A Stirring Spirited Speech: Bronze Age Mindset — Reviewed

A Stirring Spirited Speech: Bronze Age Mindset — Reviewed

Lo, the day is coming, blazing like an oven, when all the proud and all evildoers will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire, leaving them neither root nor branch, says the Lord of hosts. But for you who fear my name, there will arise the sun of justice with its healing rays.

The most persistent criticism leveled at Bronze Age Pervert (BAP) from not unfriendly critics—we can ignore his unfriendly ones—is that BAP does not have a plan. That BAP does not provide a blueprint, however limited, to organize a true civilization from what is rapidly becoming the remnant of ours. Yes, people like Michael Anton say, BAP pegs many dark symptoms of our collapsing society, but these were already well known before Bronze Age Mindset. BAP offers no solution to our woes, no means of escape, nothing but playful and provocative fantasy.

This charge is false. Those who make the charge do not understand the central message of BAM. Everything that can be done, and should be done, and must be done, is outlined by BAP in clean, vivid prose.

Short of a global cataclysmic chastisement, which is far from impossible, and which BAM readers would call a “cleansing”, there is no stopping what is coming. We do not have enough men left. Too few believe in or see, or want to see, the darkness ahead. Most who lament our times, and know we are at the end of an age, want to cling to “liberal” ideas, to their cherished goods, to their horrific eyewear; they hope and pray and beg for any sort of accommodation with the ever-growing Social Justice Army that has sworn it will show no quarter.

This is not to say there will be no temporary improvements. Few foresaw the election of Trump. Such events are blips; the general trend is clear. Ultimately, escape is impossible, both physically and figuratively. This is not an excuse to avoid fighting. But since the enemy far outnumbers us, the battle must be unconventional, eschewing open violence and harmful activism. There are other ways. Before this, we must first understand the enemy.


The enemy are they who hold the Modern Mindset.

The Modern Mindset is one in thrall to Darwinanism, to materialism, to determinism, to utilitarianism and libertarianism, to temporality, to immediacy, to celebrity, to a pathetic worship of pleasure, to Equality and its deformed inbred stepsister Diversity, to “fairness” and “rights”. The Modern Mindset is the epitome of the sniveling self. The Modern man to the Bronze Age man speaks a language as incomprehensible as Swahili is to Japanese.

BAP understands Darwinians have made an unforgivable blunder in saying the purpose and meaning of life is mere survival, a belief which colors and corrupts every thought. Yeast survives, as BAP says, but survival is clearly not enough for other creatures. Here BAP echoes David Stove, whose Darwinian Fairytales: Selfish Genes, Errors of Heredity and Other Fables of Evolution should not be missed.

There is real meaning in life: it is only scientists frightened of the implications of teleology that cannot see it. There is purpose in everything. The “‘design’ is there,” BAP says, “but it is by no means benevolent or intelligent, nor comprehensible.” This is perfectly compatible with Christian theology, which describes the Creator and His creatures in the mystery of a fallen world.

The Modern Mindset is convinced of the blindness and aimlessness of the life. If life is meaningless, it follows that one should seek constant gratification. It is then no wonder so many Moderns grow fat and stupid and slovenly and filled with anger at their diminishing selves. They know how they have fallen and they know its causes, yet they cannot let go of their pleasure. They rage against the dying of the light and the unfairness that they—they!—must suffer. This is why they make themselves enemies of those who have gained self-mastery. This is why they are enemies of beauty, of masculinity, of femininity, of purity of any kind. Every beautiful thing they see is a stinging rebuke. This is why they lash out.

Everybody quotes this next passage, for good reason:

Chimp in state of nature never jerks off, but in captivity he does, wat does this mean? In state of nature he’s too busy, to put it plainly. He is concerned with mastering space: solving problems of life in and under trees, mastering what tools he can, mastering social relations and jockeying for power and status. Deprived of this drive to development and self-increase he devolves to pointless masturbation, in captivity, where he senses he is in owned space and therefore the futility of all his efforts and all his actions.

It would take an academic not to see the analogy with man.

(Incidentally, those unfamiliar with BAP will be jarred by his quirks in spelling and grammar, like when he “forgets” his articles—though he forgets to “forget” when answering critics like Anton. These are all part of the show. Lean back and enjoy.)

If there is a mistake in thinking of those seeking a Bronze Age mindset, it is the natural overreaction against the blank state Moderns who outrageously claim that there are no important biological differences between people. The mistake is in ascribing all observed differences to biology, or in giving undue weight to real variation, or in buying every gaseous Just So story from evolutionary psychology. There must be a balance.

We are physical creatures, but only in part. We are not slaves to our selfish genes or to our “whoremoans”, even though these do weigh on us, sometimes all but overwhelmingly, sometimes almost vanishingly, but always subtly. Both our minds and bodies are inescapable: we are rational animals, with each word having equal force. Our intellect and will can guide our bodies, just as our bodies can influence our minds. We are body+mind. The implications of this is what separates the true Bronze Age from the Modern Mindset.

