The Week In Doom — Spitting Out The Window Edition

The Week In Doom — Spitting Out The Window Edition


Let’s Call It Trumpvirus: If you’re feeling awful, you know who to blame (New York Times op ed)

Yeah, when you think of Mike Pence you maybe don’t think about Pandemic Fighter Supreme. But as President Trump pointed out repeatedly, he has already run Indiana.

Well, it probably could have been worse. Having a czar does make you feel there’s somebody in charge. At least Trump didn’t come before the cameras and announce solemnly, “Today I’m asking every American to cross your fingers.”

My idea, backed by solid evidence, is that NYT staffers have some kind of bet going to see who can write the most asinine op ed that is swallowed by progs. This one was swallowed whole.

Given the actual number of infections in the USA compared to China, or even South Korea, it must be that President Trump, probably via mysterious manly health rays, is keeping us all from getting sick.

It’s surreal, though, isn’t it, watching the left descend into ever deeper pits of Hell? These people are supposed to be our intellectual betters. If they are, and certainly we should accept they are, then we are well and truly Doomed.


LSE students vote to ban beef from campus

Students at the London School of Economics voted to “ban beef” on the university campus, in a move which could pave the way for the institute becoming the third UK university to eliminate beef from its menus.

Last year Goldsmiths college, part of the University of London, removed beef from its menus as part of its efforts to become carbon neutral by 2025. The University of Cambridge also last year stopped serving beef and lamb, cutting emissions from its catering service by 10.5 per cent…

A major research study published last year concluded that reducing meat and dairy intake is one of the most effective change people can make to reduce their environmental footprint.

This was global warming and not so much anti-meat, but the flavor of it is in there.

You must always remember that the madness that is on campus does not stay on campus. The brats are awarded “degrees” which they use to get jobs, and in those jobs the carry the infection.

Companies don’t have a lot of meat laying around their break rooms, but it’s not a bad bet to have some purple-hair-led HR deparment promulgate a company policy that refuses to reimburse beef bought at restaurants when traveling or entertaining.


Photo of the Day: Chinese sign reads ‘Please spit out the window’

An image of a decidedly unhygienic sign admonishing bus passengers in China to practice good hygiene by spitting outside the window has gone viral on English language social media as the Wuhan coronavirus rages.

The photo was originally captured by a Chinese netizen on March 3, 2018 while taking the 176 Bus in Nanchang City, the capital of Communist China’s Jiangxi Province. The netizen was shocked at the sign and felt compelled to take a photo of it and post it on the web.

The sign reads, “Be hygienic, prevent the flu. Please spit out the window”…

Good advice, of course, to spit into the street. But where have these Chinese citizens been spitting before the sign, a place which was noticed and necessitated the sign?

Say, I wonder if this has anything to do with the easy spread of viruses.


70% of world’s population likely to contract coronavirus in 2020: US epidemiologist

The Harvard epidemiology professor said he believes approximately 40 to 70 percent of people around the world will be infected with the coronavirus within the upcoming year, but most cases will not be life-threatening. “It’s likely that many will have mild disease, or may be asymptomatic,” he explained.

Good grief! The rate isn’t even that high in Wuhan, the epicenter. I want to laugh, but I realize I am not from Harvard.


Top Marine says ‘immediate execution’ items include more gender integration, smarter grunts and changes to parental leave for adoptive, same-sex parents

Commandant Gen. David Berger took to Twitter Friday morning to announce what he sees as the most important issues to address in the Marine Corps.

These are the “most important matters for immediate execution,” he wrote in an eight-tweet thread.

The tweets are not orders announcing revisions to Marine Corps policy, but instead are areas where Berger wants the Corps to research and see if improvements can be made, Maj. Eric Flanagan, a spokesman for the commandant, told Marine Corps Times in a Friday phone call.

