The Week In Doom — Gendering Jesus Edition

The Week In Doom — Gendering Jesus Edition


What Finding Jesus’ Private Parts in the Turin Shroud Says About Faith (Tip from Beckett Basketcase)

Newly published scientific investigations into the Turin Shroud have identified the outline of the scrotum and right hand thumb of the man outlined on the cloth. If the Shroud is authentic, this would seem to supply clear evidence that Jesus was, in fact, male. But a recent book by Giulio Fanti and Pierandrea Malfi aside, the majority of scholars believe that the Shroud is almost certainly a medieval forgery.

Which brings us back to the question: how do we know Jesus had male genitalia? To be sure, his behavior in the Gospels and the way that he is described by early Christian sources presuppose that he was male, but this does not necessarily tell us as much about his gender as we might think….

The rest, mercifully, disappears behind a paywall. It galls many that Jesus came as a man, and refers to God as “Our Father”. This, you see, implies an inequity, one that cannot be broached. In the same way, Mary, Mother of God, cuts out men.

This article reminds me of a thing going around Twitter a week or two back, in which some young prog woman expressed genuine amazement that men were stronger than women. She was amazed because she have been taught Equality from birth. It’s in everything, movies, TV, education, everywhere. I say and say again, propaganda works.


ACLU Nails It

This is what democracy looks like, all right.


Death on demand comes to Germany

A recent ruling from Germany’s highest court has cast right-to-die incrementalism aside and conjured a fundamental right both to commit suicide and to receive assistance in doing it. Moreover, the decision has explicitly rejected limiting the right to people diagnosed with illnesses or disabilities. As a matter of protecting “the right of personality,” the court decreed that “self-determined death” is a virtually unlimited fundamental liberty that the government must guarantee to protect “autonomy.” In other words, the German people now have the right to kill themselves at any time and for any reason….

The right to suicide also includes a right to assist suicide…

The court also opined that Germany’s drug laws might have to be changed to facilitate the absolute right to die that “the state must guarantee”.

Come to St Mercy Hospital! Our doctors are better at killing patients than at any other hospital in Germany. Patients die at least 45% faster than the next leading Death Center. Cure all your aches and pains with our Simple Sendoff™. One shot to the base of the neck and all your troubles are gone forever*.

(*St Mercy Hospital cannot guarantee patients who self murder will not go to Hell. Though their doctors will received bonuses for every organ they can salvage from patient bodies.)


Harvard Law School Receives Backlash Against Religious Freedom Clinic (Harvard Crimson)

Harvard Law School students allege administrators have been insufficiently transparent regarding the development of its new Religious Freedom Clinic, expressing concerns about its potential to enable BGLTQ discrimination.

Wait. BGLTQ? Isn’t that reordering discriminatory to cultures who don’t use the Latin alphabet? Trannies still get the short stick (assuming they haven’t cut it off) by coming in last. Well, second to last. Why is Q tacked on? Why isn’t it BGLQT?

But then we recall it’s Harvard, where the students aren’t expected to be that bright.

“Without the guarantee that such a Religious Freedom Clinic would not provide legal services in support of anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-reproductive justice causes, we do not understand how such a clinic could be housed at HLS,” the letter reads. “We are also concerned by the lack of transparency and student engagement surrounding the development of the Religious Freedom Clinic.”

The kiddies are angry there might be people still aligned with Reality. And they hate it. They will not stand for it at their Cathedral.

They’ll get their way, too, for theses are not snowflakes. These are the people in charge.


Asbury University confronts student anger, pain over dismissal of LGBTQ-affirming professors

On Friday, Kevin Brown will be inaugurated as the 18th president of Asbury University in Wilmore, topping off a week of anger, shame and sadness on the conservative private Christian campus.

Two popular and beloved faculty—Jon Roller and Jill Campbell—were recently told their contracts would not be renewed. According to numerous accounts, it’s because they were supportive of Asbury’s LGBTQ students. Roller, who got his undergraduate degree at Asbury, founded and teaches in the Worship Arts program and Campbell is an assistant professor in music education and voice…

“As an intentional intellectual and Christ-centered community, Asbury University pledges to extend compassion and care to ALL of our students,” he wrote in an email. He also referred to the Asbury University Statement on Human Sexuality which clearly states that “sexual immorality,” e.g. premarital sex, adultery, and all forms of “same-sex practice,” would result in disciplinary action.

Once again, progs can’t stand that anybody could require natural law, even in private institutions which avow it. There are cowards in ostensible command in most places, so you can’t bet against the university folding, even when they don’t have to.

For now. Being in a democracy means morality is decided by popular vote. The crowd will win, it’s just a matter of time.


If you can’t say something nice about the virus, then don’t say anything.


This 34-year-old could become France’s first local politician with down syndrome

Eleonore Laloux has battled all her life to be treated like others. Now the 34-year-old is waging a new campaign: to become one of the first women in France with Down syndrome to win a local council seat in this month’s municipal elections.

Armed with a broad smile and a gritty determination, Laloux is canvassing for support in Arras, her hometown in northern France, talking up her ambitions for a cleaner town and improved access for disabled people. But above all, a fairer society.

“I’ve fought hard to live with Down syndrome. It doesn’t trouble me any longer,” Laloux said.

“Now I am fighting for inclusion. Handicapped people have their place in society.”