The Modern Mindset is “materialistic reductionist”, which if taken to its logical conclusion, leads to self-worship:

This is the attitude of many scientists or just cultists of science. Actually, many on the left claim to have this attitude, though they can never explain what moral force their “rights” and “compassion” have, if it doesn’t come from God or have some reality in human nature.

If these attitudes don’t come from God or human nature, then they must come from inconstant ego. Which accounts for the imbecilic shifts in what constitute a “right”.

Both God and human nature are denied by Moderns, and implicitly by many self-proclaimed religious Moderns. Yet if God exists, then all actions matter, and if a fixed human nature exists, then Equality is false, and not only false, unattainable. Worse, far, far worse for the Modern, is this, the point which becomes the crux:

Some think this view [causative biology] absolves you of your responsibility for your acts. But actually you’re responsible for much more than your acts. That which is said to determine you biologically is actually who you are. It does restrain your acts according to its inherent ways of desiring and acting, but you are this it, and it decided to be, so actually you are responsible for much more, you’re responsible for what you are. You are responsible for the good and bad things that happen to you, for any accident or disease you might experience!

This truth is so far removed from the thoughts of Moderns that they cannot assimilate it. They react to it with the same horrified contempt of those first physicians told they must wash their hands to remove the unseen causes of disease.

Pagans and Christians before the Great Protest knew and heeded this notion of ultimate responsibility. Moderns are taught, and believe with all their might, that harm suffered, even self-abuse, has causes outside of their “true selves”. “I suffer from alcoholism, which is why I drink.” “I was made gay, so I must sodomize.” “I am a man but truly a woman, which would recognized if not for evil forces.” If the causes of evil are outside one’s gnostic self, then so is the blame for evil, and thus the responsibility for correcting wrongs always belongs to somebody else. Thus the constant wailing about “fairness.”

Moderns say life now, this moment, is not fair, but it will eventually be made fair. This point is indisputable. The indelible marks cut by previous generations will be healed. No more this: “I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me”. The God who said that has been rejected. Modern Christians now are followers of prosperity gospel in one way or the other.

We’re not done with the Modern Mindset, where the powers of reason are worshiped. BAP knows of this phenomenon, well familiar to our readers:

No great discovery has ever been made by the power of reason. Reason is the means of communicating, imperfectly, some discoveries to others, and in the case of the sciences, a method of trying to render this communication certain and precise…All great scientific discoveries, supposedly the works of “reason,” are in fact the result of intuitions and sudden grasp of ideas. And all such sudden grasps and reaching is based on what, in other circumstances, would be called a kind of religious intoxication: it depends on a state of the mind where the perceiving part of the intellect is absolutely focused, limpid, yet drive by the most relentless energy, an energy to penetrate.

This same point I make at length in Uncertainty. It should be clear that worship of reason leads directly to scidolatry, to the adoration of the false god Science, a subject so familiar we needn’t say more. Except to emphasize how scidolatry kills intuition and proper religious sense, especially the notion that the world is filled with spirit. Pagans had this over Moderns (even Modern Christians): they at least knew everything is influenced by the supernatural. Both peoples acted on that belief, acts which Christianity perfected. Pre-Modern Christianity, that is.

We can’t leave the Modern Mindset without proper scorn being cast on so-called Artificial Intelligence, which is “behind also the belief that you can ‘upload’ your intelligence to a computer and attain immortality”, a belief which BAP rightly calls a form of “imbecility” and the “power fantasy of the nerd.”

The Matriarchy

It is easy to figure where the Modern Mindset leads (ellipsis original):

If you want to see our future look to Europe as it existed before 1600 BC, or much of the world as it was until recently and still is…the communal life of the longhouse with its young men dominated and broken by the old and sclerotic, by the matriarchs, the blob and yeast mode in human life overtaking and subjecting all higher aspiration.

Some now have the bizarre notion that this can’t happen to us because of the presence of all our mind-killing toys of technology, which bring us “freedom”. But even now we have people in Los Angeles living in pods—no, paying to live in pods—slaves who feed on noodles made of bugmeat and genetically modified grains containing anti-sperm antibodies.

Rampant homosexuality and effeminacy are another reaction to the Modern Mindset, which in turn bolster it. Gnosticism allows people to convince themselves they “are” gay or “are” trannies, as if they “are” different kinds of creatures, creatures better than the shambles of humanity that surround them. The homosexual “becomes an unwitting pawn himself of the very power that as a young boy he had intuited to be the enemy, the great and suffocating shadow of our time, that smothers all light out.”

