The Meat Paradox Makes You Want To Slap Vegans: Expert

The Meat Paradox Makes You Want To Slap Vegans: Expert

Here’s a needless headline: The hidden biases that drive anti-vegan hatred. There are nothing hidden about the bias against vegans.

People love to moan that vegans are annoying: research has shown that only drug addicts inspire the same degree of loathing. Now psychologists are starting to understand why — and it’s becoming clear that the reasons aren’t entirely rational.

Vegans, many of them, are annoying prigs with loopy food habits just begging to be bullied. Even the author of this BBC anti-meat missive understands this, quoting the old joke “How do you recognise a vegan at a dinner party? Don’t worry! They’ll tell you!”

Nobody cares what vegans eat. If vegans were merely quiet hobbyists who gather to compare the rates of their bodies and minds withering from lack of meat, then nobody would care, not a soul would ever give them grief. It’s when they become the zealous unsilenceable bird watchers of culinary creation that they invite abuse.

Teasing the need-to-be teased is not what this article is really about, though. It’s instead yet another elite signaling that they’re not going to allow the masses to have their meat for much longer.

The reason the teasing is harsh is because we all know that, as with every progressive cause, it will not just be vegans who won’t eat animal products, but that they’ll do their best to force everybody into their punishing diet. Progressives cannot stand that people exist that disagree with them, and they use every avenue to ensure they don’t.

Doubt me? Then you’re a—wait for it…wait for it…wait for it—veganophobe!

Yes, a veganophobe. That well expected neologism was in the article to describe people who refuse to renounce their love of bacon.

Hank Rothgerber, a social psychologist at Bellarmine University, Kentucky, thinks it all comes down to answering the question: how do we continue to eat meat?

“So basically we live in an era today, at least in the Western world, where there’s more and more evidence, more and more arguments, and more and more books about how eating meat is bad,” says Rothgerber. “But still, our behaviour hasn’t changed significantly.” He points out that 2018 looks set to be — it takes a while for the annual statistics to be released — the year with the highest per capita meat consumption in the history of the United States.

“So what I’m looking at is, how do people rationalise that, and still feel like they’re a good person?” To continue to eat meat, Rothgerber suggests, requires some serious mental gymnastics. Luckily, our brains are extremely good at protecting us from realities we don’t want to face — and there are a number of psychological tricks at our disposal.

A credentialed denizen of a propaganda palace has a theory why you won’t stop eating meat. Lucky for us his brain is of a superior nature, probably due to a mutation from eating quinoa preserved in ancient Peruvian tree sap (only $324.82 per ounce). His brain does not protect him from realities. He alone can see clearly. He is here to tell us the sad truth: that eating meat is wrong.

Not for other animals. Only for us.

There is “more and more” evidence that eating meat is bad. There is less and less. Indeed, it’s turning out that the dietary advice of scarfing carbs, eschewing butter and fat, and the freak outs over cholesterol were wrong. Obesity is soaring in just those locales that have followed expert advice.

If you bring your cod and chips home to eat in front of your beloved goldfish, or tuck into a rabbit stew mere moments after cooing over various #rabbitsofinstagram, you’re likely to encounter “cognitive dissonance”, which occurs when a person holds two incompatible views, and acts on one of them. In this case, your affection for animals might just start to clash with the idea that it’s OK to eat them.

Your goldfish is liking chomping down on some shrimp heads, so its unlikely to complain you’re having hasenfeffer. Even Fluffy might have a bit of fur—not his own—stuck in his buck teeth. Some rabbits snack on carrion.

Besides, what incompatible views? That rabbits can be cute and tasty? Say, speaking of the love between pets and people. I wonder if Herr/Frau (I don’t want to assume Hank’s gender) Doktor Professor knows what cats do to cat ladies when the cat ladies consume one too many boxes of wine and keel over dead.

Some psychologists call this [so-called cognitive dissonance] the “meat paradox”, though it’s also been couched in stronger terms — as “moral schizophrenia”.

Does Hankie think lions feel bad as they rip the guts out of gazelles?

Anyway, Hankie’s theory is that meat “moral schizophrenia” causes angst, and angst explodes in bullying vegans. Vegan scolding nerdishness has nothing to do with it.

That is the progressive line: it’s always your fault. Never theirs.

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  1. John B()

    Veganophobe – doesn’t trip over the tongue (or it does)

    I was expecting Vegaphobe
    It’s been long enough that no one should confuse it with fear of an automobile made by Chevrolet (although it was a scary car)

  2. Sheri

    ” it’s becoming clear that the reasons aren’t entirely rational.” Actually, it’s the researchers that lack rationality and that is quite clear.