While I am aware of the good work already being done across the force in support of my planning guidance implementation, these are some of my most important matters for immediate execution. (1/8)

— David H. Berger (@CMC_MarineCorps) February 21, 2020

…In addition to attempting to rid the Corps of sexual- and gender-related violence in the wake of Marines United, the Corps set a goal to increase the number of women in its ranks…

Berger said the Marine Corps should review the feasibility of recruiting female Marines already serving in the reserves and find ways to get them to return to active duty and potentially enter combat-related jobs that were previously gender-restricted….

Berger said he also wants the Corps to “identify the costs associated with implementing a new one-year paid maternity leave policy, along with the benefits and risks, and make a formal recommendation.”

In another tweet, he said he wants to revise the Corps’ parental leave policy “to include parental leave for adoptive parents, to include same-sex couples.”

The Marine Corps plan to weaken its forces is moving much faster than expected. Have to admit that when the Corps put their mind to something, they get it done.

Not to be outdone, my ex-employer jumps into the sky, as the next Item shows.


Air Force changes service anthem to gender-neutral lyrics

We only need the headline. Gone are the lyrics—and this is all from memory from one night thirty years ago at the NCO club—“Up into air, men!” to be replaced by “Do what thou wilt, ladies, zis, xers, furries, trannies, ladyboys, queers and neutrals!”


Gov’t kidnapping part 1: the reality of Norway stealing 4-5 kids a day

Link is to a video, unconfirmed. Claim is that Norway benevolent government kidnaps children to prevent “religious indoctrination”, i.e. Christianity. Start at 4:50.


Walkouts at screening of film about 10-year-old android and her ‘Daddy’

The film in question, The Trouble With Being Born, centers on a humanoid robot resembling a 10-year-old child and its relationship with a middle-aged man that it calls ‘Daddy’.

Although, some of the more troubling ideas behind this relationship aren’t explicitly shown, it is definitely implied. And the envelope-pushing nature of the subject may not be for everyone.

Who could have guessed movie elites would move to mainstream sex with prepubescent kids next? I mean, what are the odds? Nobody could have foreseen this. Dude, right outta left field. Complete surprise. Et cetera.


Man in revealing outfit, pretending to be a woman, gives little girl lapdance to cheers of parents at library (video).

Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom—both young and old—surrounded the house. They called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.”

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  1. I used to ride a commuter train. There was an Indian woman who also rode the train, with some sort of medical condition. Every single day, she would clear her throat and hock a loogie on the floor about once every two or three minutes. During a 90 minute train ride. Each way. Every single day. For years.

    Shaming had no effect on her, other than to get her to change seats to annoy and disgust someone else.

  2. Sheri

    Interesting that most Americans are a-okay with the drag queens, the effeminate, PC military (that won’t be needed anyway–why attack a country when you can just make the population hopelessly stupid?), etc. Schools own children and parents just go along with it. It may be doom, but all evidence is most Americans want this. It’s not the fringe, it’s not the universities, it’s the majority of Americans. Being adults and being free was just too much. Couldn’t handle it. (And yes, I am saying it’s too late to fix this. Hide if you can, otherwise you’re in and that’s all there is to it.)

    I must say I am exceeding thankful I have never ridden a commuter train or anything similar. Hygiene in large cities and foreign countries is deplorable. Human beings can be disgustingly like pigs, though the pigs may actually be cleaner…….

  3. C-Marie

    If we all knew God our Father as Jesus taught Him to us, most of these troubles would not be, because we would all be asking for and would all be receiving His fathering us and His loving us every day. Of course, we would still choose to do life His way or not, as we do now, but it would be much easier to live life His way, because we would be growing in loving Him and in being His, and in trusting Him and in believing Him, growing into the fullness of choosing to be His for eternity, fulfilling His commandments to love Him with our whole being and to love our neighbor as our selves.

    And so, no more searching for life’s meaning through counterfeit sexuality and more.

    God bless, C-Marie

  4. Mocheirge

    Wow, that Chinese sign reminds me of a friend’s story from his trip to Thailand. He said that he got in an elevator and saw a sign reading, “DO NOT URINATE IN ELEVATOR.” A native saw his confusion and proudly said, “Thai are very hygienic.”

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