BAP understands, as most of us now do, that once homosexuality was no longer suppressed, those identifying as homosexuals “became the worst and most merciless enforcers of the global slave state.” Gays are not alone. They are joined by the matriarchy and the effete which together create a rule of intransigent dim bureaucrats, and this in turn creates a permeating desultory spirit. We live, or soon will live, in an “Iron Prison” which “represents a return of the endless sallow night of matriarchy.” Where “being nice” and “being fair” will be the law of the land.

Anyone born with a will to conquest and expansion of boundaries, will feel thwarted now, will awaken at a young age to find themselves in a world pervaded by an evil and smothering shadow that seeks to blot out their spirit and break them.

We already routinely drug boys to control their masculinity. Those that escape the needle and act out against the spirit of the age, and that can be identified, must and will pay a terrible price. Can there possibly be any doubt left that “cancel culture” must move to its inevitable end? If you don’t think so, just what exactly do you think will stop it? Congress passing a law?

Should the tyranny that has descended on our age ever gain the power it seeks and then be challenged enough to feel itself in danger, the mass annihilations that will be carried out by homosexual, transsexual, and especially lesbian commissars will exceed in scale and cruelty anything that has yet happened in known history. Imagine lesbian mulatta commissars with young Martin Sheen face and haircut manning the future Bergen-Belsens, installations that will span tens of miles.

At first I thought this an excellent example of making a point using colorful exaggeration, a technique at which BAP excels (e.g. later he describes a machine Hollywood uses to harness psychic energy). But, now, I am not so sure. If it happens, it will do so at a speed which will leave no time to react against it.

BAP understands what must not be spoken: that giving women political “freedom” has saddled us with “an infection from which [we] can’t recover without the most terrible convulsions and the most thorough purgative measures.” The so-called liberation of “women makes democracy into a terminal disease…one that doesn’t just end a particular government, but the civilization.”

Of all the things that you blame for the decrepit times we live in, feminism and the “liberation” of women is both the proximate and the ultimate cause. Nothing so ridiculous as the liberation of women has ever been attempted in the history of mankind. It is an act of complete insanity, disguised as “logic,” “reason,” presented in the most absurd legalisms about supposed “rights”. The modern socialisms, the expansion of power of the state that squashes all initiative and all life, the hypocrisy of all political life in our time—all of this is to be attributed to the participation of women in political life…It is not women actually being free, but their “legal freedom,” a practical fiction, being used by a higher power to oppress, to dispossess, to intimidate and extort. It took one hundred years of women in public life for them to almost totally destroy a civilization.

It is seen as treason, or heresy, to utter such facts. Some know these truths, but dare not even whisper them, instead taking refuge in calls for “moderation”. There is no moderating the demon spirit that has been loosed. How far would a call to end women’s suffrage last? Any person in power stating such an outrage would meet his doom within the hour.

Men did not have to give power to women, especially in those republics where such questions were put to votes. Men could have decided to vote no, and that would have been an end to it. But they willingly surrendered! Which shows that whatever went wrong, went wrong before the matter was ever put to a vote.

Suffrage loomed when women “lost all respect for the males of [their] times.” BAP thinks the loss of respect “came when industrialists and bankers replaced the warrior nobility,” which is surely true. But how did men fall to such a lowly state to think that bankers and CEOs were the pinnacle of manly success?

Much of the blame for the fall of men can be blamed on the Enblindenment, where man ceased looking at the Son and stared too long into light of the Sun, and saw in it only his own reflection. It was his powers of reason that allowed man to confuse these lights. It was by reason that all the theorems of the false light were deduced. Equality, liberty (in the sense of lack of responsibility), and fraternity could not have been thought of were man not first convinced of the supremacy, and indeed singleness, of reason. His reason. Reason is all Modern man has.

What a sad thing reason is! Never was a god so lame. Give reason one false premise and it builds an ideology. It was reason that told men it was far better to be a tenured academic, or to code apps to optimize ad placements (which Yours Truly did at one time), than to be a warrior or explorer or true scientist. Men by their reason said it was well to put matters of morality and truth to vote, because then the combined power of reason, the sovereign Will Of The People, would invariably lead to what was best. A farcical lie.

It was only natural that women, being women and desiring men, lost respect for the kind of males reason created.

“Feminism then is the revolt against the outrage of democracy.” Women “have been in revolt against the inability of the bugman to command authority or respect.” BAP sees, as we see, that “there is no bottom to this ‘freedom’ or revolution. There won’t be any opportunity to say ‘I told you so’: they will never ‘learn a lesson’ from their foolishness.” Only an exterior force, a man (I never cease quoting Parkinson) with the moral courage to fire on the crowd, will stop the leftist singularity.

The Fight

BAP says BAM is not a book of philosophy and that it is instead an exhortation. It is that, a most rousing speech. But he’s wrong that it isn’t philosophy. It isn’t so in the academic sense, which is to his vast credit. It is instead the best kind of philosophy, the kind that makes you wonder Just how wrong have I been? How much larger is the world than I have thought?

