Summary Against Modern Thought: LOST MY SOURCE

Summary Against Modern Thought: LOST MY SOURCE

Regular readers will know we have spent the past several years working chapter by chapter through Summa Contra Gentiles.

I had two sources. The main one was the DHS Priory. This week they removed the book from their site with this announcement:

Due to copyright concerns, this website is no longer hosting English translations of the works of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Copyrighted translations of Aquinas’s works can be easily found in libraries (academic and public), or online for purchase. Public domain translations can be found on other sites. For example, visit the Aquinas 101 site ( for a translation of the Summa theologiae.

Thank you for understanding, and blessings on your study of St. Thomas.

My other and original source is long gone from the web.

I am searching for other complete good and useful English translations (Latin exists, but each chapter would take me a good month).

I’ll leave Sundays blank until then. Stay tuned.

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  1. David Smith

    I would imagine that will have more than one that’s decidedly public domain, even in the US of A.

  2. Bill_R

    Also at the wayback machine.

  3. C-Marie

    Also, the Summa is here…..

    My Dad started me on the Summa when I was five years old. I loved our discussions. He would say for me to ask anything, and after I posed my question, he would pull out the Summa and say “Let’s see what St. Thomas has to say about that.” My Dad was a pagan, as he termed it, until the preparations for my Baptism into Catholicism, as Mama was Catholic, at which time he took instructions and became a Catholic.

    The problem with the instructions was that he was not taught the reality of Ephesians 6 nor of Romans 13: 12, 14……..we really are in warfare, continually. What a difference in perspective that knowledge makes. All of the book learning and explanations of St. Thomas Aquinas, are interesting and good and good exercise for our reasoning powers, but nothing trumps Jesus’ words in the Bible.

    God bless, C-Marie

    God bless, C-Marie

  4. Briggs


    Thanks much for the sources! Somebody emailed a source, and I had forgotten about the Way Back Machine.

  5. Uncle Mike

    Very well done! Best ever from Dr. Briggs. Fun to read. I like the banter, the vocabulary, and the smiling take-no-prisoners approach. The teaching is deep without being ponderous. I detect a little Aquinas influence in the presentation. It suits the author and the topic. I second HB’s comments above. Happily expecting my real printed paper book soon.

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