The Week In Doom — It’s On Edition

The Week In Doom — It’s On Edition

Item Big changes to grueling Special Forces course draw scrutiny (Thanks to Bill Raynor for the tip.)

For the nearly 200 candidates scrambling through Hoffman Forest at Camp Mackall, the struggle to become a Green Beret is real. But Army commanders are making sweeping changes to shorten and revamp the course. The aim is to meet evolving national security threats and to shift from a culture that weeds out struggling soldiers at every point to one that trains them to do better…

The changes that are beginning now have led to resentment among some Special Forces that the brass wants to make it easier to pass the qualification course as a way to boost lagging recruiting numbers and ensure that women will eventually qualify….

In a lengthy and anonymous 2017 email, a Green Beret instructor argued that “career-focused leaders” have eroded standards in the qualification course in order to meet graduation quotas. The email charged that allowing women to compete for special operations jobs was also responsible because commanders want to “markedly lower the standards enough to ensure that any woman attempting this path will have absolutely no issue achieving it.”

Everybody sing along with me! Diversity & Equality always leads to mandatory quotas. Absolutely always.

They also lead to a lessening of standards accompanied by flacks lying that standards have not been lowered. Equal pay for equal work!

Item The Comradely Professor: For Jodi Dean, the class war is on — and academics need to pick a side

For Jodi Dean, a professor of political science at Hobart and William Smith, the word “comrade” is by no means a simple descriptor, nor is it some dusty relic of the bygone days of actually-existing state socialism. It is a perennial call to action, a challenge to accept one’s responsibility toward others who are “on the same side of a political struggle.” In her new book, Comrade: An Essay on Political Belonging (Verso), Dean argues that we are living in an era where the battle lines of a world-historical struggle — a struggle against planetary destruction, forever war, rising fascism, and a global return to feudalism — have already been drawn. And neutrality is not an option. Everyone must answer the questions: Which side are you on? And what are you going to do about it?

Whatever side she is on, I pick the opposite. The female is pictured at the top of the post.

Item Pattern Recognition Is Another Name for Racism and Sexism (video link)

“Vivek Wadhwa explains that when venture capitalists talk about pattern recognition, they’re legitimizing discrimination.”

Shut it down!

Item ‘They beat the crap out of me’: NBC director attacked by mob doing Halloween dance in Midtown

“They were circling around me, and they were pointing their fingers in my face. They’re dancing, and all of a sudden they’re punching me. They beat the crap out of me,” Sullivan, a technical director for Plaza Productions, an NBCUniversal affiliate, told the Daily News.

The group made “boo” noises as if they were ghosts, Sullivan recalled…

Police say they are looking for seven men and two women.

Yet another group of blacks attack another white for the sheer joy of it.

Well, it’s good to have hobbies.

Item UK judge orders forced abortion, says doctors can restrain woman to do it

UK doctors are to perform a surgical abortion on a woman with learning difficulties without her consent, a Court of Protection judge has ruled.

The Court of Protection in London heard how an unidentified woman in her twenties has the ‘mental capacity of a toddler’ and is believed to be 12 weeks pregnant. The judge has ordered a surgical abortion to be performed on the woman later this week, after hospital bosses urged the court to authorize the termination.

Mr Justice Williams has ruled that medics can physically restrain the vulnerable woman, if necessary, in order to administer a general anesthetic and perform the abortion.

England is adopting the more festive aspects of Aztec culture. I wonder which deity will be given the nod as the executioners plunge in the knife?

Item City of Madison officially declares people-of-no-color public health menace

The city of Madison signed on to a statewide resolution declaring racism as a public health crisis Tuesday.

The move brings no additional programming or funding, but community leaders who run programs for youth of color and people of color in Madison say this is a good step for the city to take…

Gee said this is important not just for systemic issues and policy, but for the effects the culture the predominantly white city can have as well.

“It’s now been proven that the stress caused by the pressures of racism is a leading indicator of health disparities for African Americans,” he said. “We now know that because of stress, we, African Americans, are contracting diseases faster than our white counterparts and then dying sooner.”

Boy, whites are nothing but trouble to everyone. We should do something about them.

Item Theybabies.

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  1. Sheri

    Women are idiots in general and ruin everything. Men are cowards who let them do it. So we ruin society over and over. Humans are idiots.

    “Whatever side she is on, I pick the opposite. The female is pictured at the top of the post.” Agreed 100%.

    Pattern recognition: They are jeolous because they are too stupid to understand the concept.

    Yes, the hordes are turning on their supporters. I’m sorry it took this long and hope it accelerates quickly.

    Forced abortion and sterilization have been the hallmarks of communism, eugenics and horrid dictators since time began. England stopped being anything other than the above about a decade ago.

    As our morning man on the radio remarked about the Michigan insanity: If your city government has time for this crap, cut their hours until the stupid stops. You obviously pay them for too much time and they come up with stupid as a result. I love the idea. Cut the pay and hours until the stupid stops.

    “theybies”–another mental illness erupts. Of course, it’s also child abuse and completely moronic. XX are STUPID STUPID STUPID. (Yes, with a tiny segment thereof that missed this and were around when brains were handed out. Most XXs were shopping and buying $125 garbage shoes made from recycled water bottles.)

    (I’m watching superheros from the 70’s on the TV. No one in the 70’s would ever have guessed that sexual perversion, denial of reality and lazy, stupid parents would destroy the world, not the “bad guys”. A few saw Facebook and electronic soma; Star Trek computers were always trying to kill the crew of the Enterprise. No one saw the enemy was us….)

  2. Ye Olde Statistician

    a struggle against planetary destruction, forever war, rising fascism, and a global return to feudalism

    So, which is it? You can’t ‘return to feudalism’ at the same time ‘fascism’ is rising. Since localism and personal pledges are antithetical to a centralized regulatory state.

    And why is Trumphitler being denounced for trying to end one of our forever wars?

    Sorry for the pattern recognition.

  3. Richard A

    Hey, Michigan doesn’t have a Madison. We have a Madison Heights. Madison is the capital of Wisconsin.

    A former mayor of Madison (WI) described the city as “77 square miles of liberalism surrounded by reality.”

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