What weapons, what practical means, would BAP employ against our Modern tyranny? The first one, and the one I find unbelievable critics missed, is the speech itself. This book is dangerous in the hands of youth. It can remove the stain of indoctrination and loosen the grip of the Modern Mindset, a most valuable service in and of itself. It doesn’t matter it is an imperfect book, or that it has the occasional jocular absurdity, or that it has inconsistencies. It does the job we needed it to do.

The other tactics are so simple that you already know all of them. Men should make strong friends; they should encourage and support one another. They should master their bodies and their minds. Listen to Confucius: “A gentleman eats without stuffing his belly; chooses a dwelling without demanding comfort; is diligent in his office and prudent in speech; seeks the company of the virtuous in order to strengthen his own ways.”

Pray. Read old books. Seek the beautiful and sublime. Do not pollute your mind with trash. When and “if…young leftist men will start lifting and worshiping beauty, they will be forced to leave the left.” Embrace sacrifice.

None of these are easy! The struggle is constant with failure more usual than achievement. Yours Truly has a lifetime of debits that far outweigh his credits. But you must never give up or give in.

If you, like Anton, think these merits of BAM are nothing special, then you have not grasped that the best way to stave off the effects of the collapse is local, starting with yourself, with your family and friends. You cannot and must not love the world, but you can love God and your neighbor.

BAP is careful not to evoke “self help”, nor does he tell you what to do beyond a few practicalities. For instance. Toys that make life “easy” are not inherently bad, though the uses to which they are put often are. Carry a “device” that lets you look up any “fact”, and soon, very soon, your memory withers. With that withering comes other unfortunate effects. Self-mastery is ever the key.

Get out of suburbs, which are “absolute hell to raise children in, especially boys.” Do not encourage or yourself “go on marches where [you] could be identified and tracked for life.” Eschew activism. But do tease without pity the powers that be. Our masters can take all manner of insults, slights, harm and calumny—except ridicule. The more you can make people laugh at elites, the stronger you will be, but also the greater danger for you. Right now, the punishment is limited to banning people from on-line venues (acts which are being directed in part by governments) and from having bank accounts. Worse is coming.

Join the military, if you can stomach it, and seek out the hard life. But keep your head down and your views on these subjects private.

Yet not all can remain anonymous and silent. Some of us have to speak out in our own names to encourage others.

Lastly, for my Christian brothers, don’t let the whole “pervert” business throw you. There is all sort of silly play in the book, designed in good humor for those who remember how to laugh and whose senses of humor has not atrophied. Remember that Christians have a long history of learning from pagans.

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  1. Gail Finke

    Just so we’re clear, here… I’m a woman. Are you and BAP saying that I am to blame for Modernism and the “Modern Mindset,” that I should not be permitted to vote, and that I want men emasculated, families destroyed, and my civilization ruined? Because that’s what I am getting from this. Frankly, that makes as much sense as the Marxist argument that everything happens inevitably through “history,” there’s no escaping the rise of the proletariat, and the best thing we can do is destroy everything in order to make the new synthesis come faster. And that one has worked out so well…

  2. Gail –
    Yes. We are exactly saying that women should not vote, nor should they hold any position of power and influence. Of course, we aren’t the first to say these things. They’re directly from the New Testament.

    Women and womanly men are destroying Christendom, and are willing accomplices to our eternal enemies. My evidence? The history of the last century, along with current events.

    The Psychological associations have determined that men are defective women, and have been at war against men and boys for more than a generation. Children down to infants are given body and soul destroying “gender reassignment” drugs and surgeries. ADHD drugs have addled the wits and destroyed the spirits of two generations of young men. Divorce has destroyed the family, and the very concept of how to raise happy and healthy children. Contraceptives and abortion have denied us our posterity.

    As you yourself show in your comment, Gail, most women are incapable of thinking about more than merely themselves. Their emotional maturity stops at about age 16, and never progresses from there. Many women only take care of their children because of basic instincts (much like a mother cat), and because they see their children as extensions of themselves. The better class of women extend ‘self’ to include family. The best of them become clan matriarchs.

  3. Sheri

    it follows that one should seek constant gratification—Which, of course, includes murder, rape and all other wants.

    We already routinely drug boys to control their masculinity. —They created eunuchs in the past. Of course, they didn’t have modern science to create babies in a lab, so the practice was more limited.

    Gail—YES. Women destroyed society with their constant emoting. They should lose their voting privileges. Honestly, I cannot work with or stand to be around the whining, emoting, unthinking, vengence-filled violent things that women have become. They repulse me.

    Gary—Many women’s instincts for caring for their children is dead or never existed. They abuse and kill their children regularly because they simply HATE the little brats. The little brats take time away from the selfish woman and her “always me” time. Many women are useless for procreation because they destroy that which they should nurture, either through abortion or killing the kid later.

