuminati Ball

The mystery behind the Georgia Guidestones appears as if it will never be solved. The one man who might be able to provide some clues isn’t talking, and at eighty-nine he’s unlikely to have many more opportunities.

Wyatt Martin was president of the Granite City Bank when a man calling himself RC Christian, a self-acknowledged arch pseudonym, arranged financing for the weird granite monoliths. “Christian” swore Martin to secrecy, requiring him to destroy all correspondence after the stones were built. An act which, according to Wired, Martin had yet failed to do a decade ago. (Scant as they are, the engineering details in the article are fascinating.)

This Christian “claimed to represent ‘a small group of loyal Americans’ who had been planning the installation of an unusually large and complex stone monument.” Every aspect of the guidestones’ planning, execution, and purpose are hidden. Which is to say, occult.

The curiosity of the Guidestones is not so much in who, but in the what. The pillars have carved into them, in several languages, a message of salvation. The first of the pieties are these:

  • Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  • Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  • Unite humanity with a living new language.

The rest are standard vague spiritual banalities that would fit almost any humanistic religion. “Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.”

The first command has garnered the most commentary. Which is not surprising, given our burgeoning new ecological religion coupled with a rise of global oligarchy, an oligarchy that have not been quiet about how they feel about us Eloi.

There are some seven and a half billion souls roaming about at present. Lopping off seven to get to the ideal half would require some major surgery. A world war, even a nuclear one, probably wouldn’t do it. Disease might. Giant rocks from space certainly could. Other effective chastising man-caused disasters can be imagined. Perhaps the method they hoped for will soon be revealed.

The Guidestones are also of interest because their messages are called “commandments” by those who run the Illuminati Ball, a long-running decadent affair which takes place in and around New York City. The Illuminatists promise that the Guidestones will lead us to “An Age Of Reason.” Just as the original Illuminati did.

Before you have nervous thoughts about “conspiracy theories”, read what the organizers of the Ball say:

Q: Is the Illuminati real?

A: Yes and no. Illuminati comes from the word illumination. The Illuminati was started by a Bavarian, Adam Weishaupt, in 1776. It was created to illuminati what is hidden and secret. It’s goals were to remove religious influence over public life and end abuses of state power…For example, global warming is real. Flat earth and pizza-gate are nonsense. Conspiracy theories prey on the most disenfranchised and powerless. We reject all of that and have brought the Illuminati back to its original 1776 goals as well as adding a few of our own. We want people to find the path to their dreams within themselves and treat all living creatures with kindness.

They claim pranksters gave the Illuminati a bad name back in the 70s, but they’re resuscitating it by having people pay to worship the Pig King. Organizers of the “wildly erotic” fest say “We are not worshiping the devil. We are not sacrificing anyone — or anything.” But they also say, besides worshiping the Pig King, “the Illuminati ball requires a sacrifice.”

Just what is this Illuminati Ball?

At the least, it is an expensive (up to $650) dinner theater, where costumed performers gyrate around masked “guests.” All mainstream press sources praise it. Attendees are given masks, which purposely resemble those worn at secret ceremonies, like those given by the Rothschilds.

Again, this is not a conspiracy theory. Not all conspiracies are theories. Here, they boast of the Rothschild connection. Not anybody can attend. Hopefuls must fill out a long questionnaire about their sexual and dietary preferences, and they might not be accepted. The Ball itself has this billing:

The most thrilling, surreal, unique and immersive masquerade ball in the world.

Indulge in a surreal and unforgettable experience where you’ll be led through an exploration of the myth and mystery of the Illuminati by sirens and sailors, mermaids and sacred cows, barons and baronesses.

Explore your deepest desires with fearless fire performers, provocative dancers and interactive experiences unfolding continuously throughout three sprawling floors in our stunning Illuminati temple.

Upon entry each guest will be assigned a kinship leader who will give them a unique mask. Guests are welcome to keep the mask as a remembrance of this truly unforgettable evening. ?

Once masked, guests will be take part in the opening initiation ceremony and entertainment.

After the opening ritual guests are welcome to wander to the kinship leader’s lairs hidden throughout the sprawling venue where the secrets of love, power, wealth, respect and fame are revealed.

All in bad fun. Likely there are no real initiations, but the minds of the gatherees are open to the idea. The idea shouldn’t be dismissed completely. The Vigilant Citizen, a reporter perhaps too keen to ascribe hidden forces to banalities, has pictures from past events, the most disturbing of which is one of mock cannibalism. The picture is of a young woman’s head “attached” to a body made of cake, which people are carving and eating. Yum.

We have already seen many of our own elite leaders encouraging cannibalism. We’ve seen Katy Perry chomp down on human flesh. Richard Dawkins is licking his thin lips. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles had a fundraiser at which only the best people attended, and at which guests wore lab coats so that they could dissect and eat human simulacra. Will Ferrell is in on it.

And who could forget Hillary being invited to a spirit cooking dinner? Does anybody remember the recipe? Don’t click the links on a full stomach.

