The Pozzing Of Medicine Continues, Lancet Editor Edition

The Pozzing Of Medicine Continues,  Lancet Editor Edition

Listen to this first; it’s only a minute.

My transcription:

My name is Richard Horton and I’m editor of The Lancet. The climate emergency that we’re facing today, being the most important existential crisis facing the human species, and since medicine is all about protecting and strengthening the human species, it should be absolutely foundational to the practice of what we do every single day. The GMC publishes an extremely important document, which guides all health professionals […] duties of a doctor.

The duties of a doctor are first and foremost to an individual patient or the public that they serve. The climate crisis is one of the most, I would say the most, existential crisis facing our communities in the world today. Doctors, as all health professionals, have a responsibility, an obligation to engage in all kinds of non-violent social protests, to address the climate emergency. That is the duty of a doctor. The GMC based on its own documentation should be fully supportive of all health professionals who engage in that kind of non-violent social protests.

Besides being borderline incoherent and as repetitive as a petty bureaucrat, Horton is an ass. The first duty of doctor is health. It is never the duty of any doctor to lecture the public, let along engage in “non-violent social protests”, over matters in which they are ignorant.

This Horton would be better calling out the increasing fraction of quacks who call themselves doctors. We have white coats killing, for a fee, people before the can exit the womb, killing, for a fee, people who have grown tired of life. We have white coats carving up, for a fee, delusional men who insanely think they’re women.

Just as a for instance, have you seen this instance of quackery? This poor man who thinks he is a woman got some white coat to, for a fee, carve a fake vagina into him, connecting a tube to the exit of his digestive system. The hole smells of shit, and will always smell of shit. I assure you I’m telling only the minimum. Click the link to read the full horror.

It’s all perfectly legal. And lucrative.

Where is this Horton ass calling out the quacks performing these horrors? Silent. Instead he wants quacks to start protesting over the possibility of maybe perhaps who knows slightly warmer winter afternoons. Which you think a frigid Brit would welcome.

Now this man Horton is just as much an expert on fluid flow over rotating spheres as Greta Thunberg. He thinks that by using his science authority he can get people to make asses of themselves, all while knowing he knows nothing about the subject. He’s probably right about that, things being the way they are.

Medicine is pozzed, and growing pozzeder. You heard me: pozzeder.

We saw earlier complaints that medical schools are concentrating less and less on medicine, and more and more on Diversity and other SJW causes. And here we have this great ass in a great position playing politics purely to make himself look better. Cynical and rapacious. A sure sign of a failing civilization.

It’s worse than you think. This report: US medical scholars vow to tackle climate, immigration and guns.

Not one of these subjects has any baring whatsoever to the practice of medicine. You can say they all have public health implications, but so does everything that happens in the public. A quack can tell you nothing about climate “change” and health. He may be able to tell you how to fix a gun shot wound, but his opinion about the best distribution of guns, or about people illegally crossing borders, is no more valuable than that guy who owns the nearest 7-11 franchise.

Yet here’s what the article opens with “Never before has the role of evidence and expertise in US policymaking been more at threat.”

Expertise? They have none. Zero, zippo.

The National Academy of Medicine is promising to use its weight as the medical field’s pre-eminent professional body to tackle hot-button societal problems that might be seen as going far beyond its traditional remit — including climate change, immigration and gun control.

The commitment, as spelled out by the academy’s president, Victor Dzau, envisions the nearly 50-year-old body known for its elite membership rolls and authoritative scientific analyses as taking far more aggressive steps to get its suggestions implemented.

Traditional remit! This admits ignorance. But everybody has their hands out and wants in on the action.

If the need to tackle these pressing societal problems is urgent, so is the need to challenge increasing scepticism about scientific evidence among US policymakers. Donald Trump’s rejection of the scholarly consensus around the climate crisis, for example, has left many academics in despair.

Climate crisis, climate emergency, climate herpes. Global cooling-slash-global warming. The only despair is in the inability to think of a new phrase that would capture the public’s imagination.

Late Addition: The Glorious Victories of Trans Athletes Are Shaking Up Sports.