They do have their place, and that place is not in government in charge of other people. God bless this Laloux, but Equality taken to its necessary extreme (for anything short of Equality is discriminatory), means anybody can be a leader. Even the incapable.

People are now so afeared of being seen as not nice that they will make the most egregious mistakes.


  1. Sheri

    Why is anyone paying attention to this garbage? Sure, the feminists who declared God “female” when in fact God is truly sexless, which should make them estaticbut doesn’t, need new targets to kick males in, so the genitalia of Jesus had to come into play soon (yes, that was meant to sound as nasty as it was worded) but, and let me make this very clear: PEOPLE’S SEX AND GENDER MEAN NOTHING AS FAR AS THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. NOTHING. Asking if Jesus had genitalia is saying “I am a godless heathen who has no interest in religion” so let’s just say that the next time some godless heathen asks this question.

    Suicide being legal is irrelevant. It’s irreversible. “Assisting” suicide is murder. Call it what you like, but you KILLED another human being and not in self-defense or defense of others. Let the coward kill themselves or will themselves to death. Suicide by cop is bad enough, but often we can’t find a way around it. (So is suicide by cop now a wonderful thing in Germany? It MUST be.) I am assuming all suicide hotlines are being shut down lest someone renege on their desire to die. Can’t have that.

    COVID-19, the new way to cut medical costs from those pesky old people like Biden and Bernie. Are we withholding care from all the ancient democrats in Congress, too? (Conservatives aren’t the ones pushing death panels and disease to decrease populations, so I left them out.)

    At least we know what we’re getting with Laloux. Stupid people get elected (I am NOT saying Down’s Syndrome people are stupid, so no kitten fits here. I’m saying politicians are stupid—see AOC) all the time and we don’t know just how stupid they are until too late. Down’s Syndrome people tend to be nice and caring, making her unlikely to win in the lion pit that is politics. It would mean more money for Down’s Syndrome, of course, which is a perfectly good reason to become a politician—steal more money from your fellow human beings. Whoever convinced her to run was a political genius and a horrible human. (Again, a label of anything protects your candidate, as was noted. It’s doubtful Laloux understands this or one of the highest functioning Down’s Syndrome people out there, so much so as to make it only a political label. Yes, we can check chromosomes, but we cannot know what the results will be of said chromosomes. As with all things, there is a huge, huge range of outcomes.)

  2. Sheri

    “daughter a self-belief that would later help her overcome bullies and secure a job as an administrator in a private hospital.” And Briggs is worried about Leloux as a politian? THAT is the insane extension of equility–hospital adminstrator. Damn, I have zero respect for the French from here on out.

  3. Jim Fedako

    Briggs –

    You like old movies, so here is one from 1941 Germany on the subject of death on demand. It’s been a while, but I believe that implementation had some issues, to say the least.

    So it’s more correctly stated that “death on demand returns to Germany.”

    Some folks force themselves to relive their pasts.

  4. Paul Blase

    Actually, if you look at all of the reports from the various analyses, it is pretty sure that the Shroud cannot be a Medieval forgery. The image information is too complex to be hand painted, and is burned into the fabric in a way that would be hard to replicate even today with computer controlled lasers. What did happen is that the Shroud was repaired in the middle ages after a fire, which messed up the carbon dating.

    Of course Jesus was male. He was circumcised, after all.

  5. Ray

    “COVID-19, the new way to cut medical costs from those pesky old people like Biden and Bernie. ”
    Well, you can’t depend on viruses to do that. I recall the SARS panic but the SARS only infected about 8000 people and killed about 800, mostly in China. As a killer it was a dud. The Spanish Flu was a good killer, but it killed young adults in their prime of life and left the children and old folks alive.

  6. Milton Hathaway

    Jesus was a biological male? Science is amazing. Just the other day I read that Jesus was raised Jewish but converted to Christianity. How can they know this stuff?

    In the ACLU linked picture, “this is what democracy looks like”, at first glance I thought the sign being held up by one of the protesters said “My Baby My Choice”. Cognitive dissonance indeed.

    I think if I were a bazillionaire, I would found Conservative Christian University and fund it lavishly, with lots of very generous scholarships, highly competent professors, and world class research facilities. And, oh yeah, there would be lots of oaths and agreements and conduct clauses that will get you kicked out if not strictly adhered to. The point of the latter is to act as a lawsuit magnet. A team of lawyers would work not so much to win the lawsuits, but rather to drag them out as long as possible and consume as much of the opposing resources as possible. Basically a decoy to draw enemy fire away from our softer targets.

  7. Gail Finke

    All else aside, I find it odd that people continue to say the Shroud of Turn is a ‘medieval forgery.’ Whether it’s authentic or not, it makes no sense to consider it a medieval forgery. There are plenty of medieval forgeries, and it is nothing at all like them. There is no reason a medieval forger would have bothered with the sort of realism displayed in the Shroud. Could one have done it? Maybe — but there would be no reason to. Medieval people did not expect that sort of realism. It would be insane overkill for no reason. If it’s not authentic, it was made for some other reason than to convince medieval people that it was real. Don’t get me wrong — medieval people were not stupid. But their expectations were different, as were their methods of evaluating things. This is nothing at all like the art and artistic techniques of the day, and does not correspond to what people looked for.

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