  4. sherry m

    geeeezzzzzzzz, a little hard on women McChuck! come on! I hate all the stuff in the news against white men for sure, I know many good, good men who would give their lives for women and children, who are fair and honest. But also, I have thought about this for awhile: in the city I live in, at my bank, for years it’s been only women working there, at the elementary/middle school, for years it’s been mostly all women. At government offices, it’s mostly all women. So, with women in control of many places now, why are there more bullies than ever? why are there teenage girls who can’t say no to a boy wanting a naked selfie of herself? why are the testing scores of children the lowest it’s been for years? I’ve read that there are more depressed children than there has ever been. I had thought with more women working everywhere, we would have a better world.
    No, we women haven’t made it better. Something else bad is going on, very bad. But don’t blame it on women! how ridiculous. As I said, there are lots of good men, my Dad, uncles, brothers all are good. But there are also horrible, horrible men. (like Epstein, men can be such idiots when it comes to sex!)
    You saying this:”Their emotional maturity stops at about age 16, and never progresses from there. ”
    How demeaning! How about men demeaning women as sex objects!? I hope Briggs doesn’t agree with much you wrote! And to say in your comment that “most women are incapable of thinking about more than merely themselves” How dare you say that.

  5. Michael Dowd

    Woman are destroying the world. BAM proves it. Men must stop them. The 19th Amendment must be abrogated. And so on.

  6. Sherry

    Oh boy, another person saying women are destroying the world. I just have to add this. I’m a nurses aid, worked at a hospital, nursing home and have been doing home health care.
    With this: ” Their emotional maturity stops at about age 16, and never progresses from there. ” That makes me so darn mad to read that! In the health field women are fantastic, and to say our emotional maturity stopped at age 16?
    My Mom was a nurse, sister and brother both nurses right now. Sister-in-law a nurse, daughter-in-law a doctor, and there are other women in the health field in my family.
    My sister died a few years ago, she was young, died from diabetes. The women at the hospitals she was at and the nursing homes too, I thank God for all the women who were caring, and did all they could for my sis. Many went above and beyond what they had to do. I always choose a woman Doctor for my care. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t. Quit putting down women so much, there is something else wrong in society!! I think both sexes need lots more humility and how about doing away with greediness! Look at yourself, if there were a million of you, would the world be better? I know that if there were a million of my husband, (and other men in the family), it would be a better world. and the same with many women I know.

  7. Ken

    Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI, “let’s kill all the lawyers”

    Reading Briggs and the many sources of cited strife makes clear Shakespeare got it wrong. “Let’s kill all the philosophers” seems to be the way to go.

  8. Big Groyp

    >Scientists have created the ultimate GM crop: contraceptive corn. Waiving fields of maize may one day save the world from overpopulation.
    >’We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies,’ said Epicyte president Mitch Hein.
    >’We have also created corn plants that make antibodies against the herpes virus, so we should be able to make a plant-based jelly that not only prevents pregnancy but also blocks the spread of sexual disease.’

    >Herpes infections are decreasing across nearly every demographic in the United States, according to a new report.
    >It found that approximately 48% of all Americans were infected with HSV-1 and 12% with HSV-2 in 2015-16. This represents an 11.3 percentage point decrease in HSV-1 and a 5.9 percentage point decrease in HSV-2 since 1999.
    >The drop in herpes infections comes at a time when other sexually transmitted diseases are increasing nationwide. In 2016, more than 2 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were reported to the CDC — the highest number ever recorded.
    >It is still unclear why herpes infections are dropping while other STDs are on the rise.

  9. Tom X Hart

    The questions you raise here, particularly regarding women, ultimately return to technology. It’s technology that allows egalitarianism and the emancipation of women. Unfortunately, emancipation and democratisation ultimately destroys the biological basis for a high technology society.

    I suspect that we’ll have to let the current order die—barring some significant technological breakthrough—as it has done before. The consolation is that after each collapse some of our advance is preserved—not everything of Rome and Greece was lost in the Dark Ages. We will not go all the way back, and we may be able to soften the landing this time—given that we are more aware as to what is happening.

  10. This is very impressive. My only beef is the swings taken at at Darwinism. Okay, Darwin himself focused too much on survival. That is why Marx dedicated Das Kapital to him – Marx thought the No. 1 thing is who controls the means of production via which men make the necessities for their own survival.

    But modern Darwinism is far more about sexual selection. It is the recognition that the deer do have enough grass to eat, what really matters is that they lock horns to determine who gets to mate with the does.

    And this is far more spiritual. Essential masculinity, heroism, greatness etc.

