People with nothing to do will find something to do

Universities have are a long way from what Aristotle had in mind.

Full documentation here. At least download and read the letters the University sent to Sampson. Just hilarious.


  1. Ari

    That’ll teach him to read about Notre Dame. Everyone knows that the “independent” schools don’t deserve BCS slots anyway.


    Seriously, though, I love the 180 from the first letter to the second letter. My question, though, is this: if I read a book with the express goal of harassing others, then does it really matter what I’m reading? I mean, one of my former coworkers HATED (loathed?) USC. Reading books on USC would have definitely harassed him. Would that have counted, I wonder?

  2. Ari

    By the way, how does one become an “Affirmative Action Officer,” and what does the position entail?

  3. JH

    So, do I take the dusk jacket off or leave it on when I read a book? Maybe I should always put the book into a cloth book cover.

  4. T. Collins

    My favorite part of the whole video is the “If you would like to come to IUPUI….” at the end. They basically thrash the school and make them out to be totally incompetent from top to bottom, then offer a token “come hither” offering.

    High comedy.

  5. Briggs

    I received the following from an anonymous reader:


    It’s even more interesting if you know the backstory.

    IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, one of three joint campuses statewide), pronounced OO-ee-POO-ee, is considered by both universities as a bastard child, as are the other joint campuses, which indeed is inevitable, as both universities hate each other. It’s in Indy, and it’s the home of the IU Medical School, and IUPUI has been trying to make itself the flagship campus of IU for some years now.

    This scandal effectively killed whatever minute chance there was of that. IU is a PR machine, and they’re severely allergic to bad press. Had this happened at IU, the administration would have slapped down the idiots who made the call before it hit the papers (or internet). However, it didn’t happen at IU, and the administration is still extremely pissed off that they got a black eye.

    From what I hear from my IU sources, the IU administration could have stopped this, but took the black eye instead, because it demonstrated that IUPUI’s administration is a bunch of buffoons and have no business running a multi-campus state university. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same were true of the Purdue administration.

  6. To answer Ari’s question about what it takes to become an “Affirmative Action Officer”, from my experience as a state bureaucrat first of all one must be born black, or married to a black, or otherwise involved with a black. If no blacks are currently available then a Hispanic may be given an interim appointment to the position until a black does show up. No one else can truly understand harassment per se and other prejudicial behavior, from what I’ve been told. No one. After that one needs to attend lots of workshops and affinity meetings. And be able to write “guidelines” for everybody else to follow.

    Its a very complicated job. Not very many folk commenting here can handle it, imo. In my position as an “affirmative action counselor” there was no possible way for me to truly understand the scope of the discipline due to my lack of “blackness”, or so I was told several times.

    Btw, none of this was posted with the intent of harassing or intimidating anyone – regardless of their shade of tissue melonime

  7. I’m a graduate student at IU, and I remember hearing about this a while back. I didn’t remember (or didn’t know) that the ‘victim’ is functionally illiterate. The story is dumb enough as is, but that makes it very especial.

    I’ve heard about the attempt(s) to move the main campus to Indy, and I’m glad to hear (assuming it’s true) that this idiocy killed that plan.

    I suppose it’s plausible that, had a complaint like this been filed on the Bloomington campus, it would have been squashed for PR reasons. That said, the left-wingery is powerful here. I wouldn’t have to be too much less stupid to make waves here, I don’t think. At the least, we would have gotten some wonderfully silly op-eds and letters to the editor in the Daily Student.

  8. I read *Breaking the Law of Averages* in the privacy of my own home, but now I think I might reread in the presence of overly sensitive semi-illiterates. It says “Breaking the Law” right there on the cover. That ought to rouse suspicions. And the egg-shaped alien will probably offend somebody. If I hold it right it says “RAGE” which should subliminally trigger people who are already teetering on the edge.

    Then after they react hostilely, I can sue them, and get my money back that I spent on the book, and possibly even turn a profit.

    When all that happens, I will let you know. Can’t help but boost your book sales, for any number of reasons.

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