Part of the ellipsis above on the Illuminati FAQ was the admission “Musicians who use Illuminati symbols do so to sell more records.” Do they ever. We’ll save that for another time. But keep one eye out for the one-eye sign. Like Greta displays.

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  1. Yonason

    “It was created to illuminate(?) what is hidden and secret.”

    And how do you propose to do that?

    We can’t tell you.

    ” ‘Christian’ swore Martin to secrecy, requiring him to destroy all correspondence after the stones were built.”

    Yet another secret society that is going to enlighten us by keeping us in the dark? (Insert facepalm here.)

  2. Sheri

    The Illumanti Ball is just a name-dropping technique with no real connection to the Illuminati. As are the musicians using it. Actually, it’s a fascinating “conspiracy”/historical group and admittedly, it does make fodder for conspiracy theorists (David Icke comes to mind.) None seem to actually represent what the organization professes to be and are merely mass marketing scams. Same for the Masons, presumed to be nafarious. Anyone who does not share membership and cannot get in starts spreading conspiracy crap. Or using the ideas for marketing. Much as religion, parts are taken out and used as one wants the idea to work. I find the entire thing rather a symbol not of the badness of the organization but a clear example of human fear and conspiratorial beliefs. I am not saying there are no evil secret societies, nor or all secret societies are good. They are secret. Being secret, they can be construed as whatever one wants. They are not a sign of doom. What they are being used FOR is, but the societies are not. ( I can hold a “Christian Ball” with all homosexuals and pro-choice people, but it’s a lie. Anyone can lie about intentions. It doesn’t make Christians wrong, just me for lying and using an association that is false.)

    While I do love conspiracy theories, I don’t find using them as signs of doom valid. Doom is running wild like freaking amoral animals, which is what we are doing. Anarchy kills, not conspiracy theories. Stupidity and hatred kill.

    (If you want what is really destroying us, watch the stupid and idiotic advertisements used to try and talk complete MORONS into buying crap. ONLY idiots pay attention to advertising and current sales indicate we are in no danger of moron extinction for at least a billion years.)

  3. Frederic

    Uh Briggs I’m not sure we want that horse to get out of the barn,
    need I remind you the French still eat horses despite the taboo.

  4. Yonason

    “The Illumanti Ball is just a name-dropping technique with no real connection to the Illuminati.” – Sheri

    If “the illuminati” are members of a secret society, how would you know that?

    And if many rich and powerful airheads conspire together to act out demented fantasies in the name of some imagined cult, why wouldn’t that represent a danger to society? If societal norms are breaking down, for whatever reason, that society is at best headed for trouble. At worst, it’s arrived.

  5. Nate

    OK, I’m on the bus to crazytown. How do we get off!?

  6. Yonason


    “OK, I’m on the bus to crazytown. How do we get off!?”

    If someone is looking for crazy, the Democrats appear to have the market cornered. Well, at the very least, they have demented imaginations.
    I’m not a psychologist, but I can’t imagine that such fantasies contribute to normal healthy behavior, and certainly not ability to govern sanely.

    Next stop, hotel California (courtesy of California Democrats).
    Just mind where you step. The human poop is everywhere. (And they relieve themselves on the streets, too.)

  7. Paul of Alexandria

    “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.“
    I’ve always wondered who the people that propose such things think will invent, build, and maintain any level of technology past that of the 12’th century? A 21st century lifestyle requires a lot of technical skill in a lot of varied fields, and in any given population there are only so many that can meet the mental requirements for things like IC design or surgeon.

  8. Nate


    I mean, how to we, as a civilization, get off the bus to crazytown? Are we just going to eat up our black pills and die off slowly?

  9. Yonason

    @Nate – September 26, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    Well, I’m optimistic about the ultimate end. But between now and then, keep a stiff upper lip and hope for the best, but expect that there might be unpleasant surprises.

    Giving in to despair isn’t an option, IMO. That’s what those who want to control us want us to do.

    But, yes, it sure does seem like there’s an epidemic of crazy going around.

  10. Dean Ericson

    Incredibly, the Georgia Guidestones make no mention of Global Warming of Doom. However, “R. C. Christian”, the mysterious creator of the Guidestones, offers some helpful advice in an accompanying text, “No nation, having regulated its own population, should be expected to burden its citizens with the unwanted surplus of improvident neighbors.” — Guidestones: MAGA Trump!

  11. swordfishtrombone

    It’s impressive that you don’t notice that your own religion is just more occult nonsense. It features exactly the same types of rituals, symbols, chanting, initiation ceremonies, silly robes, drinking of blood, secretive groups, etc.

  12. info

    “There are some seven and a half billion souls roaming about at present. Lopping off seven to get to the ideal half would require some major surgery. A world war, even a nuclear one, probably wouldn’t do it.”

    Fossil fuel depletion. Coal,Oil and related products continually declining. Causing a cascading decline in industrial civilization and its products.

    The resulting 4 horsemen will grow more and more stronger. And its overall effects will be population decline of 95%.

    I suspect that is why climate change is pushed so hard.

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