    I do not fear vegans. Despise, loathe and completely lack respect for them, yes. Fear. Nope. It’s their defense mechanism to help them cope with being despised for horrid behavior, much as homosexuals and open-boarder Soros nazis suffer from. They KNOW they are wrong and they demand everyone agree to mask their evil and badness. They are to be despised, not feared. Though the spineless things that now seem to rule the planet and many countries are like a lion that fears its prey—on the way to starving to death because of their stupidity and fear of these losers. The average person does not fear these groups, only quite properly loathes them.

    Our habits don’t change because evil, human haters can write books and publish papers that are anti-meat. The truth has ZERO to do with this. “Some psychologists call this [so-called cognitive dissonance] the “meat paradox”, though it’s also been couched in stronger terms — as “moral schizophrenia”. Really, it means no one is listening to the researcher’s drivel and we ruining their feel-goods. Poor whiney little babies.

    It’s not cognitive dissonance these people describe their CONSTANT LYING about it is very, very annoying and indicative of the lies and deceit they pedal. It’s only cognitive dissonance if you believe one thing and do another.* There’s double-think, very common now, where you hold two contradictory ideas to be true simultaneous (black is white, girls are boys, up is down). Then there’s the rational ability to enjoy the cuteness of a bunny while still knowing the creature is on the menu for dinner. I draw the line at eating that which I name, as I have conferred special significance to that creature. However, loving cute baby ducks and then eating them when they grow up is PERFECTLY NORMAL. If violent eating of other creatures is a problem, NO vegan can love any horrible, immoral carnivorous animal because of the hatred they would have for the meat-eater (as Briggs points out). The whiney, sissy idiots that can’t think that believe there is a problem with that. I’m sure Hitler used this “cute fuzzy bunny” crap on his Brown Shirts while they marched the Jews into ovens. Worked then, appears to work now. (I have pictures of critters in my yard that I later shot and packaged for the freezer. It’s not schizophrenic–IT’S REALITY. The schizophrenics are the researchers. The inmates really are running the asylum.)

    Vegans hate humanity and want everyone to be miserable. Like progressives do.

    *cognitive dissonance is easily showcased in the TDS age: You’re a Trump supporter, working for a union shop. You cannot wear a MAGA hat and you attend “Bernie is the Best” rallies and clap at appropriate time. Your actions are a lie, to “keep the peace” and to remain liked. THAT is cognitive dissonance.

  3. Karl

    The phobe words were orginally designed as a slur. The people who are called phobes usally don’t fear. Veganophobe, homophobe, islamophobe, transphobe, etc.

    Does anyone know the greek word for disgust?

  4. Bill_R

    I draw your attention to Mark’s link. The reported data doesn’t look like the real data I’ve analyzed in the past. (Both community and experimental epidemics) nor does it look like the (admittedly) simple simulations I’ve done for modeling purposes.

  5. Briggs

    Mark, Bill,

    I only skimmed article. Will read more later.But recall I said that if the Chinese wanted to cheat, they’d need a model like our naive one to do it. That article still open for comment. Let’s put them there instead of here.

  6. Mark


    There’s “-misia” or “mis-” for hatred, as in misogyny etc. Some web sources include disgust under it too.

  7. Michael Ozanne

    Does anyone know the greek word for disgust?


  8. Fredo

    I’d just like to point out that most carnivores by their very nature
    do not eat other carnivores they subsist almost excursively on the
    vegan family of critters. The left would construe this as honor
    among thieves and a vegan genocide.

  9. Dave

    “Vegetarians and homos all seem to think the rest of us give a shit about what goes in their mouths.” -GSElevator

  10. Gary

    Veganophobe – Vegan fearer
    Vegan-misitis – Vegan abhorrer

  11. If keeping pets and eating meat are inconsistent — I do not believe that they are — then not eating meat and keeping pets is only one of the three solutions with one, and only one, of the other solutions allowing for eating meat.

    I believe that those of us with well developed family and friend relationships would have no difficulty with the solution that allows eating meat if it were necessary, not that I believe that it is.

    Put another way: there is more than one way to skin a cat and if that is what it comes to then cats will be skinned. Your move vegans.

  12. John P Rickert

    If you are what you eat, you are what you eat eats.

  13. Cows are nature’s way of turning useless grass into tasty food.

  14. Tom Cabeen

    Say what you will about pigs. Those dang things are DELICIOUS!

  15. Sunil Hingorani

    Just as you do not want PAIN, do not inflict torture on others.
    Our independence is invaluable. Do not treat another as PROPERTY.
    Vegans only proselytize because they believe that this is important.

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