This is Wired Science. SCIENCE. As in S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

Science is hopelessly pozzed. It held out and is the last bastion to fall. But it is still falling. And there is nothing that can stop it.

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  1. Pk

    When doctors want to be trusted, the don a clean lab coat and drape a stethoscope around their necks. What does this editor of the Lancet really mean by his leather gang member jacket and dismal background scenery? Is it a dg whistle to the violent protesters?

  2. Pk

    They don

    Dog whistle

    There really are random spell check goblins on this site.

  3. Thanatos Savehn

    It’s all coordinated. Here’s the cover/lede of the American Bar Association’s newest agitprop: Note the similar deployment of “existential”.

    Perusing the rest of the journal once dedicated to understanding the unfolding common law and new statutory laws you will also note multiple paeans to equality, diversity and inclusion (not to mention “sustainable law” whatever that might be). It’s fun to say we’re screwed but sad to see how far we’ve fallen.

  4. Wasn’t it the Lancet that published the phony study that set off the ‘vaccines cause autism’ craze?

  5. Uncle Mike

    What is needed is a non-violent social protest at the front door of The Lancet calling them out on all their defects. Their physical locations are in London, New York, and Beijing. The addresses are available on their website. If you live nearby and are so inclined, stroll on over and give them heck, non-violently. See how they like it.

  6. Ray

    There are numerous studies on guns, violence and criminality. Here are some of the major studies that you should read to become knowledgeable on the subject.
    Sociologists James Wright and Peter Rossi, “Under the Gun, Crime and Violence in America” (1983) National Institute of Justice
    Professor Gary Kleck, “Point Blank, Guns and Violence in America” (1991).
    Dr. Charles Wellford; et al, “Firearms and Violence: a Critical review” (2004) National Academy of Sciences.
    All of these studies reached the same conclusion, there is no evidence that demonstrates the availability of guns has any measurable effect on rates of homicide, suicide, robbery, assault, rape or burglary.
    I always find it amusing that politicians talk about “gun violence” as if guns weren’t inanimate objects and actually could be violent.

  7. Yonason

    As if we needed yet more proof that intelligence and integrity are independent of each other.

    Ignorant activists pervert everything, as can also be seen by the unethical behavior of “scientists” in fields other than medicine:
    (tip of the iceberg, most likely)
    And it’s easy to spot, just look for a field where someone is fired for doing research into forbidden areas, especially when it proves the “experts” in those fields are wrong.

    Civilization is falling apart. Without integrity, intelligence only accelerates the process.

  8. c matt

    but his opinion about the best distribution of guns, or about people illegally crossing borders, is no more valuable than that guy who owns the nearest 7-11 franchise.

    It is considerably less valuable than the 7-11 owner. The 7-11 owner has far more first hand experience with illegal immigrants and gun distribution than the doctor ever will.

  9. Dave

    Notice that the link takes you to a *screenshot* of Reddit, not Reddit itself. That’s because all negative comments, including those from the original poster, have been deleted. It’s just “everything went great” followed by 220 congratulatory comments one month ago. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia!

    “Any remotely sane person commenting on that Reddit thread gets instabanned. Anyone who manages to post twice on that thread is evil or insane, and most likely both. That thread is a conversation in the lunatic asylum.” -Jim Donald

  10. vince

    “Today’s Sigh-ence
    relies on appearical evidence.”

  11. DMA

    A new analysis of radiosonde data shows there is no greenhouse effect in our atmosphere. See ( ) at 1Hr-01 Min for their conclusions. These include that the IPCC was wrong to conclude that recent climate changes were due to greenhouse gasses and current climate model projections are worthless.
    The Connollys have done an in depth analysis of 20 million data sets spanning 70 years and state “the data show categorically there is no greenhouse effect” the atmosphere is in thermodynamic equilibrium and more greenhouse gasses do not change temperature but act according to Einstein’s postulate.
    So, with this information in consideration, how would our lancet doctor prescribe treatment towards a cure of the climate emergency he is so scared of.

  12. Michael T Williams

    “authoritative scientific analyses ” hahahahahhahaahhahahaha

  13. Gail Finke

    Disturbing. I am now disturbed.

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