  11. Gail Finke

    Well…. good luck with that view of male-female relations, assuming it’s not a put-on in typical BAM fashion (“guess what I really mean and what I just like to say to freak you out!”). It’s a stupid way to think of half the human race, and a great way to slough off responsibility (“women screwed up everything, what can poor men do about that?”) but hey, you be you.

  12. Thank you to all the women who emoted about how they were different, individual, and unique. Thank you so much for helping to prove my point.

    1 Corinthians 14:34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.

    1 Timothy 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

    Titus 2:1 But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine: 2 That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience. 3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; 4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, 5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. 6 Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.”

  13. Gail Finke

    Whatever. Personally, I’m shocked at the sheer amount of anger on display in these comments. Enjoy emoting.

  14. The obsession of conservative Catholics with attacking all of modernity is one of the reasons they are often counter-productive in the political struggle against tyranny. The large majority of people who want to fight the growing tyranny of the Left are moderns. While the Left is taking over the military, suppressing speech, a murdering babies by the millions, conservative Catholics want to pick on other conservatives for using birth control, getting drunk on weekends, getting divorced, or expressing a modern mindset.

    These Catholics are like a soldier in a trench who, while the enemy is charging across the artillery-pitted no man’s land, starts a fight with another member of his platoon for cheating at cards.

    Stop trying to make everyone who doesn’t believe exactly what you believe an enemy, and look at where the real threat to civilization is coming from.

  15. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Yes, that is it. Male anger. Toxic male anger.

    There is way too much of that, way too much.

    Perhaps all of this toxic male anger can be attributed to the decrease in testosterone levels ..

    Back in the day, men had enough testosterone to be self-controlling and recollected but with the decrease in testosterone there has been an increase in emoting. The experts told us that was healthy…

    It make one weep, but not from joy.

  16. Ye Olde Statistician

    In Christ there is no Jew or Greek, no slave or free, no man and woman, but all are one in Jesus Christ.

    Marx was not a woman, Freud was not a woman, Darwin was not a woman. If there is a problem with Late Modern women, it is that they try to act too much like men.
    The end of the Modern Ages has been discussed here:
    1950: Romano Guardini, The End of the Modern World.
    1954: Walker Percy, The Message in the Bottle.
    1959: Jacques Barzun, The House of Intellect.
    1970: John Lukacs, The Passing of the Modern Age
    1973: Roberto Vacca, The Coming Dark Age.
    2002: Lukacs again, At the End of an Age.
    2004: Jane Jacobs, Dark Age Ahead.
    2009: Maggie Jackson, Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age.

  17. Bodhi

    This is the single best review of BAM that I have read, and that’s saying something since there has been a flurry of them in recent months. I’m especially pleased that it’s written from a Christian perspective because so many Christians are prone to knee-jerk reactions against BAP. Christianity has always been able to absorb and use the best of paganism – there would be no Christian tradition without Greco-Roman philosophy.

    The reason that many people nowadays are attracted to paganism is precisely because Christianity has lost touch with this part of itself, with its masculine side, its virtus. This is amply documented by Leon Podles in his book The Church Impotent. Christians should look to BAM to understand what is wrong with contemporary overly-feminized churchianity, which will never appeal to men, not the kind of men that are needed to lead. (Mark Driscoll understood this very well when he was at Mars Hill Church, before it imploded.) If early Christianity had been the weak mess that one sees today, European peoples would never have converted to it, and would never have been able to build Western civilization through it. BAM, representing the thought of the noble pagans (the ones Dante put in limbo, and perhaps a few of those who wound up in the inferno as well) is closer to traditional Christianity than today’s bugman churchianity is.

  18. JTLiuzza

    Neither was Satan a woman YOS. But knowing the chess board well, he headed there first.

    I was struck by this: “The so-called liberation of “women makes democracy into a terminal disease…one that doesn’t just end a particular government, but the civilization.”

    My coinage, if I might, was that enfranchising women politically was a “civilizational level error.” But then it occurred to me what happened in the Garden, which we see repeated today authored by the same one who orchestrated that original inversion: uppity woman assuming a headship that is not proper to her, and a capitulating failure of a man who allowed it, makes it a species level error.

  19. Frederic

    “Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.”

    I read BAP several months ago and he does make many good points though I
    think his prescription is lacking. It’s kind of a feel good read for insouciant
    males that find themselves in need of scapegoats they can tilt at to explain
    their own shortcomings. This railing at women is misplaced and obscures the
    real perpetrators of the fake narratives that have infected every generation
    since the turn of the 19th century. He does identify this in his opus but then
    lapses into the same divide and conquer strategy we see playing out in every MSM production. Women are just as susceptible to this base level of psychobabble programming as are the cadres of unemployed soy-boys in tight jeans and masks. Women left to their own devices embody a beauty, harmony, and a sense of justice unequaled in all of creation. If we were honest there
    would be little point in living were it not for the women.

  20. “Women left to their own devices embody a beauty, harmony, and a sense of justice unequaled in all of creation.”

