The Week In Doom — Connecticut Stasi Edition

The Week In Doom — Connecticut Stasi Edition


Conn. Democrats propose new state police department to combat ‘far-right’ extremism

Connecticut Democrats in the state’s Senate have proposed creating a new state police department that would be tasked with specifically combating “far-right” extremism.

The proposal, which was unveiled Wednesday as part of the state Senate Democrats’ “A Just Connecticut” agenda, would publicly fund a new state police department that specializes in investigating “far-right extremist groups and individuals,” according to a news release.

Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney said the proposal is aimed at combating “potential” hate crimes but stressed that his caucus has no intention of persecuting people for their political beliefs, the Hartford Courant reported.

Meaning, as all experience shows, the new Stasi has the intention of persecuting people for their political beliefs. “Far right”, as we know by now, is defined as a belief that is not raving off-the-cliff progressive.

Really what we have here is that the elites are growing tired of right wing citizen dissent. Readers can help me out/ Is there any truth to the rumor the proposed Stasi commissioner will be an Antifa member?

“Unfortunately, people who entertain hateful beliefs … are protected as long as [those beliefs] don’t result in hate-crime actions. That’s what we’re talking about,” Mr. Looney told reporters Wednesday. “We want to be more aggressive in enforcing our laws and identifying likely sources of potential domestic terrorism acts against religious institutions and ethnic institutions.”

Out of one side of his crooked mouth the aptly named Looney says he doesn’t want to go after people holding politically incorrect beliefs, then out of the other side, he says that’s exactly what he wants.

(All markings original in the quote.)


Texas teen banned by high school from attending graduation after refusing to cut dreadlocks

A Texas student may not be allowed to walk in his graduation because of his hairstyle.

DeAndre Arnold has faced in-school suspension, a policy that bars him from the classroom, for failing to cut his long dreadlocks. Officials at Barbers Hill High School, a public school in Mont Belvieu, Texas, told Arnold and his parents that he may be forbidden to attend graduation in three months unless he cuts his hair.

Arnold’s family said he has been wearing his hair in locks since the seventh grade and it is an expression of his Trinidadian heritage. They have asked the school for an exception to the rule.

Now this item is of no interest to anybody, except Arnold’s barber. What makes it Doom worthy is that Pete Buttghey chimed in on the story. He tweeted “Hair discrimination is racial discrimination, plain and simple. We need to pass the CROWN Act.”

We’ve sunk so far as to require specific laws to prevent “discrimination” about hair styles. What’s left?


Seattle School Board Takes Steps to Dismantle Gifted Program

Despite arguments and pleas from parents—as well as complaints to the attorney general’s office and intervention by the state lawmakers—this week the Seattle School Board voted to approve a proposed partnership between the non-profit Technology Access Foundation (TAF) and Washington Middle School. This is a key step in dismantling the city’s academically gifted program in its current state, which the district has been pursuing in an effort to end racial disparities in the student population the program serves.

Everybody is absolutely equal in every way, which is why we observe inequalities everywhere in all time and in all situations.


Art History Department to scrap survey course

Yale will stop teaching a storied introductory survey course in art history, citing the impossibility of adequately covering the entire field — and its varied cultural backgrounds — in one course.

Decades old and once taught by famous Yale professors like Vincent Scully, “Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present” was once touted to be one of Yale College’s quintessential classes. But this change is the latest response to student uneasiness over an idealized Western “canon” — a product of an overwhelmingly white, straight, European and male cadre of artists.

Yale announces that starting next year only material originating from darkest Africa will be taught.

Degrees will only take one week instead of four years, but tuition will increase 34% to reflect the greater value of Diversity.


Cottonelle Uses Toilet Paper to Advance the Attack on Tradition (Thanks to Jim Fedako for the tip.)

At one time sex was left in the bedroom, but Cottonelle in its latest ad is sticking it in our face…

The Cottonelle ad is just the latest move in breaking down traditions and privacy.

The Frankfurt School is winning.

Video is only 15 seconds. After you view it, you’ll agree it’s going to need more than a surface clean for those two.


Employers must crack down on sports chat in the workplace because it ‘excludes women and encourages laddish behaviour’, management expert claims

We only need the headline. Here is the picture of the female, followed by another media picture, both of which neatly encapsulate the current state of politics.

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  1. Nym Coy

    Dagnabbit! I was buying cottonelle because I was boycotting P&G and they do Charmin. Am I gonna have to start growing lambs ear because there are no companies to buy from?

  2. Exring

    I understand the reason for not considering “boycott” as a method/weapon but there has to be something to turn the “boat” around on the “dismantling” of the United States of America. All “minorities” were given “a” voice but to impose that on the “majority” (Rank and File for those of the Union persuasion, Dr. Briggs seeming to have a Michigan background) is an insult and, in its own way, criminal. Just to be clear, Dr. Briggs, I am from MI as well only approx. 100 miles North along Saginaw Bay. The Communist/Socialist State of Michigan is no where near as “healed” as their ads suggest. Great blog!

  3. Sheri

    Commercials now feature women’s underarm hair and pregnant bellies. I fully expect one depicting the act of getting pregnant soon. I do not need fat bellies, hairy arm pits, etc as part of my TV viewing. Currently, the set gets turned off a lot because commercials are for idiots and I don’t want to support the marketers that despise me and think I have the IQ of grub worm.

    “We’ve sunk so far as to require specific laws to prevent “discrimination” about hair styles. What’s left?” That question illustrates a failure of human imagination.

    Gifted kids go directly to Bernie’s free college. Problem solved.

    As for free speech, EVERY Democrat has vowed to extinquish it to the level of North Korea. If Americans vote that in or accept it, they don’t deserve anything but the hell of communism and dictators.

  4. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Maybe some Constitutionalist will run for office demanding a return to freedom of association and an end to the anti-white Civil Rights agenda and an immediate fiddy year moratorium on immigration.

  5. Dave

    I cut advertisers out of my budget by only buying generic products. Advertising adds cost and annoyance without adding value. Ebay stopped all ad spending for a month with no loss of web traffic. Tom Steyer’s been advertising non-stop for months and he’s up to four percent in recent polls.

    As with diversity, advertising’s only value is the collective delusion that it has value.

  6. Jerry

    The picture of Bernie/Biden/Warren says it all. Ashamed of their Wee-Ps.

  7. I’ve read somewhere that to get the “natural” dreadlocks look, you can’t ever wash your hair. When I see stories like this, I assume the actual demand by the school is that he wash his hair, not that he cut it. He is reporting it as a demand that he cut his hair because washing it makes it harder to manage.

  8. Michael Ozanne

    “a product of an overwhelmingly white, *straight*, European and male cadre of artists.”
    Leonardo, Caravaggio, Michaelangelo… Just about every French Painter ever…

    I’ m laughing so hard the tears are running down my leg…..

  9. Michael Ozanne

    “A Texas student may not be allowed to walk in his graduation because of his hairstyle”

    He passed the course, give him the bauble…

    1) don’t like his hair then stop him at the in-door not on the way out.
    2) He’s graduated…. an adult.. not at school anymore… he can wear his hair however he fornicating likes and the schools entitlement to an opinion about it has expired…

  10. Michael Ozanne

    “Cottonelle Uses Toilet Paper to Advance the Attack on Tradition ”

    If anything post-coital is blue then medical attention is needed…..

  11. Gail Finke

    I saw that toilet paper ad “in the wild” — actually broadcast — and could not believe it. Outrageous.

  12. c matt

    Is there any truth to the rumor the proposed Stasi commissioner will be an Antifa member?

    They will just outsource the entire operation of it to them.

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