The Week In Doom — Bad Science Edition

The Week In Doom — Bad Science Edition

Abbreviated doom this week since I’m on the road.


Mathematicians divided over faculty hiring practices that require proof of efforts to promote diversity (Thanks to Kip Hansen for the tip.)

When Abigail Thompson, chair of the math department at the University of California (UC), Davis, penned an essay in the December 2019 issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society criticizing mandatory “diversity statements” in university hiring, simmering frictions in math boiled over. Researchers rushed to author op-eds and joint public letters both supporting and opposing Thompson. The reactions reflect a tension between mathematicians who see efforts to promote diversity as an intrusion of politics into research, and those who see opening their field to historically marginalized communities as the surest way to advance research. As befits the field, each side claims numerical data support their view.

Academic math skews overwhelmingly white and male.

Now one would ordinarily take this as evidence that white and male persons were better at becoming top mathematicians than non-white non-males. Yet it is taken as evidence of equality, as if every group could produce the same rate of top mathematicians. The opposite is thus proved by the contrary observation.

To improve diversity in all fields, eight of the 10 UC campuses as well as an increasing number of other universities across the country require faculty job applicants to submit a statement explaining steps they have taken to enhance diversity and equity…

“This is a contentious issue whose discussion has been suppressed,” Thompson tells Science. Her essay applauds inclusivity efforts of recent decades, including encouraging people from diverse backgrounds to pursue a math career. But she calls diversity statements a “political litmus test” that she compares to the McCarthyist “loyalty oaths”…

They are indeed loyalty oaths, as we have demonstrated many times. If you do not swear to uphold progressive anti-Reality ideology, you will be banned, purged, isolated, ignored, and pushed out. Everybody knows this, which is why those wanting to keep their jobs and who are still in touch with Reality lie on these oaths. This is entirely pragmatic, and even excusable, because those who push the oaths have no right to expect the truth. But every lie is corrupting, even good ones.

Thompson says she has received “strong support” from colleagues at UC Davis and elsewhere. But to Chad Topaz, a mathematician at Williams College, requiring such diversity statements isn’t political; it’s a recognition that math generates better research when everyone can participate. “We want math to be the best it can be, so we have to make it accessible to everybody.”

This is not so. Better research is generated when better mathematicians, and fewer than those we have now, purse mathematics. Worse research, far worse research, is generated when the field is stacked with people hired because they meet demographic quotas.

When the field is stuffed with mediocre and worse talents, it bogs down, it chokes out the best who are forced to deal with the worst.

The next item fits right in.


Russian journals retract more than 800 papers after ‘bombshell’ investigation

Academic journals in Russia are retracting more than 800 papers following a probe into unethical publication practices by a commission appointed by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). The moves come in the wake of several other queries suggesting the vast Russian scientific literature is riddled with plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and so-called gift authorship, in which academics become a co-author without having contributed any work.

Gift authorships, incidentally, are far from rare even in the West, especially in certain fields, where it is not uncommon for the department chair’s name to find its way onto papers he had little or nothing to do with.

And Russian authors frequently republish their own work, says Yury Chekhovich, CEO of Antiplagiat, a plagiarism detection company. In September 2019, after sifting through 4.3 million Russian-language studies, Antiplagiat found that more than 70,000 were published at least twice; a few were published as many as 17 times. Chekhovich believes most instances are due to self-plagiarism.

That 17 cracks me up, but it also leads me to wonder. I’ve seen plenty of papers, including some of my own, where I use the same phrases. Academics must publish or they will perish. And given the rapid expansion of lesser talents, and the subsequent flood of poor papers, the value of any single paper on average decreases. Which in turn pushes quantity to become a measure over quality.

That leads to academics to reusing their work, churning out multiple works on the same subject when one or none would have been sufficient.

Point is, I wonder how American or other Western papers would fare if run through the same test as the Russians had to do.


  1. Sheri

    Michael Mann—a great gift author. So was James Hanson.

    It’s somewhat scary the Russians have higher standards than the USA, though not at all surprising. Dictators realize you can’t rule the world with stupid people. The really stupid are cannon fodder, nothing more. You need the smart ones—a generally non-diverse group—to keep the dictatorship. That will become true when the US falls, also. The most diverse groups out there will be the people scrubbing floors and cleaning sewers, the former diversity idiots in universities who have no value other than slave labor.

    Again, the Tower of Babel was not a reward. It was a punishment. Diversity is designed to keep people weak and divided. Diversity kept the people from building another tower. Diversity keeps people from succeeding or excelling. That was the purpose thereof. Anyone pushing diversity wants to DESTROY humans, not help them. More diversity, more failure and suffering.

  2. Leo

    Sheri, good points about the Tower of Babel.

  3. Leo

    Truth is now to be determined by counting noses, with the counts weighted by demographic markers. Really, that’s not truth, just the approved opinion. In a math department no less.

    The owl of Minerva has flown away.

  4. John B()

    Ray :: The Putnam math competition had to start a separate competition for women

    Wait until the Tranny Maths show up, then what?

  5. John Not Real Name

    Apparently ,Recently, a meta analysis was performed on papers that looked into the correlation between Religious People and Low Intelligence. It from what I know reads that Religious people have low intelligence on average.
    ( )
    I found it from a video by Inspiring Philosophy ( ) in which it is explained that the paper is not good to write the least. Please if anyone is a competent Statistician (or just Mr William M. Briggs) give a review of the paper or of the video’s analysis. Thank You

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