    This has not been true anywhere, at any time in recorded history. Women, left to their own devices, accept the apple from the serpent, and convince their husbands to eat it. Women, left to their own devices, kill their own children.

    See also the Survivor season where they separated the women from the men.

  21. Michael Dowd

    November 20, 2019 at 7:34 am

    Yes, agree this is a great untruth: “Women left to their own devices embody a beauty, harmony, and a sense of justice unequaled in all of creation.”

    God intention for mankind was to form families of one man and one woman. He
    intended women to be mothers and take care of the children , the husband and the home. Men were to protect the family and provide all necessities. The man was to be head of the family and represent the family in political matters. Therefore the husband was intended to be the only voter in the family as was the interface with the world and was supposed to know what was going on.

    There should be no question about any of this as the above arrangement was God given whom we are all to obey.

  22. Bruce

    ” Personally, I’m shocked at the sheer amount of anger on display in these comments.”

    Total projection. What anger?

    Comments you don’t agree with are “anger on display” not opinions or rational discourse.

    Thanks for proving our point about women and emotions.

  23. DG

    Meh… Don’t see the point in being concerned about women voting. It’s not going to change in the future anyway. Women will be legally allowed to vote just as men will be and that’s fine with me. And besides, I take the opportunity to vote in any good person for a political office whether it’s a man or a woman, given that person, of course, has the right ideas and doesn’t favor a bunch of left wing nonsense. Yeah I know that’s being very practical but it works.

  24. Sherry

    McChuck: There are good men and bad men, good women and bad women. What are the most important things that our Lord preached? He said we must have humility and we must have charity . You seem to not have either when you say ” Women, left to their own devices, kill their own children” how nuts and what a fruit loop thing to say. (are you a narcissist?) Sure, there are stories in the news of a very very small percentage of insane sick women who have killed children, (and like the horrible women who murder a pregnant woman to get the baby, that’s sick!) and men who have killed the children of a woman they are dating (not their own child I mean) There is abuse of children and women around the world, but, seems you blame women for all the troubles in the world. hmmmmmm, I think we have a wee little problem……………….with a little perfectionism.

  25. Bruce

    “Sure, there are stories in the news of a very very small percentage of insane sick women who have killed children….”

    No there’s mass, societal level child killing being committed by women.

  26. Bruce

    ”Women, left to their own devices, kill their own children”

    Essentially correct. The way I’d phrase it: “When you have female power, you have lots of enthusiastic abortions” e.g. late Rome.

  27. Plantagenet

    As my daughter is getting ready for Oxford when she has finished A-Levels one of you might want to suggest to her that, instead, she quickly get married and whelp a few pups instead! I hope you like very, very cold stares!
    Funny thing is I read Law at Cambridge back in the 90’s and though I have told her I wouldn’t send a dog I liked to a dump like Oxford all I get is very, very cold stares.
    She’s remarkably good at it!

  28. Uncle Mike

    It takes two to tango. If women have lost their way, then it is also true that men have lost theirs. The Modern Mindset infects both genders… er I mean sexes.

    The ideal (or healthy) masculine male is not a Spartan in a frat house. He is a father who provides a home for his family, a pair-bonded sire who shields his mate and offspring from danger and deprivation.

    The key imo to the fall of Man the Male is the roadblock of territory. All provision and protection takes place in the arena of place: locality is identity, where you are is who you are, the home is a castle — not a commons.

    Without territory the male is nothing. He cannot achieve his function. Indeed he cannot survive, much less care for his family.

    The Modern Mindset deprives males of territory. His home is a tiny house, a pup tent, a dorm, a cell in a prison, a sidewalk, the trafficked way, a flophouse, a basement, his truck. The urban jungle is permanent homelessness, a journey from cubbyhole to cubbyhole with none a real territory that the male can command and control. Even those men with actual homes on property are subject to invasions, from government authorities or the praised rabble of looters, and deprived of arms or means or justice to protect their own.

    The psychological result is frustration, emasculation, castration, madness, violence, and warfare. The male may be muscular and handsome but cannot provide his family with the territory it needs to be safe and secure. And so the females reject him consciously or subconsciously — he cannot fulfill their innate biological needs.

    Man is an animal, and all animals need territory. This is the key. Further analysis misses the point.

  29. Ye Olde Statistician

    @JTLiuzza: The point behind noting the masculinity of Messrs. Darwin, Freud, and Marx was NOT that “men do bad things, too,” but that it is absurd to assign evil to women as such when the three greatest evils of the modern world stemmed from masculine dreams that were foisted upon women. McChuck said that ” Women, left to their own devices, kill their own children.” But this is simply another symptom of Late Modern groupist thinking (a la Mr. Marx). The vast majority of women do no such thing (and some who do do so because they are coerced and pressured by boyfriends). Groups do not act; only individuals act. The abortion rate is lower now than at any time since it was legalized.
    Women, left to their own devices, are just as likely to have ecstatic visions like Hilegard of Bingen or Catherine of Sienna,; to care for the sick like Teresa of Calcutta; or found schools like Katherine Drexel. Or even just refuse to sell their wares for pagans to use, like Justa and Rufina.

  30. JTLiuzza

    Thanks for your reply YOS.

    “the three greatest evils of the modern world stemmed from masculine dreams that were foisted upon women”

    Maybe “foisted upon” might be an issue of contention in my counter given that I don’t believe that Eve “foisted” the very ushering of evil into humanity upon Adam but, as I said, he failed as she did by his capitulation. She inverted by presuming to instruct thereby lead, he inverted by submitting instead of leading. It’s on both of them. They both subverted God’s will and pursued their own. Common thread from then until now. But the enemy started with her for a reason. That was my point even if I perhaps made it clumsily.

    Our duty (not privilege) as men is to lead. Adam should have corrected, and thereby protected, Eve and by so doing their progeny, us, as well. That’s what we as men should do. For me the blueprint and lesson is there from the very beginning.

  31. rpt

    BAP does not blame women on modernity. If I remember correctly he even says that women could help to save our civilization when they vote for a populist leader embodying masculinity other men lack. He sees populist leader as a first step on the way out of current state of affairs.

  32. swordfishtrombone

    Did Jesus say: (Mathew 7:3) “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”, or did he say: “blame women, Darwin, Freud, Marx, atheists, homosexuals, trannsexuals, women having abortions, women having the vote, Catholics, and leftists in general for everything wrong with society”?

    Terrible article, BTW.

  33. Frederic

    Eve had not yet eaten of the apple and lacking wisdom was easily
    deceived. Women by their very nature are more trusting and honest
    than men and the snake, undoubtedly a male, simply took advantage.
    She gave the apple to Adam because she didn’t want to hang out with
    an idiot.

    (I’m not getting notifications either Briggs)

  34. Briggs


    The obvious fixes haven’t worked. Am going to my host to see what’s what. Thanks.

  35. Dean Ericson

    Powerful review, thanks for this. I had read Anton’s and was intrigued but now I’m putting BAM on my reading list.

    Question, anyone: what does he mean by “Bronze Age Pervert”?

  36. Frederic

    Dean Ericson…When men were men and women were women think
    Agamemnon.. Achilles…

  37. Ye Olde Statistician

    Agamemnon, who sacrificed his daughter to the gods to secure favorable winds? Achilles, the psychopathic killer, who was fearless in battle because he was immune to all but one wound, and who sulked in his tent like a little girl when Agamemnon took away for his own use a woman Achilles had captured use? And then flew into a rage when his boyfriend was killed while while wearing Achilles’ armor? Maybe, on the other side, Paris, who abducted another man’s wife while enjoying that man’s hospitality?

  38. Frederic

    Yes these are the Ubermenschen BAP alludes to a Napoleon who will fire on the crowd.

  39. Dean Ericson

    “Pervert” is the curious part, wondering if implied “Bronze Age Poofter”?

  40. Frederic

    Buggery of male youth was a common and open practice in Bronze age
    Greece. It is a curious title and I do agree with the general premise that
    the emasculation of males in the current toxic cultural environment
    will lead to the desolation of Western Civilization.

  41. Yonason

    Yes, and Yes.

    “The Modern Mindset is one in thrall to Darwinanism, ….”
    Here physiologist Dennis Noble gives Dawkins’ “the selfish gene” a far more dignified eulogy than it deserves, IMO.

    “The Modern Mindset is the epitome of the sniveling self. “
    In this interview Heather MacDonald discusses the delusion of “diversity,” it’s outraged self-absorbed proponents, and how it is destroying higher education in particular and our culture in general.

  42. Yonason

    The first video is supposed to be of Dennis Noble, not of someone talking about him. It should have been this.

    My fault for not playing it prior to posting. The correct one is from my bookmarks, and is the correct one. (thought I’d save some time by googling it. Hah!)

  43. info

    Politics and war are intimately connected. Hence the vote is tied to the draft. Hence why Adult Males are the only ones who should vote.

    And only males are to be drafted according to divine law.

    Women invading the male domain of politics or ascending into the heights of power over nations shouldn’t occur.

    The only woman that sat on the throne of Israel was Athaliah the usurper.

  44. DAA

    “Give reason one false premise and it builds an ideology. It was reason that told men it was far better to be a tenured academic, or to code apps to optimize ad placements (which Yours Truly did at one time), than to be a warrior or explorer or true scientist” – I wonder what a true scientist might be, since that is what I have been trying to become and have always failed. And the other side: how do you pay the bills? And so doing, how can you gather enough strength at night to study or investigate?

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